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A Wedding Video: Picture Perfect

Wedding video for your big day

A Wedding Video: Picture Perfect

With most weddings these days comes a wedding photographer to snap you against the gorgeous backdrops of the day. And while many couples are happy to settle with an album of memories, more and more are choosing to also have their day recorded by video. Nothing quite captures the mood, feeling, tears (happy tears of course!) and laughter of the most special of days.

A professionally shot video can provide a lifetime of memories. The days of grainy home video are long gone. With crisp images, crystal clear audio and even editing functions if you desire, you’ll have your own romantic movies on hand. Every moment of your special day can be relived and will provide the perfect excuse for a glass of champagne and some unashamed romance each anniversary.

Should you choose to include a video of your day, a professional will ensure your end product is a quality memento that perfectly reflects the day. Not everyone will provide the same end product, so it makes sense to look around first and make enquiries of those whose work appeals to you. Make an appointment to discuss all aspects: what sort of look you are after, what is included, even if you’d like a soundtrack of music included. You’ll also need to confirm how much of the day you’d like videoed. They can be with you from dusk to dawn if desired. It’s also important to ask how long it will take to receive the video footage after the wedding day.

A wedding video can be more than just a way to re-live your own memories – it’s perfect if you have relatives and friends overseas. They may not be able to make it to your big day, but being able to watch it will allow them to share in your joy.

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