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Port Stephens Weddings.
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A Port Stephens Wedding
Having a Port Stephens wedding means having a wedding you and your guests will remember forever.

There really is no need to spend thousands of dollars planning an island wedding somewhere overseas, when you can just head up the coast and have everything you dreamed of at your fingertips.

As Port Stephens is a natural harbour, you have a multitude of beaches and waters edge resorts to choose from for both your ceremony and reception. Most areas will have a sparkling view of water, which lends both romance and relaxation to any wedding ceremony.

With amazing weather almost all year-round, Port Stephens is a great destination for any bride-to-be who has been dreaming of an outdoor wedding. There are gazebos, manicured lawns and pristine white beaches, so you will be able to find just what you are looking for right here. Romantic ceremonies with a beachy, relaxed feel are easy to arrange and will not require you and your guests to travel overseas for a similar relaxed holiday.

For the reception itself you have the option of amazing restaurants that not only boast spectacular views from their large windows, but also offer a great menu with food that is inspired from all corners of the globe.

For those who don't want to be sitting inside a restaurant all night, but are also too worried about bad weather to have a wedding under the stars, there is a great option of having a seaside marquee. The gorgeous permanent marquee is situated right on the waters edge of Port Stephens. Just imagine greeting your guests as a newlywed couple as you listen to the waves lap gently at the shore, not to mention the amazing photo opportunities as you cut your cake or take your first dance as husband and wife.

More About Port Stephens
Port Stephens is roughly a two and a half hour drive from Sydney. The Port Stephens area is actually stretched out over 1,000kms so you will not be hard pressed to find an area or a bay that you wish to spend the weekend exploring or relaxing in.

The main attractions at Port Stephens and the surrounding areas are mostly focused on the amazing blue water. With a bay that is two and a half times the size of Sydney Harbour, it is no wonder they call this place 'Blue Water Paradise.' There is a range of activities you can do in these pristine waters, such as surfing, snorkeling, diving and parasailing.

But one of the best attractions that have been keeping visitors thrilled for years would have to be the Dolphins. Port Stephens carries the cute title of being the Dolphin Capital of Australia, and with over 140 bottlenose dolphins living in this area you will be likely to see them at some point during your stay. Thrill your guests by organising a dolphin-spotting cruise for the weekend of your wedding. If you have guests from inland or overseas arriving, this is one place that will truly show off the magnificence of Australia's coastline.