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Hen’s Nights in Newcastle

Girls Night Out Newcastle

Hen’s Nights in Newcastle

So your good friends wedding is approaching and you’ve been put in charge of the fun part … the hen’s night! The best part about organising a hen’s night is the many options available these days. And lets face it, as long as you have the girls together you are pretty much guaranteed a good night no matter what the venue!

A good destination for a girl’s night out is Newcastle. There are bars, pubs and restaurants, or if you want something a bit quieter it is easy to find a place to be pampered. Enjoy a relaxing weekend with the girls at the beach or take in the nightlife in the city centre.

If you have been given the job of organising the night, try to keep in mind these two important points before you begin planning.

1 – Make sure you organise something the hen will enjoy. Remember the night is for her so if she really hates something – strippers for example – don’t hire strippers just because you think it would be funny.

2 – Keep your guests budget/financial situation in mind. It might not be feasible to organise something extravagant without first checking if your guests can afford it. It is also worth keeping in mind if the guests will be paying for accommodation at the actual wedding within the next week or two, as they may not want to spend too much in the lead up to the big day.

Now, where to start? It is always a fun idea to have a theme for a hen’s night. Maybe try something that is meaningful to the hen. For example, if her fiancé is a police officer get your friends to turn up in cops and robbers outfits. If she is an avid tennis player, have everyone bring a racquet and sweatbands. You could also choose a theme that is relevant to the venue for the night.

A great place in Newcastle for themed hen’s nights is the comedy/music restaurant called Kavon. The restaurant itself is full of vampires, demons and ghouls and is a great night for a laugh. They encourage hens nights and even have deals where if you get a group of 11 or more people you not only get a discount on the set meal, but the hen dines for free! And to make life easy, there is a section on the website to create your own invitations which Kavon’s will automatically fill in with details of the restaurant and what time the show starts.

If this kind of restaurant isn’t your thing, choose a venue of your choice and decorate the table with fun stuff that you can find at any party store or $2 shop. Just check with the restaurant first that they don’t mind if you decorate the place. Also give them a heads up you are booking for a hen’s night so they can place your table in an appropriate spot within the restaurant. The last thing a couple want while they are trying to have a romantic dinner is a rowdy table of ten hens next to them!

Newcastle has some lovely beaches on offer, so if it is something you think your hen would enjoy, why don’t you look into a holiday house on the beach for the ultimate girls weekend away. You could have something that is nearby the city for the nightlife or just create the party with your friends in the house. There are at home pamper businesses that service the Newcastle area, and you could spice things up by organising a topless waiter to serve your dinner or even have a tarot card reader to give the girls a laugh.

Of course not all hen’s nights have to include glasses of bubbly. If the hen you are organising for is more interested in relaxing, try one of the many day spas around Newcastle. Book in for a group pedicure and then take your group to a movie in the evening.

As long as the girls are together having a fun, stress free evening, your hen will be happy with whatever you organise. Have fun!

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