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"End-User" means any person who accesses the site, including the customer or consumer.
"Material" means anything provided by the customer or consumer or end-user to the HUNTER BRIDE website, including but not limited to text, pictures, sound, and graphics.

Material provided to hunterbride.com.au

The customer or consumer warrants that it has copyright and/or legal rights to use all materials provided by it to the HUNTER BRIDE website. The customer or consumer warrants that all information provided by it to the HUNTER BRIDE website is correct, complete, and not defamatory in any way. The customer or consumer warrants that none of the material provided by it to the HUNTER BRIDE website or otherwise uploaded onto its site is pornographic, illegal, or offensive in nature. In this respect, the owners of the HUNTER BRIDE website may remove or refuse to publish any material it believes to be inappropriate at its absolute discretion without recourse from the customer or consumer. The customer or consumer permits HUNTER BRIDE to place any or all material provided to it onto the HUNTER BRIDE site, and to make backup copies of that material as deemed necessary. While HUNTER BRIDE will endeavour to return original materials to the customer or consumer, HUNTER BRIDE takes no responsibility for lost material.


The HUNTER BRIDE website and its contents are subject to copyright. The reproduction of its contents in whole or in part is strictly prohibited except that individual private users of this service may print or save portions of the website information for their own private use. No substantial part of the website or its contents may be copied, transmitted, distributed or otherwise reproduced for any commercial purpose unless with the authority of the owners of the HUNTER BRIDE website.


This website includes registered trademarks / business names including but not limited to the word 'HUNTER BRIDE'. Unless otherwise indicated, they are owned by authorised persons of vasmedia and may be the subject of rights in other countries other than Australia. You may not use HUNTER BRIDE'S trademarks except as permitted by the copyright notice above or as permitted by written agreement from HUNTER BRIDE.


The HUNTER BRIDE site is provided as-is, and HUNTER BRIDE make no warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to, that the HUNTER BRIDE site will work, be error free, or be available at all times; that the HUNTER BRIDE site will be suitable for a particular use. The HUNTER BRIDE website is intended as an information service only. The listings and information contained in the website are intended for general use. No warranty is provided that the information is accurate or correct. The owners of the HUNTER BRIDE website assume no responsibility, whether implied by law or otherwise, for the information provided and disclaims all liability with respect to such information. HUNTER BRIDE is not liable for any injury, loss or damage that might arise through use of this website. HUNTER BRIDE is not liable for any damages whatsoever, arising from the existence of the HUNTER BRIDE site, actions of end-users, or actions of any party whatsoever in relation to this website. The existence of listings and any advertising on this website does not constitute a guarantee or endorsement of the quality, value or suitability of the products or services so listed or advertised.


HUNTER BRIDE may need to collect personal information from its users in order to assist users of the website and with our provision of information to you. In doing so we recognise the requirement to keep that personal information confidential. HUNTER BRIDE will at all times comply with the requirements imposed by the Privacy Act 1988.

Directory Listings & Advertising

HUNTER BRIDE contains listings and advertising from other providers of products and services not related to HUNTER BRIDE. In addition to the above disclaimer, HUNTER BRIDE specifically does not endorse any product or service listed or advertised and does not warrant that the product or service is fit for its intended use, is accurate, of quality or value, or otherwise is appropriate in the circumstances. The user must exercise all necessary caution and investigate fully for themselves any product or service listed or advertised.


HUNTER BRIDE reserves the right to refuse any advertiser from advertising on the HUNTER BRIDE site at anytime, and for any reason. Advertising examples are not intended to be an exact representation of how your advertisements will appear. Not all content/features may be available. All advertisements are subject to availability and compliance with product and site rules. All advertising prices listed on the HUNTER BRIDE site are subject to change without notice.

Legal Action

If HUNTER BRIDE is found to be liable to a customer or consumer or end-user for damages or in any other way, then the quantum of such liability shall be limited to the value of consideration originally paid by the customer or consumer to HUNTER BRIDE. Customers or consumers and end-users indemnify HUNTER BRIDE for any liability or damages which arise from any breach on their obligations or warranties listed herein. Any action taken in relation to the HUNTER BRIDE site must be taken in a court in New South Wales, Australia

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice by posting the changes to the HUNTER BRIDE site.

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