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The Funky Do Da’s

Posted in DJs, Music & Entertainment on September 20th, 2011 by Heidi Bolton

The Funky Do Da's on the beach.

The Funky Do Da's

Music and entertainment is an important part of your wedding day. Music sets the tone for the day and enhances the overall experience. If you have the right music or entertainment at the reception, you will have guests moving and shaking on the dance floor late into the night.

It is also a guaranteed way to ensure guests have such a great time that they’ll remember it for years to come. In fact, a survey in the US showed that 81% of guests say that the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment and the food!

And what better way to make sure your guests remember the entertainment than by having a live band? It is always exciting to hear a band playing your favourite songs live, and The Funky Do Da’s are no exception. The energy they exude will have you and your guests jumping from your chairs to go dancing.

The Funky Do Da’s bring both experience and professionalism to any event they are working. They have been together since 1992 and have earned themselves a name throughout all of Australia by playing at corporate events, jazz festivals and of course weddings. They have even played for the Prime Minister!

They are definitely not a one-track band either. Their diverse style in music has seen them perform jazz at various jazz festivals, funky pop at The Queen Victoria Building in Sydney and cocktail music at the Museum of Contemporary Arts.

This is great news for your wedding day. This diversity means the band will be able to switch easily from refined music during the serving of canapés, to easy listening tunes throughout dinner and then of course the fun songs to get everyone up and onto the dance floor.

Music is the hardest part of any event to cater for all tastes, and if you have varying age groups attending, there is always one group who are not as excited about the song choices as everyone else is. Thankfully, this is no longer a worry for the bride and groom-to-be as The Funky Do Da’s will package up an entertaining song list that caters for everyone, young and old. This means all guests will have a turn up on the dance floor throughout the evening, from the children to the grandparents and everyone in between! And in the off chance this isn’t working, over the years they have become experts at reading the crowd and knowing what needs to be done to get people moving and happy. This may mean upping the tempo or perhaps even putting on a slow, romantic song for the sweethearts.

The professionalism doesn’t end there. The Funky Do Da’s are well known for their punctuality, playing music at a volume that is friendly to all guests and for the ease at which they set up and pack up.

And if you have something special in mind for your big day, no request is too big or small for this band. They are happy to learn a song for you, provide a microphone for your use and if your wedding is themed, not a problem! They will have the music to match.

As with any live entertainment, make sure you take some time out to listen to the band play a live gig, or listen to a demo tape, before booking. We challenge you to get through a whole set of the Do Da’s without tapping your foot along to the beat!

Written by Heidi Bolton

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Wedding Songs: From Aisle to First Dance

Posted in DJs, Music & Entertainment on April 19th, 2011 by Heidi Bolton

Wedding Music

Wedding Songs: From Aisle to First Dance

Choosing a song for the first dance at your wedding might be the simplest thing you do out of the whole wedding planning process. You may already have a song that is special to you and your fiancé that you wish to use as your first dance. But there are many other songs that need choosing for the day aside from the first dance, which is where it can get harder to think of songs that are both special to you and suitable for the occasion.

Here we will take you through the stages of your wedding day that may require a song, and give you suggestions of what could work for each moment.

The song that will accompany you down the aisle towards your husband-to-be requires a lot of thought. This song is probably the second most important one of the day – second only to the first dance of course.

This song, or piece of music, will be what you and your fiancé hear when you first lay eyes on each other on your wedding day, and this is also the first time guests see you in your wedding gown. It is a momentous and emotional occasion that you will remember for the rest of your days together.

If you are marrying in a church you may want a beautiful piece of orchestral music. Pachelbel Canon in D is probably one of the most widely used pieces of music for a wedding entrance and there is good reason for it. Soft and romantic, yet uplifting and happy at the same time, it is definitely worth a listen to. It can also translate from organ to harp or almost any instrument you desire.

If you are having an outdoor wedding you may want to choose a special song that is sentimental to yourself and your partner. If you are having trouble thinking of one, At Last by Etta James is a popular choice as is Into My Arms by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Fairytale by Enya is a moving and dreamy tune as well.

Any of these pieces of music or songs listed above can also be used for the signing of the registry as well.

Next up is the entrance to the reception. This is the first time you will walk into a room and be announced as ‘Mr & Mrs’. It is a cheerful moment as the official part of the day is over and it is time to relax and celebrate. A lot of people choose an upbeat song as it can really set the mood for the rest of the reception. Again, choose something that is special to you if you can. Perhaps a shared song that has always made you and your partner happy or one that never fails to get you both on the dance floor. If you are stuck for ideas, consider Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars or I’m Yours by Jason Mraz.

Cutting of the cake is a fun part of your wedding day. You will find yourself standing around as guests take photos, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! Do a little jig with your partner, attempt to feed each other a piece of cake or cheers from behind the layers of cake. Often a fun song is used at this stage and it can be something that is a play on the words ‘sweet’ or ‘sugar’. A nice choice is Ice Cream by Sarah McLachlan or How Sweet It Is by James Taylor. The actual cutting of the cake will probably be over before the length of a full song, so try not to choose something with too long an intro or you may not reach the chorus by the time you are sitting back down.

Now the first dance, the most important song you will play at your wedding. This is when you and your partner will take to the floor in front of all your guests and dance for the first time as husband and wife. It can be a very moving moment, or it can be a very happy and light-hearted one. Some couples will move slowly in each other’s arms and some will step out a pre-choreographed number.

You may know immediately which song you want to dance to, something that has always been special to the two of you. But if not, these ones are nice for romance: Heaven by DJ Sammy, Amazed by Lone Star, A Whole New World (Aladdin’s Theme) or for a slightly faster beat you can’t go wrong with Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.

Lastly, if there are any other songs that you had wanted to include in your wedding day but couldn’t find the right place to fit it in, you can get away with almost anything as your leaving song. This is where you make your last exit and farewell your guests, so either cheerful or sentimental can work well here.

Written by Heidi Bolton

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