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Looking for Bridal Shoes? Newcastle Suppliers Have you Covered

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Bridal Shoes

Your wedding day is one of the only occasions in your life where all eyes are on you. Looking and feeling fabulous, from your dress to your shoes, is the order of the day! If you’re searching for bridal shoes, Newcastle wedding suppliers are a great place to start. They are specialists, and can help you find the right shoe for your overall style – and your feet!

Comfort and style

The first thing to remember when you start your search for shoes is that while you want something that looks fantastic, you also have to have something that is comfortable, or your feet will be screaming by the end of a long day and night. Not all shoes are created equal, so take your time looking around, and trying on (preferably in the afternoon when your feet are naturally larger). Steer clear of anything that is uncomfortable after five minutes walking around the shop – they will be no less uncomfortable on the day!

Tricky terrain

Take a good look at the surfaces you’ll be walking on at your ceremony and reception. Steep, narrow staircases, strips of grass and concreted slopes all have the potential to literally trip you up. Not a good look on your wedding day, especially when there are numerous snap happy guests to immortalise your embarrassment! If you’re going to be on solid ground all day, feel free to go with the sky-high stilettos, but if the terrain is not so stable, try a low Louis or kitten heel.


A classic pump is probably the most popular choice for brides, due to the numerous styles, heights and colours available. When choosing a pump, stay away from pointy toe styles, especially if you have a wider foot, as they don’t have a lot of wriggle room. The last thing you want is squashed toes!

Ballet flats

Fun, flirty and feminine, ballet flats just might be like the ultimate bridal shoe choice. But beware of ballet flats that can be easily bent in half. Ballet flats with no arch support, no padding and a thin sole can very quickly make you feel like you’ve been walking barefoot for hours. Opt for styles with a thicker sole, a small heel and lots of inner cushioning and support.

Peep toes

Peep toes shoes with a medium heel can be an elegant choice, and ideal for showing off your pedicure. Remember, your toes should ‘peep’ out of your shoes not ‘squish’ out, so avoid styles that tip your feet forward too much. Also stay away from styles that are very narrow at the toe and cause your toes to press together excessively.


Flirty, sexy sling-backs are perfect for gliding down the aisle at your ceremony and then dancing the night away at your reception. Styles with a lower heel will be more comfortable to wear for an extended length of time. Straps should be firm fitting, but not tight. Too loose and your shoes may slip off, and too tight they might chafe and rub the back of your heel.

Remember when you’re browsing for your bridal shoes, Newcastle wedding specialists can help you find shoes that ooze elegance and won’t leave you hobbling into your honeymoon. Make sure you break your shoes in by wearing them a few times before the day. And, of course, you don’t have to restrict yourself to a single pair of shoes on your big day; many brides choose to switch to a more comfortable shoe at the reception.

How to Throw a Full-on, Fabulous Hen’s Day in Newcastle

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Newcastle Hens Day

Photo by The Wedding Designer

The best hen’s days are, let’s face it, one giant movable party on legs. It can be a challenge to organise the best hen’s party ever, but we’re up for it, if you are! Here are a few tips to help you plan an event to remember.

A morning full of activity

Plan a surprise activity for the morning. Using up some energy in healthy exercise gets everyone bonding and is a sure way to feel virtuous before all the debauchery to come! Book some surfing lessons, a ride along the beach or something like a round of golf depending on the level of challenge your group is up for. Is there something your bride has always wanted to have a go at, but hasn’t quite got around to? Now’s the time!

Pace yourselves girls

Or should that be brace yourselves, girls? The important thing is not to peak too soon. You don’t want to be known for the hen’s day in Newcastle that ran out of steam mid-afternoon. Here are two ways to avoid this disaster:

– Don’t start with the alcohol too early on. If there’s going to be a drink or two at lunchtime, make sure everyone knows they’ll need to be on their toes for the afternoon’s activities.

– Alternatively, give everyone an excuse to sneak a quiet snooze by scheduling beauty treatments in early afternoon. The snoozes will pass completely unnoticed when you’re in massage heaven, or a hair stylist’s skilled hands. You’ll leave your various treatments with a spring in your step and raring to go!

