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Planning a Lakeside Wedding

Lake Macquarie Weddings

Planning a Lakeside Wedding

A lakeside wedding is a romantic setting for a marriage celebration. The ambiance is perfect – cool, laid-back, and refreshing. There are a number of ways to plan for a lakeside wedding. Here are some tips on decorations, wedding bomboniere, and other wedding ideas for a lake side celebration.

1. Use a nature inspired theme or go with tropical colours.

Having the outdoors as your backdrop, you want a wedding theme that blends with nature. Most brides go with the “rustic-vintage-chic” route in planning an outdoor wedding. However, tropical, bright coloured decors and details may also be a great alternative.

2. Pick a ceremony time right at sunset. Then adorn the lake side venue with warm lights for the evening.

The lake will surely make a grand canvass for that golden sunset. Its waters will reflect all the bright colours, leaving you and your guests breathless! A ceremony in the mid afternoon is just perfect for this. Match this with some warm lights placed on the lake docks, chairs, or the path where the bride will walk on.

3. Give water or nature-inspired tokens as wedding bomboniere.

How about some DIY wedding favours? Cute little boats in your chosen colour is one idea to match your lakeside wedding. Search wedding favour suppliers and see what they have to offer you.

4. Have fireworks at the end of the wedding reception or right after the ceremony.

Why not spruce the skies above the body of lake water with majestic fireworks? Everyone will be delighted to see lights do their magic on your most special day. This can be the highlight of the wedding executed at the end of the celebration. Real romantic, I must say!

Lakeside Weddings

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5. Create a light, less formal mood for the guests.

In order for everyone to enjoy your lake side wedding, you can tell your guests in advance that they can expect a less formal and a more relaxed kind of celebration. Let them enjoy the view of the lake. You can even help them plan for an extended holiday at your chosen lake side wedding destination.

Last Tip: Offer activity options to your guests in Lake Macquarie.

Lake Macquarie is a top choice when it comes to lake side destination weddings. Blame it on its long stretch of shoreline – the biggest saltwater lake in Australia, and its variety of natural sceneries. Lake Macquarie is also known for its long sandy beaches plus a treat of beautiful mountains in its western portion. Guests and honeymooners can spend their time swimming, snorkeling, hiking, horseback riding, and even wine-tasting! Truly, it’s a place for memorable, romantic lakeside weddings.

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