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Gorgeous Hunter Valley Wedding Cakes

The CakeChef

The CakeChef

Whether you want something traditional or more modern, your wedding cake is one of the most memorable elements of your special day. If you’re getting married anywhere in the region, and looking for a wedding cake, you’re in luck. Thanks to Hunter Bride, beautiful, boutique Hunter Valley wedding cakes are just a few clicks away.

Our directory listings offer you plenty of options for finding specialist wedding cake bakers, and we’ve also put together a few ideas for the perfect wedding cake experience, from deciding on the design, to transporting the finished product.

Original and individually designed

These days, bakers can offer you a range of flavours, colours and decorations. Many of the specialist wedding cake providers listed in our directory offer an individual design service for each client. At your appointment, you can expect to discuss your ideas for how you’d like the cake to look, as well as enjoy a fabulous tasting experience.

Stuck for ideas?

Looking at our wedding cake providers’ websites is guaranteed to give you some ideas and may well give you the munchies too! You will be surprised at the amazing cake designs on show, and seeing what’s possible might just spark your own creativity. Don’t hesitate to discuss your thoughts, because there is often a way to turn even the wildest idea into a fabulous cake! Other sources of ideas can be your wedding theme if you have one, wedding magazines, and social media galleries like Pinterest.

Fresh flowers

Many bakers are willing to accommodate fresh flowers as part of your wedding cake decoration. They may be able to source flowers for you, but if you want to make sure the flowers on your cake are the same as those in your bouquet or other wedding floral decorations, it probably makes more sense for your florist to provide them.

Cake or cupcakes?

There is quite a fashion for creating a ‘wedding cake’ from a tower of cupcakes, which can be a beautiful, individual solution. It makes for super easy serving, and you can indulge yourself with a variety of colours, textures and flavours.

Not too keen on cake? A stunning alternative is to go for macaroons instead. These melt-in-the-mouth treats are so light they won’t weigh you or your guests down after your wedding meal.

Is your cake going to be dessert?

You’ll also want to decide whether your cake will form the dessert course, or if it is to be served separately with coffee. There are so many delicious flavour combinations that it is a very practical idea to serve your cake as the dessert. Doing away with a separate dessert course might also help lighten the load on your wedding budget too!

Alternatively, serving your cake with coffee gives your guests a little something to nibble while they listen to the speeches.

Getting the cake to the venue

Generally it’s a good idea to have the cake delivered, and we’d certainly recommend it when you are having more than one tier to your cake, or planning a cupcake or macaroon tower.

If you do collect the cake and set it up yourself, remember to keep it flat and drive cautiously! To make sure the cake is kept level, rest it on a towel, perhaps in the boot. The passenger seat isn’t flat so it’s not the best place to transport your cake – also you’ll be tempted to keep looking at it (yes, you will) and that could cause an accident!

Tastes to savour

To help you select your cake from the yummy Hunter Valley wedding cakes on offer, our directory lists some of the best wedding cake providers in the area. Why not take a couple of girlfriends tasting with you, and make a party out of planning your wedding cake?

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