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Hen’s Night Themes

Being put in charge of a hen party can be a daunting task. Not only are you in charge of making sure the bride-to-be has a great night, but you are also in charge of herding the group of hens that are there to help celebrate!

One way to keep everything running smoothly on the night is to have as much planned and prepared in advance. This means have venues picked, menus chosen and any themes or games set.

Choosing a theme should be one of the first things you do because once you have decided on a theme for the night you will be surprised at how easily all the other choices fall into place. Even the venue can be worked around the theme. Have you chosen a Western Style theme? Then look for travelling rodeos, country music nights at the local pub or even travel to a small town that is putting on a barndance.

Alternatively you might already know what your hen wants to do for the night so choosing a theme to suit the activity can sometimes be easier. For example, if she wants to have a pole dancing lesson you might want to make the theme ‘Showgirls’ and really ham up the feather boas and fishnet stockings!

If you are looking for an affordable way to theme the night, try visiting a $2 shop or the Base Warehouse. Browse the dress-up aisles and see what they have for a decent price. You will be amazed at the selection of hats, wigs and party costumes available.

Another way to decide on a theme is to think about what the husband-to-be does for a living and create a fun night based around that. A friend of mine was getting married to a pilot, so her bridesmaids dressed her and themselves as Sexy Air Hostesses for a funny night out.

Still stuck for ideas? Consider some of these options:

Cowgirls & Indians – think big cowgirl hats and flannel shirts, or feathers stuck in the hair and tassels.

Sailors – the perfect theme for an afternoon on a boat. Some guests can choose to dress up as pirates if they prefer!

Cops & Robbers – Tell half the guests the theme is cops and the other half it is robbers. Laugh at everyone’s surprise when they turn up! Plan some group games with cops as one team and robbers as the other and see if good or bad win the night.

Saints and Sinners – Another good option if you are planning to go pole dancing or taking a ride on one of the male dancer boats. Tell your guests to dress in what they are comfortable in, or to be cheeky, tell everyone to come as a saint and dress the hen as a sinner!

We hope we have helped make your planning easier. Enjoy!

Hen's Night

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