An afternoon mystery

When you’re all beautiful and pampered, it’s time to head off on a magical mystery quest. Hand out clues and send small teams off in search of answers! You can do this on foot or in cars. Eventually everyone should end up in the same place to find you and a couple of mates serenely waiting with a prize for the winner and a booby prize for the tail-end Charlies.

Early evening entertainment

While you’re sipping on a cuppa, or a cocktail if it’s that time of day, you’ll be watching the door for the extra-special stripper-gram delivery – yes it’s time to start embarrassing the bride!

Get everyone to vote on how well she handles it and depending on the result give her L or P plates to wear, or make her put on a special Bride-to-Be T-shirt.

Bring on the games

Everyone can get involved in games with an equal chance of winning prizes. It’s up to you whether everyone gets to share penalties too, or whether these are reserved for the bride. Perhaps you could put it to a vote on the night. The bride is sure to be in a minority!

Have a list of bridal challenges at the ready, so people can vote on what she does next. Typical tasks might see her getting up to slaughter a song, asking strangers (male of course) for items of clothing, asking them for a dance or collecting kisses!

Hen’s night quizzes

Having a selection of quizzes up your sleeve is a great idea for quieter moments. You don’t have to be quizmaster, other people are generally happy to take a turn at asking questions too. Here are some ideas:

Bride. How well does everyone know the bride? Talk to everyone in the hen’s party in advance and ask for one thing they know about the bride – the more obscure the better. That way there’s a fair chance everyone finds out something new about the bride. At the end ask the bride to reveal something about herself that no one has yet mentioned.

How well does she know her husband-to-be? Plenty of opportunity for her to make mistakes here! You’ll have got the answers from him in advance. If he’s a bit shy, ask one of his mates to do the questioning for you. You want to know things like :

What she does that really annoys him.

Where did he go to school/what was his first job.

What’s he afraid of.

What fantasy outfit he’d like her to dress up in.


Take a look at our directory listings for things to do on a hen’s day in Newcastle, just make sure you’ve enough energy left to dance the night away and don’t forget to pack some headache pills for the morning after the night before!

Glitter and Sparkle: How to Choose Bridal Accessories in Newcastle

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Exquisite Jewels For Hire

Exquisite Jewels For Hire

Once you have selected a wedding dress, you’re probably going to find yourself on the hunt for the right bridal accessories. Newcastle has lots of specialist jewellery suppliers, and you’re sure to find the perfect pieces with just a couple of clicks on the Hunter Bride directory. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right bridal accessories to complement your gown.

Your day – your way

You’ll want to choose jewellery pieces that enhance the overall effect of your hair and dress, but it’s also vital that you feel comfortable with the style. If dangly earrings go with your dress, for example, but you can’t stand the feel of them, don’t be swayed. They may look gorgeous, but chances are you will end up finding them an unwanted distraction on the day. You may also need to consider any family expectations about heirloom pieces. If you don’t want to wear a family heirloom because it doesn’t go with your dress, be clear about it very early on.

Gather ideas

You might have pored over wedding magazines and websites to find the right style of dress before you physically tried anything on. Do the same with bridal jewellery. Look at all those pictures again, and focus on the how jewellery has been chosen to complement the gown. Have a look for suppliers on our website, then head to a few showrooms and see what’s on offer for yourself. Even if you have an idea of what you want, be open to suggestions from the experts.

Less is more

Generally, less is more when it comes to accessories. When you are gathering ideas, notice that very few brides are shown in magazines wearing a full suite of jewellery. Too much glitter tends to create clutter, although if you are wearing a very plain or classic dress you may be able to carry off a flashy statement piece.

Exquisite jewels at affordable prices

If you do want a statement piece, or something that is just financially beyond your reach with all the other expenses of the day, remember that you can hire bridal jewellery for the day instead of buying it. If you’ve always hankered for a princess-style tiara but thought it was beyond your budget, check out our bridal accessories page for everything from diamonds to Swarovski crystal.

Using pieces to best effect

Plain but beautifully cut dresses can be made simply stunning with the use of statement pieces, such as a highly unusual, designer necklace, or a chunky bracelet and matching earrings.

