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Pre-Wedding Beauty Routines

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Pre-Wedding Beauty Routines

With all of the fuss and excitement that planning a wedding can bring, it is no surprise that many brides forget about themselves in the lead up to the big day. There are just too many things to do and complete to take time out for some pampering, isn’t there? No. There is always time to make sure you are looking your best!

There would be nothing worse than hosting the wedding of the year only to have the bride look like a zombie walking down the aisle, with flaking dry skin, dark circles under the eyes and dull hair. Luckily, with a bit of planning you can avoid this look completely and instead be the gorgeous, glowing bride you should be.

All it takes is a plan. Even with your wedding, you have a full appointment book and a strict checklist so why wouldn’t you make your beauty routine part of it? Once it is written on the list, in black and white, you are far more likely to stick to it. And while it may feel indulgent at the time while having your facial, you will thank yourself on the big day when you are looking radiant.

Beauty planning can start as early as 12 months before the wedding day. It may sound extreme, but it will be worth it in the end. Try to follow this guideline to help you plan your beauty routine in advance:

12 Months Out

– Plan your beauty budget upfront so you know what can realistically be achieved. Some brides like to have a monthly facial in the lead-up to the wedding as skin renews itself every 28-days. But if this won’t fit within your budget, simply buy a good exfoliator to keep in your shower.

– If the work you are planning on doing is more intensive than just a facial, such as a face-peel or laser hair-removal treatment, then now is the time to do it. You still have time to experiment with new products and procedures without the worry of having to look perfect and fresh in just a few weeks time.

– Begin an exercise routine – it is never too early to get into good exercise habits.

– If you were considering a change in hair colour for your wedding, now is the time to start experimenting. It will give your hair a chance to grow out if you find you don’t like the new look after all.

3 Months Out

– If you haven’t already started a diet and exercise routine now is the time to really get stuck into it. Hit the gym, go for jogs and swap those French Fries for a healthy salad.

– If you are planning on applying fake tan, or having a spray tan, you should practice now. Test out a few salons to find the best one for you or if you are applying it yourself try some different products to make sure you find the best shade and get the application process down pat.

– Even though this might be a fairly stressful time for you, it is unfortunately time to kick the nail biting habit. Stop the chomping now so nails will be in top form in three months time.

1-Week Out

– Go to the hairdressers to have your hair touched up by getting rid of any roots, but don’t try a new colour.

– Have a manicure and pedicure and while you are at it, ask them for the works with a foot scrub and deep moisturising treatment to relieve any dryness.

The Wedding Day

– Pack a little kit of supplies such as gloss and nail polish to take with you in case of emergency.

– Relax and enjoy!