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Finding a Stylish Wedding Band in the Hunter Valley

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Tillee Music

Tillee Music

“If music be the food of love, play on!” wrote Shakespeare, and rightly so, for what is a celebration without music of some kind? Your wedding is an opportunity to blend good food with extra special musical entertainment, so indulge yourself on your special day.

Where and when?

Traditionally, music is often played before and during the actual ceremony, while guests are waiting for your photo session to be completed, and during the reception. However, it is entirely up to you. You can organise music to be played throughout the day’s events, or keep it for after-meal entertainment. Typically couples’ choices are strongly influenced by the style or theme of the wedding, and of course the budget.

Have you thought about where music will be played by your wedding band? Hunter Valley weddings can combine indoor and outdoor elements, so you may need to check that your preferred musicians are prepared to play outside. It also pays to consider the acoustics of an outdoor venue, because it would be a shame to organise wonderful music that no one can hear properly!

Music before and during the ceremony

When you are getting married in a church, music is often taken care of by an organist and choir, and all you need to do is select the hymns and entrance/departure music. If you prefer not to have an organist play, some churches may be willing to let you hire a string quartet, a trio, or a classical soloist instead.

If you have chosen another marriage venue, wider musical choices will probably be possible. While guests wait for the bridal party, they can be entertained by a cellist and violin combination, or perhaps the airy sounds of a harp will set the appropriate mood.

Music helps bridge any gaps

Immediately after the ceremony, time is generally devoted to your photographer. Your guests may have to travel to the reception venue, and wait up to 40 minutes before you join them. While canapés and drinks help to bridge the gap, there’s nothing like some background music to help your guests relax.

There are a number of choices, including classical musicians, or why not hire a folk band for a contemporary Australian sound?

Get your guests grooving!

Many couples hire a professional DJ to take charge of after-dinner dancing. All you need to do is make sure your personal favourite songs are included in the play list, along with a good mix of funky dance music, and some more romantic, chill out numbers.

A popular alternative is to hire a great local band for live music, and possibly even a personalised song! Live bands tend to have an individual repertoire, as well as being able to play a wide range of popular dance music and songs.

Music for themed weddings

If you’re planning a themed wedding, perhaps Caribbean style, or 50’s glamour, you’ll want music to match, from reggae to jazz. This doesn’t necessarily mean finding a specialist wedding band; Hunter Valley musicians who play regularly at weddings can typically accommodate a great variety of musical requests.

Where to begin the search

So much to do, so little time! Even when your wedding day is some months away, it’s never too early to book musical entertainment. The more popular ensembles can sometimes be fully booked up to a year in advance, so this part of wedding planning needs to be organised early on. Fortunately, Hunter Bride is here to help you find the perfect wedding band. The Hunter Valley is home to a number of singers and musicians, so take a look at our listings to find out more.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses Everyone Will Love

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Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses Everyone Will Love

As a bride-to-be, choosing dresses for your bridesmaids is probably one of the hardest things about planning your wedding. Whether you are planning for one bridesmaid or ten, these women provide a very special supporting presence on your day of days, and you want them to feel comfortable and happy. It might take a bit of work, but finding bridesmaid dresses that everyone loves is possible. Read on for some handy tips.

A delicate task

Bridesmaids are generally chosen from among your close friends and relatives. Only after the bridesmaids have delightedly said: “Yes!” does the spectre of very different sizes, shapes, skin tones, likes and dislikes appear on the horizon. That’s when many brides start to realise that finding bridesmaid dresses is not as simple as deciding on a dress that you like, and multiplying it across your wedding party!

Colour harmony

It’s generally a good idea to choose the colour of the bridesmaid dresses before you start thinking about styles. Take into account the colouring of your bridesmaids, the colours in your floral arrangements and other decorations, and the colour of your wedding gown.

If, happily, all your bridesmaids have the same complexions, you can choose something that is flattering to each of them, and that appeals to you as well. Pastels generally suit the fair skinned, while deeper, richer shades usually look lovely on those with darker complexions.

It’s probably much more likely though that your bridesmaids will each be different, and, in this case, there’s no rule saying that they have to all wear the same colour.

For example, you might choose two or more harmonising shades that pick up colours in your bouquet. Or, you might go for a graduated shading effect in the same colour.

If you choose graduating shades, the first bridesmaids to head down the aisle can wear darker shades of the same colour, with progressively lighter shades being worn until it is your turn. This caters for a variety of skin tones, and has the pretty effect of funnelling all eyes towards your white dress as you walk down the aisle. Your bridal gown is, after all, the star of the show.

Step out in style

With the colour sorted, it’s time to tackle likely variations in the height and size of your bridesmaids.

Your initial thought might be to have matching dresses, and that works well when your bridesmaids are similar in body shape and not too dissimilar in height.

However, that’s not always the case, so here are a few style hints:

  • A-line dresses are shaped like a capital ‘A’ and look good on most body shapes.
  • Empire-line dresses have high waists above a straight fall of full-length skirt, and generally suit tall women best.
  • Fitted dresses that outline every curve do not flatter those who are carrying a bit extra, or the extremely slim.
  • V necklines are a great look on many shapes. They can help to minimise larger busts, and elongate shorter necks.

When a single style just won’t work

One solution for photographic (and actual!) harmony is to have the dresses made in a single colour, but use a variety of styles. You might simply specify that dresses have to be a certain length, or have sleeves, and leave the rest up to individual choice. That way each woman gets to wear a dress that really suits her.

Ready to go shopping?

What did we do before the internet? It saves so much time and energy in repetitive phone calls, and does away with the need to trail round every single dress outlet in the area in the hope of finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses.

