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Reasons to Hire Vintage Wedding Cars for Newcastle Weddings

Princess Classic Cars

Princess Classic Cars

Instead of standard limousines, why not choose wedding cars with definite personality? Nothing says elegance and class quite like vintage wedding cars. Newcastle wedding car hire firms can help you out with cars that make for a stylish entrance, with all the glamour of a bygone era. Here are a few reasons why vintage cars can make your day extra special.

Be treated like royalty

You won’t go unnoticed on the way to your wedding when you’re in a vintage car. You may find that other drivers display great goodwill, and that smiles and waves accompany you from home to the ceremony, just as if you were royalty on an Australian tour!

Surprise your partner

If you’re planning on separate venues for the ceremony and the reception, why not keep the car a secret as an extra special treat for your fiancé? Many men enjoy the opportunity to ride in a vintage car, so just think how his eyes might light up as he emerges from the ceremony to be saluted by a smartly-uniformed chauffeur and unexpectedly ushered into a gleaming vintage vehicle.

History and personality

There’s no doubt that hiring vintage wedding cars can add a considerable dash of personality to your Newcastle wedding. A vintage car is highly likely to have been lovingly restored and maintained by enthusiasts. Typically, owner-restorers enjoy making sure that every last detail about the car is authentic and working perfectly, from immaculate interiors to burnished paint and body work. Not only does this minimise the chances of breakdown, but vintage cars have often accumulated a rich history which turns each vehicle into an individual personality.


High quality service is all part of the experience of vintage wedding cars. Newcastle car hire firms that specialise in these vehicles usually offer a range of inclusions. You can often expect to be escorted by a sharply dressed chauffeur, who takes great care to make you feel like a princess. This can include helping you in and out of the car, making sure to avoid puddles, and being prepared with an enormous umbrella should rain be a possibility. While you are the star of the arrival, your chauffeur may well look after everyone else in the bridal party too, making sure everyone gets inside the venue without mishaps.

Star quality

Vintage wedding cars are highly photogenic. Be sure to let your photographer know about the car in advance, so that they can take full advantage of the opportunity to create some extra special photographs featuring the vehicle.

Photo opportunities don’t have to be limited to arrival and departure from the ceremony, either. As long as you organise it in advance when you make the booking, many providers may be willing to build in a pause on the journey between ceremony and reception, at a suitably scenic spot.

Colour schemes

While wedding cars are generally white or black, you may find that wedding ribbons can be organised to match your colour scheme. This is a simple way to add another small touch of individuality to your wedding.

Try before you buy

It’s always a good idea to visit vintage wedding car providers before confirming a booking. You’ll want to make sure the car is what you envisioned. It’s also a good idea to get in and out a few times – taking into account the style and fit of your wedding dress. You won’t want to risk damage by having to manoeuvre awkwardly as you get in and out of the car.

Ready to take the wheel?

Now you’ve decided to arrive at your wedding in classic style, let Hunter Bride slip into the driving seat! Our listings offer you a direct route to finding vintage wedding cars for Newcastle weddings.

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