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Which Type of Wedding Shoes are You?

If you were a pair of wedding shoes, which type would you be?

Wedding styles and trends have changed over time and the humble wedding shoe cannot be left behind! Most brides put alot of effort into choosing their pair of bridal glamour. It’s their way of strutting down the aisle with some attitude!

Check out these amazing wedding shoes worn by brides who want to make a bolder statement!

The Artsy-Creative Wedding Shoes

Creative Wedding Shoes

These wedding shoes are completely hand-painted, exuding a personality of artistic and crafty. If you are fond of doing something out-of-the-box, then these pairs will bring that spunk you want!

The Modern-Vintage Wedding Shoes

Modern Vintage Wedding Shoes

These are very cool! Just look at these hot pink booties with soft laces – old in style, but modern in colour and uniqueness. The cut and the lace are vintage-inspired.

The Ready-for-the-Beach Wedding Shoes

Beach Wedding Shoes

Not really a shoe, but comfy beach-type sandals you can wear on any beach or for a garden-style wedding! If you’re expecting lots of partying and dancing at your wedding reception, then opting for a nice pair of sandals is a great choice. Also, these type of wedding ‘’shoes’’ can accentuate those beautiful toes – perfect for ladies with smooth, finely-shaped feet. Wow!

The Classic Wedding Shoes with a Twist

Classic Wedding Shoes

Some of us can’t go past the classic traditional look, so the high-heeled, elegant type of bridal shoes are here to stay. Wear these with a twist to make things more interesting! How about heels in peep-toe style to garner a bit of sexiness? Or slip into coloured and bead-laden pairs? Women nowadays are fond of showing some shade of colour while they’re wearing their immaculate white bridal gown. Makes for an outstanding look, doesn’t it?

The Laid-back Wedding Flats

Wedding Flats

Going down the DIY carefree wedding route? Then these flats are just the right slip-ons for you! We all want to enjoy our own wedding party with comfort in mind. If you’re looking forward to a laid-back and intimate celebration with close family and friends, then a pair of wedding flats is the way to go.

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