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Lake Macquarie Weddings Made Easy

Michelle-Leigh Photography

Michelle-Leigh Photography

One trick to waking up calm and collected on the morning of your wedding day is to start planning and organising the moment the fabulous engagement ring is on your finger! However, unless you are a professional event planner, organising a wedding can seem like a daunting prospect.

If you’re planning on taking advantage of some gorgeous scenery, and getting married at Lake Macquarie, you can relax, because we’ve already done a lot of the work for you. At Hunter Bride, we’ve gathered the cream of the wedding supplier crop into one place in our directory listings for Lake Macquarie weddings, so you can easily browse for suppliers of everything from flowers to wedding cars.

And because it can be tricky to know what to organise when in the lead up to your big day, we’ve put together this easy outline for Lake Macquarie weddings, to help you get started. You can use this framework to organise a simple celebration, or as a foundation for a full-scale production.

On your marks…

The first decision to make is how much you are willing to spend on your wedding. Setting a budget may not be romantic, but you’ll find it incredibly helpful later on, and there are a number of free planners that can give you a starting point. At this stage, you don’t need to fix what you’ll spend on individual items, just agree an overall figure. That gives you something to work with when you look at big-ticket items, such as the venue.

Style and size of the celebration

Typically, the next decision is about the style and size of your wedding. Are you up for a big party, or would you prefer a smaller, more intimate occasion? Should it be indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both to take advantage of the beautiful Lake Macquarie scenery? It’s your day, so choose a setting you’ll be comfortable in. Keep your ideas fluid until you’ve had a chance to look at a few venues, because you may find your wishes change once you see what’s available. Venue availability may also dictate the actual date of your wedding.

When the venue and date are settled, it’s time to choose your bridesmaids/best man and start the guest list. You’ll also need to identify a celebrant, and you can start looking at the portfolios of photographers, caterers and florists.

Eight months to go

Around now is a good time to confirm and book your photographer and caterer (unless your venue is taking care of catering), as these specialists often get booked up well in advance.

How will you entertain guests on the day? Music is typically part of a wedding celebration. You may also like to consider doing something unusual, such as hiring a magician to surprise your guests. Popular artists get booked up early, so now is a good time to get this organised.

Six months out

Now you’re nearly on the final stretch. Typically, you’ll be clear about the wedding colour scheme by this stage, so it’s time to make a final choice of florist, and order invitations.

Most importantly, it’s time to find that special dress, shoes and headwear for yourself, and for your bridesmaids. Trying to get bridesmaids to agree on what they are going to wear is sometimes easier said than done, which is why it’s a good idea to start early!

Four months to go

This is a good time to order your cake, if a specialist is providing it.

This is also the ideal period to choose and order your rings, allowing time for any alterations and engraving.

Organise transport for yourself and the bridal party, and don’t forget to make sure key people have the means of getting from the ceremony to the reception if they are not being held in the same venue.

Get set

About two months before your wedding day, touch base with suppliers to check everything is in hand, and send out your invitations.


Time to have a fabulous day after all the planning and effort! While there’s really no such thing as a typical wedding, we hope this outline helps you decide where to start, and gives you an idea of the timeline and the preparation that is needed for a wedding day to go off without a hitch.

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