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What Makes a Good Wedding Invitation

Are you taking forever to decide on your wedding invites? Are you plagued with a variety of questions from what colour or theme you should use? What type of stationery you should go for? Should you get a printing supplier or just DIY? And how about the wording? These are just some of the questions you tend to fuss over when deciding on your wedding invitation.

If this sounds like you, here are a few tips on what makes a good wedding invitation!

First, sincerity

It’s your wedding so you’re not supposed to be forced to invite people you hardly know. With that in mind, you will breeze through writing a sincere and personalised invitation. Who says you need big fancy words! Sometimes the colour or paper type don’t matter that much either – what’s important is how you deliver your genuine interest in inviting your guests.

A Good First Impression

Wedding invites or even those casual save-the-date-cards can powerfully reflect the mood of your upcoming wedding. Sticking to your theme is key. Sending wedding invitations creates a first impression to your big day. You don’t need to impress them with lavishness or wit. You just have to be true to your wedding’s personality.

What to Include

Now let’s get down to business. A good wedding invitation will not leave guests clueless on how to get to your reception venue. If needed, print a map. Some couples even specify the number of seats reserved for their guests, and even their table number. Include the dress code requirement also if you must! It is important to consider what may confuse your guests, so include this information and leave them asking no questions!

Final Tip: Relax and enjoy the process

Save yourself from going crazy over wedding invitation decisions. Just relax and enjoy the whole routine of researching trends, samples of designs, stationery, font types, wording  etc. This is a special event in your life – so keep those memories (and invites) lovely.

Wedding Invitations

What Makes a Good Wedding Invitation

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