Alternatively you might want the dress to make its own statement, in which case think about a more streamlined look for your jewellery – discreet earrings, a simple pendant, or a tiara (a tiara is a great idea as it can add sparkle, without being too close to the detail of your dress).

Bridal jewellery and your skin tone

Be realistic about what you can carry. Some ornate, highly-coloured pieces look exquisite against darker skin tones, but may not suit paler brides.

Chunky gold looks stunning against darker or tanned skin and pearls, platinum or silver settings tend to suit lighter skin tones.

Elegant accessories

Choose Hunter Bride to help you find stylish bridal accessories in Newcastle.  Affordable designer jewellery and more is just a click away!

How to Source Outstanding Wedding Flowers in Newcastle

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Jade McIntosh Flowers

Jade McIntosh Flowers

Finding the right wedding flowers can be tricky, and if you’re wondering where to start, Hunter Bride is here to help. Sometimes, starting to plan a wedding can feel like you have to do everything all at once and you’ll think you need to grow eight arms like an octopus to manage all the different strands!

Not so! The trick is to know what to do first, and we’d suggest that, for many weddings, organising flowers can safely wait until mid-way through the timeline. We say this because you’ll find that sourcing wedding flowers in Newcastle is typically much easier when you can discuss your chosen colour scheme and venue with your florist.

Familiarity saves time

Local florists who specialise in wedding flowers are likely to be familiar with your chosen venue, which means they probably have a good idea what floral styles are likely to produce the effect you’re after. The bonus for you is that you’ll spend less time and energy trying to visualise end results. The florist may also be able to give you an idea of typical costs for flowers at that venue before you ask for a detailed quote.

Colours, textures and symbols

It’s also easier for both you and your florist when you are able to explain your colour scheme at the outset. The florist can then steer you towards the matching colour palette of plants and flowers that are going to be in season at the time of your wedding.

Rather than focusing entirely on colour, think about including textural effects in your floral arrangements for added interest. Texture can be achieved by using plants with interesting leaves, weaving grasses into the background, or even incorporating eye-catching branches and stones into standing arrangements.

If you are interested in creating some talking points, the language and meaning of flowers may be worth taking into consideration when planning your wedding flowers.

Flowers in season or out

What about if you want roses, but you’re getting married in winter? If you have your heart set on particular flowers that are out of season, you should generally expect to pay more and you’ll probably have to order well in advance. That said, Australian brides are fortunate in that our climate tends to encourage long growing seasons. But it’s still wise to alert your florist as soon as possible to make sure you get what you want.

Abundance or simplicity?

A heady mass of blooms, a carpet of rose petals or flower arches can create a spectacular display at your ceremony and reception. The overall effect is one of joy and sunshine, two very positive and happy energies to surround yourself with on your wedding day. If this kind of floral background is part of your dream wedding day, then you’ll need to budget accordingly, which may mean trimming other expenses. Remember that creating your perfect wedding is all about deciding what’s most important to you and spending accordingly.

On the other hand not every bride wants a full-on floral spectacular and simplicity can work extremely well. In this case you might want to go for a couple of beautiful standing arrangements at the ceremony – perhaps framing the altar or marriage table. At the reception you might have one more standing display to create a link between ceremony and reception, and simple but striking flowers in the centre of the buffet or dining tables.

Ready to find floral heaven?

When you’re planning a wedding it can feel a bit like spinning plates. Many brides find they have to keep dashing from one thing to another to keep their plans going with never a moment to rest. Thank goodness for Hunter Bride! Our directory is stuffed full of useful wedding information as well as contacts for local florists who specialise in wedding flowers in Newcastle.

Searching online means you can curl up with a cuppa and rest your aching feet. Once you’ve found a likely florist, a few phone calls and you can put a firm tick through yet another item on your wedding to-do list!

Discover the Best Wedding Photography Packages in Newcastle

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Discover the Best Wedding Photography Packages in Newcastle

Photo by Michelle-Leigh Photography

We all know how memories can fade, which is why photos and videos are such a vital part of any special event – especially your wedding day. Hiring the right photographer for your wedding day not only helps keep treasured memories sharp, often you’ll be amazed at how many beautiful, magical moments happened that you weren’t fully aware of at the time.

