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Accommodation Options for your Hunter Valley Wedding

Guest Accommodation at the Hunter Valley

Accommodation Options for your Hunter Valley Wedding

If you’ve decided to marry in the Hunter Valley, you’ve already done an admirable job of picking one of the best locations around for guest accommodation. There is an abundance of accommodation in the Hunter Valley to suit any budget and any mood. From cabins to five star luxury lodgings, the choice is entirely yours – or that of your guests.

So where to start? Obviously you will need to have the date decided, and ceremony and reception venues booked so there are no sudden changes. Then simply search websites and listings to discover the array of accommodation options available. You may wish to book family and some guests into their accommodation close to, or even at the reception venue if available. Some couples choose to provide a shortlist of suggested accommodation to wedding guests, or you could give yourself a break and let guests do the work themselves. With so many quality locations available, they shouldn’t have any trouble finding somewhere that suits their style and their budget.

Guests can pick from hotels, resorts or may even choose a self-contained option such as a holiday cottage. This can be a great idea for small groups of friends or families.

And don’t forget your own accommodation of course. It’s the first night of the rest of your lives together, so if you’re not immediately jetting off for an overseas honeymoon, you’ll want to make it special. Romantic cottage or bed and breakfast, heritage hotel or luxury resort, it’s all possible when you marry in the beautiful Hunter Valley.

What better way to start married life than by waking up to breathtaking views, beautiful quality surroundings, and a fresh delicious breakfast?

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