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Two Play Strings

Two Play StringsMusic and songs play a big part of your wedding day. Whether it is background music while your guests mingle or a song for walking down the aisle, you will find you are accompanied by music throughout the day.

It is because of this that it is so important to find the right band or DJ to help you, as what service they provide can help make your amazing day all that more special.

It is a tough decision for some brides and grooms on whether to have live music or use a DJ. A lot of people will get around this by having both, but at different times of the day.

Live music for the ceremony lends a very romantic, fairytale feel to the wedding, while a DJ can get the guests up and dancing at the reception after all the official parts of the day are over. Live music can also be great for when guests are having canapés and waiting for the bride and groom to arrive at the reception.

If you are considering having live music for your ceremony, you should speak to the amazing duo Two Play Strings. Dave and Catherine are both tertiary qualified musicians and their experience is evident through their performance.

Dave and Catherine play a violin and cello duo, which means their combined sound make for a romantic atmosphere for the start of your wedding day.

Through the playing of the strings, they will invoke feelings in the guests at each significant part of the ceremony. There will be expectation and calmness as the guests arrive, excitement as the ceremony is about to commence and suspense as the bride is arriving and everyone is trying to catch their first glimpse of her. Of course at the end of it, there will be joy as the bride and groom complete their vows and become husband and wife.

Two Play Strings have a large repertoire of music so you will be sure to find something you like. They can play popular wedding music such as Pachelbel’s Canon and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons but of course their talent doesn’t stop there. They can also play classical, romantic and modern periods as well as jazzy numbers. Every song they play will enhance the emotions of the day.

Two Play Strings cater specifically to Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, so they are very familiar with all of the locations of the area already. They can also travel further if need be so make sure you ask about packages outside of these areas.

Imagine a gorgeous church wedding in Newcastle or a romantic vineyard wedding in the Hunter Valley with the strings playing softly as your guests arrive. Being accompanied down the aisle by this beautiful music will heighten the mood of the moment, helping to ensure it is one you will never forget.

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