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Choosing your Celebrant

Wedding Celebrant

Choosing your Celebrant

In 2008 only 35% of weddings in Australia were performed by ministers of religion. This means for those of you currently organising a wedding, there will be a lot who are looking for a celebrant.

A celebrant plays an imperative part in your day. After all, they are the one who will be marrying you! You might figure it doesn’t really matter who does the ceremony as long as you end up married, but it is nice to have a bit of a connection with the person who is effectively doing the most important job on the day (aside from yourself and your partner of course!).

A celebrant will set the mood for the service and can make a beautiful moment even more special. They can be happy, uplifting and warm. But remember that they are people with personalities so each celebrant will have his or her own personal style.

Although they will most likely adapt to any style you want, if it is too much of a stretch from their regular service you might consider using someone who is more naturally suited to what you want.

For example if you have certain traditions you would like to uphold make sure they understand what these are, as it will likely be obvious if they haven’t performed these traditions before.

Arrange for a time to meet a few celebrants and have a chat with them, see if your personalities are suited and if they really understand what it is you are looking for.

For example if you are someone who is looking for strong leadership or a person who can calm your nerves then you don’t want to choose a celebrant who is naturally quiet or nervous themselves. The same could also be said if you have a strong personality and very definite ideas on what you want on the day, you won’t want to have a celebrant who is also strong minded and already has their own idea of what you should do.

When meeting with them also see what type of equipment they have so you don’t double up on hiring. For example, if it is an outdoor wedding where you may need a microphone and speakers check to see if the celebrant will be bringing this along or whether you should be organising this yourself.

Also ask what their fees cover. For example, will the legal paperwork be included within the fees or come as a separate cost? Most celebrants should be happy to give you a full breakdown of their fees so you know what to expect upfront.

Once you think you’ve found the right person ask to see their terms of agreement. Read through these carefully as these will list the celebrant’s terms and conditions and it is important you feel comfortable with these.

Finally, if you are happy with all of the above, lock the celebrant in as soon as possible. They can be very busy and you don’t want to miss out on someone who is a perfect match!

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