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Expressing your Personality through Wedding Accessories

Every bride has her own unique personality. Wedding accessories provides a means to show it! Let’s follow the “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” custom, though lets make it even more fun by choosing to go the creative route.

Something Old

Three letters: D-I-Y! Not only is this practical and fun to do, self-made projects make a lasting impression on guests. They like to see the creative details of even your tiniest wedding décor or accessory. So go ahead and be that DIY bride.

Try and find old pieces of textile (great if they match your theme!), used lace veils, floral brooches, ribbons, etc. You can reuse each material and come up with a bridal head band! You can even make a variety of these for your bridesmaids.

Wedding Hair Accessories

Expressing your Personality through Wedding Accessories

Something New

If you are one of those girls who got a precious heirloom as your engagement ring, then you definitely must go for something “new” in your bridal accessory checklist. While some brides choose to have their mother’s wedding gown altered to fit their shape, you can have a dress that’s 100% your own! Buy a new wedding gown – visualised and chosen by you!

Something Borrowed

With many trends coming out with weddings, this one is pretty cool: Hire an Umbrella for your wedding! Oh why not! With the unpredictability of weather conditions these days, you wouldn’t want it to ruin your day.

From Hire an Umbrella:

We take the stress out of random weather patterns by providing you with a wet weather back up plan at minimum cost. We have hundreds of elegant and high quality umbrellas available for hire, to cover you, your wedding party and guests. Or if you’re after something a little bit different, check out our parasols and fun umbrellas – we have the largest online range in Australia!

Too cool, you can even have a fun parasol that is uniquely yours!

Something Blue

Last but not least, is your something blue! How about having your crinoline dyed blue?

Crinoline dyed blue

Wedding Dress Accessories

It will add some attitude to your wedding gown! It’s quite refreshing seeing a traditional white wedding gown give a little shade of blue each time you lift up a little bit of your dress.

Everyone will remember not only how you celebrated your wedding, but how you brought out your very own bridal personality.

Visit the wedding accessories category for more ideas and choices .

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