If you’re looking for wedding photography packages, Newcastle is spoilt for choice when it comes to photographers. To make your life easier, we’ve listed them for you in our convenient directory. We’ve also put together a brief guide on what to consider when choosing your wedding photographer.

Passion and commitment

That’s what a wedding is all about isn’t it? Passion and commitment, the commitment you and your partner are making and the passion for excellence your service providers bring to their work. The photographers in the Hunter Bride directory are no exception. They’ll tell the story of your wedding day from start to finish with unique shots that capture your personalities and the atmosphere perfectly.

Award-winning photographers

Several of the photographers listed in our directory have won awards for their work and have been featured in wedding magazines. Some of the others haven’t (yet!) but they are all seriously talented and all provide stunning, artistic results.

How to find your ideal photographer

Even though we’ve brought together a highly talented set of photographers in our directory listings, we can’t choose the perfect one for you! The best way to start narrowing down your choices is to browse each photographer’s portfolio. This should help you come up with a top three or five possibilities.

Find the right wavelength

Many brides, tense with expectations and nerves and unused to posing for photos, find it hard to relax for the photographer. You can make life easier for yourself by selecting a photographer who’s on your wavelength. Find out whether they seem to be your kind of person by chatting to them in their studio. If you’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity to observe them working at a wedding even better. Just don’t distract them with questions!

Ideally you want someone who can capture important but fleeting moments without intrusion as well as help you feel comfortable posing for more formal shots.

Have they worked at your venues?

Discuss your wedding and reception venues and ask to see any shots they’ve taken there. This is a terrific way to get a real feel for their work in your actual wedding setting.

What’s unique about your wedding?

Help your chosen photographer by making sure he or she knows about the important details, such as cultural heritage, family traditions and themes for the day.

If there are any such stories, people or information you want reflected in the photos you should make sure your photographer is prepared to capture them. For instance, is your ring or veil a family heirloom? Perhaps your mother grew the flowers in your bouquet? Is there an elderly relative who is particularly important to you? Being clear about what you want (and anything you might not want!) should help make sure everyone’s on the same page and you get the results you hoped for.

Prepare for your close-up!

Wedding photography packages in Newcastle are many and varied to cater for all sizes and styles of wedding. Check out some of the amazing photographers on our directory today, and we’re sure you’ll be even more eager to star in your own wedding production. Fabulous photos are one of the best ways to ensure your wedding stays as fresh in your memory as if it were yesterday.

Blueprint for an Elegant Newcastle Hen’s Day

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Girls Day Spa Hens Day

Utter the words ‘hen’s day’ and they generally bring to mind an image of a group of young women out on the town and dressed to be noticed, sometimes accessorised with everything from ‘L’ plates to big pink wigs.

That can be fun, but it’s not every bride’s cup of tea. Which creates a bit of a dilemma if you’ve been asked to organise a hen’s party for a mate who definitely doesn’t want to make a spectacle of herself. At Hunter Bride, we’ve been thinking about how we’d go about organising an elegant Newcastle hen’s day, and here’s what we’ve come up with.

Stay together to play together

Book everyone an overnight stay at a classy hotel. Getting ready for your evening out after a day’s fun is just that bit more special when everyone’s in the same place and popping in and out of each other’s rooms, especially when the champagne has already started flowing!

Spa’s the word!

We suggest you start the day with some serious pampering for everyone at a day spa. Make sure that everyone can have their hair done too if they want. Of course you don’t all have to do the same thing or have the same treatment.

Relaxation time in between treatments is a perfect opportunity to slip in a couple of quizzes. Fair enough your mate isn’t keen on being a public spectacle, but there’s no way she’s going to get away without some private embarrassment right?

Surf’s up?

Alternatively, if you think your group would be up for something more active, why not book a morning’s group surfing lesson at one of Newcastle’s highly rated surf beaches? You could follow that with hairdos and manicures at a spa and then skip straight to afternoon tea below.