Instead, when you are ready to shop, let Hunter Bride take the strain. Our directory showcases shops, and dressmakers who specialise in creating bridesmaid dresses. You’ll soon find that one more item has been successfully checked off your wedding planning list!

Perfect Wedding Bouquets: Newcastle NSW Florists Can Help

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Jade McIntosh Wedding Flowers

Jade McIntosh Wedding Flowers

Choosing your wedding flowers is a wonderful part of the wedding arrangements. Who doesn’t love looking at – and smelling – gorgeous flowers? Perhaps you have a firm idea of what you want, or maybe you just have a general colour theme in mind, and you’re in need of inspiration on style. Wherever you’re up to when it comes to deciding on wedding bouquets, Newcastle NSW florists can help you make the final decision. Here are five quick tips to get you thinking about the possibilities, before you head off to find a florist.

Think about your favourites

A good place to start is to make a list of flowers you love. Images are worth a thousand words. Cut out, or print, pictures of flower arrangements you admire.

Consider a colour theme

While a colour theme is by no means mandatory, it’s the perfect way to create a cohesive ‘look’ for your special day. Unless you already have a firm opinion on the colour theme, most follow fashion. Look at the colours of your bridal party for inspiration. Your theme might be the hue of a bridesmaid’s dress, or an accent such as a sash or tie. A colour theme might be comprised of two or even three colours.

While white, pink and red roses are firm favourites when it comes to wedding flowers, florists are able to create bouquets in a wide range of colours and varietals. How about vibrant orange or purple, for example? You might opt for a traditional favourite, or something more exotic.

Look to what’s in season

While it may be possible to create any type of wedding bouquets, Newcastle NSW florists are going to find it easier to work with what’s in season. These flowers will be more easily accessible, may last longer and in general, will be a better price.

Think about styling

A traditional wedding bouquet often has flowers framed with leaves; however there really is a whole world of flower designs available. You might opt for a traditional small circular bouquet, or flowing waterfall style. One popular look in recent times is to have longer stems tied with a single ribbon, or even string for a natural country look. It’s really up to you.

Look for inspiration

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to wedding bouquets. A good florist will certainly be able to assist with your plans, and offer advice on the best flowers for your needs.

You might take a look at the Hunter Bride listings for florists in Newcastle, and browse wedding magazines to look at bouquets and see if there’s anything that catches your eye. This is also a good idea if you’re not too clear on flower names, and will help you learn just what’s what when it comes to wedding flowers.

And after the flowers

So you’ve found the perfect florist and finalised the flowers. You no doubt have a few more things to organise before the big day. The Hunter Bride listings cover all sorts of wedding categories, and will help you find every service and provider you need to find the dress, ceremony location, reception venue and more. If you’re not a local, you might also take a look at the Visit Newcastle website for practical information on the town and surrounding areas.

Savour Fine Wines and Spectacular Views with a Hunter Valley Vineyard Wedding

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Hunter Valley Vineyard Weddings

Hunter Valley Vineyard Weddings

Nothing says romance quite like a wedding among the vines. Situated just a couple of hours drive north of Sydney, the Hunter Valley is a gorgeous area renowned for its wonderful wineries, and quality local produce. Many of the region’s vineyards are nestled in the foothills of the Brokenback range, ensuring stunning cellar door views that stretch over acres of vines to the mountains beyond. A Hunter Valley vineyard wedding promises an event to cherish in one of Australia’s most beautiful rural retreats.

The Region

The Hunter Valley is recognised as one of Australia’s premier wine regions, and boasts many of our oldest and most renowned wine labels. There are more than 120 cellar doors, offering a range of wines from crisp whites to robust reds. However, the area is probably best known for its Semillon and Semillon blends, which are revered both nationally and internationally. Some of the area’s best-known wineries include Tyrell’s Wines, Tower Estate, McWilliams Mount Pleasant, Brokenwood, Wyndham Estate, McGuigan and Tulloch. There are dozens of other boutique vineyards as well, offering interesting and adventurous wines that are well worth a taste test.

Great wine, paired with great food

While the Hunter Valley is known for its wine, it also has a reputation as a bit of a foodie’s paradise. There are several award-winning restaurant options in the region, with delectable menus featuring the very finest of fresh local produce. Several of these restaurants offer private dining options, and are well versed in wedding feasts. Think matched fine food and wine, and a reception guests will remember for a long time to come!

Wedding options

If you’re considering a Hunter Valley vineyard wedding, you have a few options. There are some beautiful historic chapels in the area if you are looking to marry in your faith, or you might look to hold your ceremony in a vineyard itself. There are a number of vineyards with cellar doors and restaurants, which can provide the perfect backdrop for your ceremony, or you might look to hire a marquee, and enjoy a stunning wedding among the vines. It’s perfectly feasible to hold both ceremony and reception in one location. Or, you might like to travel from a church, to a vineyard reception.

Accommodation aplenty

With an abundance of accommodation in the region, from budget to luxurious, it’s also easy to organise wedding accommodation for your bridal party, family and other guests.

Have you fallen in love with the idea of a Hunter Valley wedding? Then how about a wine country honeymoon? Combine wine tasting and intimate dinners, with culinary tours, balloon flights, trips to historic villages and horse riding. You can visit first-class spas, and pack up freshly baked bread with cheese, olives and other tasty bites, and cycle off to a perfect picnic for two.

Discovering Hunter Valley vineyards

If you’re looking to have a Hunter Valley vineyard wedding, be sure to browse the Hunter Bride listings for accommodation, reception venues, marquee hire, and transport options in the region. Then, why not make a weekend of it, and narrow down your search with some first-hand research. You can decide on your wedding and reception venues, and have a break away with a little romance and relaxation tossed in as well. Visit for maps, and other useful information on the Hunter Valley.