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Looking for Wedding Shoes in Newcastle? Think Comfort and Style

Harvey Patrick Bridal Shoes

Harvey Patrick Bridal Shoes

Wedding shoes are a vital part of your supporting cast for the big day, especially if you’re wearing a shorter-length dress. But even if your shoes are barely visible under a floor length gown, you still need to remember that it’s not just looks that matter. We’ve all done it haven’t we? We’ve dressed up and gone out for a big evening only to end up in agony after a few hours because those killer heels really are killing us.

No bride wants to have to fake a smile on her wedding day thanks to blisters and achy feet, so here we give you the scoop on top tips for finding elegant, must-have wedding shoes that will carry you in effortless comfort all the long day through.

And when it comes time for trying on, the Hunter Bride directory is the perfect place to start shopping for wedding shoes in Newcastle.

It’s all about timing

Happily, we’re confident you’ll have little trouble finding wedding shoes that fit well and also make your eyes light up with feminine acquisitiveness, but here’s a handy tip. Even the slimmest of women can find that their feet can swell slightly during a long day, especially if it’s hot. To avoid ending up with shoes that pinch, shop for them in the afternoon when your feet are naturally bigger.


As well as a superb fit, another tip for finding stylish yet comfortable wedding shoes is to avoid styles that cramp your toes. If you try them on in the shop and they are pinching a lot, don’t be over-optimistic over how much they will stretch. Super slim, pointy-toed shoes are great for sitting around in, but not so good for long hours of standing and dancing. A more rounded or chisel-shaped toe is likely to be far more comfortable, and if you’re planning to wear flats (definitely an option with a long gown) then you might even like to try the effect of some square-toed styles.


If you’re not intending to wear flats, you’ll need to decide on heel shape and height. Remember you are going to walk, stand and dance in them, which means needle thin heels might not work so well after a couple of hours. Our tip? Don’t be shy about trying likely wedding shoes on and trying out a few moves in the shop, just a twirl and a sassy turn about the floor will do it! Hey, it’s better to know straight away whether they’re going to work, rather than hope things will be all right on the day.

Another useful tip is to avoid heels that make you look taller than your partner – it can make you feel self-conscious, and may not look the best when it comes to the wedding photos.

Choose your dress before your shoes

This tip isn’t an absolute rule but it can save you time if you have your wedding dress with you when you try on shoes. You can see straight away whether the shoes you like will work with your dress. It’s probably enough to hold your dress up against you, or you may be able to buy several likely pairs, and take the unsuitable ones back. It’s always a good idea to check with the store first though. Specialist suppliers of wedding shoes in Newcastle are probably going to be more comfortable places to try shoes on with your dress than the local department store!

Colour tip: if the colour of your chosen shoes doesn’t match the shade of the dress you end up buying don’t worry because shoes can generally be dyed quite easily. You are likely to find that wedding dress shops are able to provide this service for you.

Break them in before the big day

Our tip is to wear your wedding shoes indoors beforehand to get them really comfortable. Start by wearing them for half an hour, and then gradually increase the time.

Get a grip

New shoes have lovely smooth soles but on such an important day it’s best to scuff them slightly beforehand to avoid all possible risk of an embarrassing tumble on highly polished wood or tiles.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to finding the right wedding shoes. Keeping a few simple tips in mind can help make the whole process easier, and your shoes more comfortable!

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