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Start Planning Your Wedding – Choosing a Theme

Wedding Theme

Start Planning Your Wedding – Choosing a Theme

First of all, congratulations on your engagement! Finally it is time to start planning that wedding you’ve always dreamed of … or haven’t. Either way, it’s a daunting task to get started on a wedding so make sure you just relax and remember to breathe.

When faced with the idea of organising an entire wedding from scratch a lot of people won’t be sure where to even start. A good tip for any bride-to-be is to get started by thinking about a theme for the wedding.

A theme can be something as simple as the colour that will be used for bridesmaids, invites and the cake decorations or it could be something more obvious such as ‘Christmas Wedding’ or ‘Fairytale Wedding’. Once you have chosen your theme, it will make future decisions much easier and far less overwhelming. For example, anyone who has visited a wedding invitation shop or website knows how many choices there are out there. Just remember you can’t do everything so pick a theme and stay true to it.

Tips on Choosing Your Theme

When deciding, make sure you choose a theme that is right for you and your fiancé. Don’t organise the whole day around your guests and forget the most important people of all, yourself and hubby-to-be!

Picking a theme can be as easy as choosing something that is suitable to the location of where you would like to get married – like a beach wedding theme if you are getting married in Port Stephens – or it could be something that is very meaningful to you both such as a movie theme if you had your first date at a movie theatre.

Having said that, make sure you keep in mind whether your theme is going to be compatible with several other aspects of your wedding, such as the location of the ceremony or the reception venue. For example, if you have your heart set on the biggest dress you can find and all the trimmings, you probably don’t want to have your ceremony on a beach. And if you fancy the idea of a medieval banquet feast as your wedding dinner then perhaps by-pass the super modern reception building that has just been erected.

Example Theme – Hunter Valley Wedding

Tulloch Wines in the Hunter Valley

Tulloch Wines

If you have chosen the Hunter Valley as the destination for your wedding it’s probably a safe bet that you and your partner enjoy wine so you could consider having a vineyard theme for your wedding. Use a translucent paper with the pattern of a bunch of grapes on your wedding invite for a subtle hint or for a more obvious look have the actual invite die-cut to be shaped like a wine bottle.

The wedding cake can be decorated with real grapes with vines wrapping elegantly around it or you could have the clusters of grapes created out of icing. If that is a bit too themed for you, try using a simple sash around the middle of the cake in a lush vine-like green or a burgundy red like your favourite wine.

For the bomboniere a cute idea can be to have mini wine bottles with a custom made label on the front with your names and the date of your wedding. These can be found at several wineries around the Hunter Valley if you wanted to give guests a keepsake from the venue.

Whatever you end up choosing, try to keep it simple. Tempting as it might be, don’t go overboard with the theme. Often having a few key parts of the day in theme can have more of an impact than an overload of matching bits and pieces. Good luck!

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