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Hold a Fairytale Wedding at Awaba House

Awaba House

Awaba House; Photo by Cupid’s Corner Wedding & Event Hire

Are you looking to organise a beachfront wedding in the Lake Macquarie area? You may want to consider the fabulous deco-style Awaba House. Holding your wedding at Awaba House offers you a number of options for creating a highly distinctive event that you and your guests will enjoy and remember for years to come.


Charming, comfortable and sophisticated, Awaba House nestles amid 15 acres of landscaped parkland on the waterfront by Lake Macquarie. It is an authentic 1920s art deco building, complemented by an intriguing roof, stylish portico and leadlight style windows. In other words, if you hold your wedding here you can look forward to some stunning wedding photographs.

This exclusive waterfront location includes a deep-water jetty, if guests want to access the venue by boat. Or why not consider arriving for your wedding by boat instead of a limousine? That’s sure to start your wedding off in style!

With acres of manicured parkland, including some awesome Port Jackson fig trees surrounding the house, you can choose to hold an outdoor wedding and indoor reception, or any combination of the two. The grounds also contain an art gallery and a sculpture garden, offering plenty of opportunities for innovative photography and for guests to amuse themselves while you are having your photographs taken.

The indoor function room is an elegant glass conservatory with the unique touch of a silk-lined ceiling, for a truly luxurious feel. It also offers unobscured views of the lake and gardens.


Awaba House can accommodate wedding parties of up to 80 for a sit down meal, and provides a varied cocktail-style menu for larger weddings.

Awaba House is known for superb food and exceptional service, delivered with faultless professionalism by staff members who work hard to create the perfect atmosphere of celebration for every event.


Recognised as one of the original estates that were established around Lake Macquarie’s prime acres, Awaba House has been owned by several families over its history, and its fortunes have waxed and waned through the years.

The name ‘Awaba’ means ‘flat or plain surface’. It is the name given to Lake Macquarie by the indigenous people of the area. Europeans settled the land from Teralba to Bolton Point between 1822 and 1842, as recorded by a land grant of 500 acres to James Mitchell.

On his death, the property passed to his daughter and son-in-law, Margaret and William Quigley, who built the original Awaba House in 1878. This was located close to the present house, but the Quigleys did not enjoy it for long, as William died in a horse accident and his wife lost her life after fire gutted the house in 1886.

However the very next year William’s brother Daniel Quigley rebuilt, and his family occupied the property until 1913. Records show that one Thomas Braye of Newcastle took over the property and 15 acres immediately around it, forming the estate as it is today. The Braye family owned the property until 1958, during which time they tore down the second Awaba House, building the third and current building in 1927. While the previous buildings may have been rather rough and ready, this third building was elegantly designed by a local architect to reflect the art deco style and tastes of the 1920s, resulting in a charming building full of history and style.

In 1958, the property was taken over by the Hospitals Commission and was occupied by a succession of tenants. Awaba House eventually became in danger of neglect before being rescued by Lake Macquarie City Council, which bought the property outright in 1993, operating it as the city’s art gallery. Now, Awaba House has been reincarnated as the restaurant and venue space that we see today.

Holding your wedding at Awaba House

If you’re ready to take the next step and organise your wedding at Awaba House, all you need to do is click on our listings for wedding venues. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed in the beautiful setting and the service. Awaba House is the ideal wedding venue, full of romance, and a rich history that will be sure to intrigue your guests on the day.

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