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Choose Tamburlaine Organic Wines for an Eco-Friendly Wedding Venue

Tamburlaine Organic Wines

Tamburlaine Organic Wines

Many people are choosing to minimise the impact of their lifestyle on the planet, and when it comes to your wedding, it’s perfectly possible to hold a stunning event based on a sustainable philosophy. In this post, we showcase Tambourlaine Organic Wines, and its restaurant venue, the Tambourlaine Lodge. It’s a perfect place for an eco-friendly wedding to remember!

Sustainable credentials

As well as being Australia’s largest organic wine producer, with some award-winning wines under its belt, Tambourlaine is a carbon-neutral winery.

First established in 1966, the winery was bought in 1985 by a small group led by current Managing Director and Chief Winemaker, Mark Davidson, and proudly publishes its environmental policy. Tambourlaine is committed to ensuring its environmental impact is minimised.

The management actively works to prevent pollution, and incorporates sustainable water and energy management, including recycling and minimising waste into the winery’s working practices.

Award-winning Tambourlaine

In 2012, Tambourlaine was a state finalist in three categories in the Australian Bridal Industry Awards, for the sixth consecutive year. The awards are based on bridal couples’ votes on the quality of service, and value for money delivered by venues. Tambourlaine was also the only Hunter Valley wedding venue to reach the top 20 in the 2011 National Designer of Dreams award.

Perfection and attention to detail

With over 10 years of experience planning and delivering award-winning weddings, you can be confident that the people at Tambourlaine know how to turn your wedding ideas into a day perfectly tailored to your wishes. They make a particular point of getting the details exactly right, down to the smallest bow and the fold of every napkin. The aim is that you don’t have to worry about a thing except making sure the photographer gets your best side!

A spectacular lakeside setting

The homestead-style Lodge is designed to be close to nature with wide, shady verandahs supplemented by a delightful deck extending out over the lake. The Lodge provides a blend of indoor comfort with a natural outdoor atmosphere, and enables guests to move in and out freely. There’s no need to worry about other visitors to the winery either, as the private Lodge grounds are reserved for the exclusive use of the wedding guests.

Flexible layout

The main reception room can be decorated in a number of ways, including full or part ceiling drapes for a marquee effect, and tiny lights to simulate stars in the night sky. There is room for plenty of tables as well as a generous polished wood dance floor on which to boogie the night away.

The lake plays its part as night falls, and the central fountain is dramatically lit to heighten the romantic atmosphere. A display of fireworks creates a stunning note with which to herald your departure on honeymoon.

Go green at Tambourlaine Lodge

If you’re looking to hold a wedding with a green heart, Tambourlaine Lodge might be just the place, with its beautiful natural setting, excellent service, and environmental credentials. Making an appointment to visit Tambourlaine Lodge is simple with Hunter Bride, just click on Tambourlaine Organic Wines. Booking a sustainable, environmentally friendly wedding couldn’t be easier.

Why not take along some girlfriends and spend an afternoon sampling the fine food and wines at Tambourlaine? Wedding planning was never so relaxed!

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