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Blueprint for an Elegant Newcastle Hen’s Day

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Utter the words ‘hen’s day’ and they generally bring to mind an image of a group of young women out on the town and dressed to be noticed, sometimes accessorised with everything from ‘L’ plates to big pink wigs.

That can be fun, but it’s not every bride’s cup of tea. Which creates a bit of a dilemma if you’ve been asked to organise a hen’s party for a mate who definitely doesn’t want to make a spectacle of herself. At Hunter Bride, we’ve been thinking about how we’d go about organising an elegant Newcastle hen’s day, and here’s what we’ve come up with.

Stay together to play together

Book everyone an overnight stay at a classy hotel. Getting ready for your evening out after a day’s fun is just that bit more special when everyone’s in the same place and popping in and out of each other’s rooms, especially when the champagne has already started flowing!

Spa’s the word!

We suggest you start the day with some serious pampering for everyone at a day spa. Make sure that everyone can have their hair done too if they want. Of course you don’t all have to do the same thing or have the same treatment.

Relaxation time in between treatments is a perfect opportunity to slip in a couple of quizzes. Fair enough your mate isn’t keen on being a public spectacle, but there’s no way she’s going to get away without some private embarrassment right?

Surf’s up?

Alternatively, if you think your group would be up for something more active, why not book a morning’s group surfing lesson at one of Newcastle’s highly rated surf beaches? You could follow that with hairdos and manicures at a spa and then skip straight to afternoon tea below.

Artistic pleasures

If you decide to splurge at the spa, after three or four hours you’ll probably be feeling a little peckish. Why not show off your newly buffed skin, fabulous hair and nails over a light (very light) lunch and then take in one of Newcastle’s many arts and culture venues?

Afternoon tea

If you’ve stuck to the light lunch regime, after filling up on culture it’s time to reward yourselves with a proper English tea – think tiny sandwiches and elegant bites of cake, along with another glass of champagne!

Fine dining

A brief rest in your hotel rooms might be called for, followed by leisurely preparation for the evening ahead. Once you’re all dressed up and ready to go, let a limousine collect you and whisk you off to one of Newcastle’s many fine restaurants for a wonderful meal.

Once again, you can slip a few games and quizzes in between courses. While mindful of your mate’s wishes, quizzes such as asking everyone a series of ‘true or false’ questions about the bride, or asking her a few questions the groom has supplied the answers to, are likely to go down well. At this point in the evening you might even produce some accessories such as feather boas for everyone to wear. Make sure to give your mate the pick of colours rather than landing her with the pink one! (But if she’s brave enough to pick it, give her a big thumbs up!).

Dance the night away

Then it’s on to one of Newcastle’s party venues to dance the night away before your patient chauffeur carries you all safely back to your hotel for what’s left of the night hours.

Here’s to your party planning!

While you don’t have to stick to our blueprint, we hope we’ve given you some useful ideas you can adapt for your party. For even more inspiration, why not check out Hunter Bride’s listings to help you organise a truly elegant Newcastle hen’s day?

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