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Discover Stylish Newcastle Wedding Venues

Caves Beachside

Caves Beachside

Newcastle wedding venues range from the gorgeous to the stunning, and no wonder. Newcastle has reinvented itself as a centre for culture and the arts, and its stylish wedding venues reflect the new ambience.

As the second largest city in NSW, Newcastle’s growing popularity has seen it embrace a number of wonderful restaurants, too.

Newcastle makes the perfect venue for a wedding, whether you’re looking for a traditional waterside venue, or a contemporary restaurant.

A beach wedding

Getting married on one of Newcastle’s stunning surf beaches is sure to be both romantic, and result in some truly memorable photos. Just imagine yourself framed by stunning vistas of endless blue sky and aquamarine sea. The foaming white surf will, of course, complement your bridal outfit to perfection too!

A waterside wedding

Newcastle is known for its laid back and welcoming vibe, but if a beach wedding is just a bit too laid back for you, then why not combine the best of both worlds with a venue located at the water’s edge?

Venues with sparkling sea views are always popular, so be prepared to book well in advance. If you simply must have a particular venue and it’s all booked out, you may have to consider changing the date of your wedding and we’re sure you won’t want to do that. It makes good sense therefore to decide on your venue before finalising the wedding date.

Multi-site or single venue?

Really, it’s up to you. There are no rules dictating that you should have your wedding in one place, and reception in another, and many Newcastle wedding venues can handle both ceremony and reception with ease.

The main advantage of a single venue is that it tends to simplify the day’s logistics. For instance there’s no risk of traffic jams after the ceremony, caused by everyone dashing off to the reception, and no risk of Aunty Flo getting lost and turning up late.

On the other hand, if you have your heart set on getting married in a church or another faith-based setting, then typically you will require a separate reception venue. Fortunately Newcastle’s many options mean you won’t have to travel far and (added bonus!) parking is generally easy to find.

One distinct advantage of even a short journey between venues is that it offers you and your new husband the opportunity of a few minutes on your own to relax before you launch into the next emotional wave at the reception.

A restaurant reception venue

Holding your reception at a restaurant is a fantastic way to take advantage of one of Newcastle’s many fine cuisine offerings. You may also be able to book the whole restaurant for added privacy, just like the celebrities do!

Some points to check with any restaurant include:

– Many couples want the reception to include dancing, does the restaurant have suitable space?

– What are the options for music? Is there space and facilities for a live band or a DJ?

– Can the restaurant lay on any entertainment and if not, will they let you organise your own?

– What are the menu options and can you sample the food before booking?

– Who organises a microphone for speeches if required?

When you’re ready to begin

We’ve made it easy to find Newcastle wedding venues with our directory listings. With so much information beautifully contained in a single directory, it’s our mission to help make choosing a place to get married and hold your reception fun and easy.

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