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A Christmas Themed Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding

A Christmas Themed Beach Wedding

You have decided on a beach theme for your wedding day, but you don’t wish to have the regular beach wedding. You want something with a Christmas holiday theme!

Let’s do it the DIY-Christmas way!

Put on some Christmas lights

You plan for an evening beach wedding. There is nothing more romantic than the display of warm lights. You can have them in one colour or opt for a variety to achieve a more Christmassy-feel. Wrap the back of each steel chair, or place along the path where the bride will walk, or decorate the altar piece/arch with some lights.

Decorate table centre pieces with DIY Christmas decors

Choose scented candles based on your colour theme. Place them inside clear, old jars which you can use as candle holders. Decorate the middle area of the jar by wrapping it with garland and put a poinsettia flower in the middle. A red and gold ribbon with some Christmas balls also makes an attractive table décor.

Wedding Favours and Guests wishes on sand

As you celebrate a beach-themed wedding, you can definitely make use of the white sand asset! Place a handful or more of sand inside a fish bowl for each table. Place wrapped Christmas candies or holiday chocolates inside it and mix in randomly for a more natural effect. You can also add some gold glitter to spruce it up! This serves as a fun and delightful wedding favour for your guests.

For the wedding wishes, you can have some sheets of Christmas-themed paper pieces on each table. Then ask your guests to drop their wedding wishes inside the same bowl.

Your wedding is definitely one out of the ordinary as you incorporate Christmas in a beach setting. Speak to your Hunter wedding decorations & hire supplier to get more ideas on holiday wedding themes – beach-style.

Enjoy the romance of a December wedding celebration!

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