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Bridal Makeup in the Hunter Valley Area

Angela Carson Makeup Artist

Angela Carson Makeup Artist

Every Hunter Valley bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day and one way to maximise the chances of looking picture perfect all day long is to secure the services of a professional in bridal makeup in the Hunter Valley area.

Yes, it is an extra expense to add to your wedding budget, but you’ll get the benefit of the specialist knowledge that will keep your makeup in place and looking flawless throughout all the emotion of the day. Professionally applied makeup used with the appropriate primers and powder means there’s less risk of your look running, smudging or simply evaporating.

Areas to highlight

An artist applying bridal makeup is likely to highlight either the mouth or the eyes, not both, because it can look overdone. As an example, if you’re going for a gentle romantic look, then you might want to keep the mouth soft, and focus on creating a really dramatic look for the eyes.

If you’re confident that your eyes can speak for themselves with just a subtle frame, then your makeup artist may suggest using a bold colour on the lips to create a more vivid look.

If you’re not sure what might work best with your skin tone, facial shape and dress style, a professional makeup artist can act as a skilled consultant. In a trial session you’ll get to experience the effect of emphasising eyes versus mouth. As well as showing you just how beautiful you can look with the right makeup, it’s also an opportunity to find out what you feel comfortable with. There’s no point in going for a dramatic red pout if this feels too bold and just not ‘you’.

You can also help your makeup artist understand what you want by arming yourself with pictures of some makeup styles that appeal, such as examples of great colour and shading on eyes or lips. After all, it’s generally much easier to show someone what you mean, rather than to try to describe a particular shade or look.

Remember your dress

If possible, try to take a snapshot of your wedding dress (perhaps on your phone) so that your makeup professional can get a good idea of the style and create a look to match.

Keep it real

For the majority of women, bridal makeup is generally best thought of as enhancing their natural beauty, rather than making a statement in itself. It’s usually best to set aside ideas about anything really dramatic or unusual that you may have seen in a magazine shoot, as these looks are designed more for the catwalk than the clear light of day.

Dealing with blemishes

While we all hope it won’t happen, pre-wedding stress and nerves can add up to unfortunate last minute skin blemishes. With a professional makeup artist on hand, this needn’t be a disaster as they will usually have a range of tips and tricks to deploy, from skin-calming serums to concealers, powders and ways to shade the face to draw attention elsewhere.

Practice looking fabulous

One of the best ways to get confident about your wedding day makeup is to have a practice run. Schedule a trial for another special occasion, such as a romantic dinner or birthday party.

When you’re ready for a trial session, we’ve made it easy to find professionals who specialise in bridal makeup in the Hunter Valley area. Just click over to the Hunter Bride directory listings, and get ready to feel and look like a star!

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