Artistic pleasures

If you decide to splurge at the spa, after three or four hours you’ll probably be feeling a little peckish. Why not show off your newly buffed skin, fabulous hair and nails over a light (very light) lunch and then take in one of Newcastle’s many arts and culture venues?

Afternoon tea

If you’ve stuck to the light lunch regime, after filling up on culture it’s time to reward yourselves with a proper English tea – think tiny sandwiches and elegant bites of cake, along with another glass of champagne!

Fine dining

A brief rest in your hotel rooms might be called for, followed by leisurely preparation for the evening ahead. Once you’re all dressed up and ready to go, let a limousine collect you and whisk you off to one of Newcastle’s many fine restaurants for a wonderful meal.

Once again, you can slip a few games and quizzes in between courses. While mindful of your mate’s wishes, quizzes such as asking everyone a series of ‘true or false’ questions about the bride, or asking her a few questions the groom has supplied the answers to, are likely to go down well. At this point in the evening you might even produce some accessories such as feather boas for everyone to wear. Make sure to give your mate the pick of colours rather than landing her with the pink one! (But if she’s brave enough to pick it, give her a big thumbs up!).

Dance the night away

Then it’s on to one of Newcastle’s party venues to dance the night away before your patient chauffeur carries you all safely back to your hotel for what’s left of the night hours.

Here’s to your party planning!

While you don’t have to stick to our blueprint, we hope we’ve given you some useful ideas you can adapt for your party. For even more inspiration, why not check out Hunter Bride’s listings to help you organise a truly elegant Newcastle hen’s day?

Discover Stylish Newcastle Wedding Venues

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Caves Beachside

Caves Beachside

Newcastle wedding venues range from the gorgeous to the stunning, and no wonder. Newcastle has reinvented itself as a centre for culture and the arts, and its stylish wedding venues reflect the new ambience.

As the second largest city in NSW, Newcastle’s growing popularity has seen it embrace a number of wonderful restaurants, too.

Newcastle makes the perfect venue for a wedding, whether you’re looking for a traditional waterside venue, or a contemporary restaurant.

A beach wedding

Getting married on one of Newcastle’s stunning surf beaches is sure to be both romantic, and result in some truly memorable photos. Just imagine yourself framed by stunning vistas of endless blue sky and aquamarine sea. The foaming white surf will, of course, complement your bridal outfit to perfection too!

A waterside wedding

Newcastle is known for its laid back and welcoming vibe, but if a beach wedding is just a bit too laid back for you, then why not combine the best of both worlds with a venue located at the water’s edge?

Venues with sparkling sea views are always popular, so be prepared to book well in advance. If you simply must have a particular venue and it’s all booked out, you may have to consider changing the date of your wedding and we’re sure you won’t want to do that. It makes good sense therefore to decide on your venue before finalising the wedding date.

Multi-site or single venue?

Really, it’s up to you. There are no rules dictating that you should have your wedding in one place, and reception in another, and many Newcastle wedding venues can handle both ceremony and reception with ease.

The main advantage of a single venue is that it tends to simplify the day’s logistics. For instance there’s no risk of traffic jams after the ceremony, caused by everyone dashing off to the reception, and no risk of Aunty Flo getting lost and turning up late.

On the other hand, if you have your heart set on getting married in a church or another faith-based setting, then typically you will require a separate reception venue. Fortunately Newcastle’s many options mean you won’t have to travel far and (added bonus!) parking is generally easy to find.

One distinct advantage of even a short journey between venues is that it offers you and your new husband the opportunity of a few minutes on your own to relax before you launch into the next emotional wave at the reception.

A restaurant reception venue

Holding your reception at a restaurant is a fantastic way to take advantage of one of Newcastle’s many fine cuisine offerings. You may also be able to book the whole restaurant for added privacy, just like the celebrities do!

Some points to check with any restaurant include:

– Many couples want the reception to include dancing, does the restaurant have suitable space?

– What are the options for music? Is there space and facilities for a live band or a DJ?

– Can the restaurant lay on any entertainment and if not, will they let you organise your own?

– What are the menu options and can you sample the food before booking?

– Who organises a microphone for speeches if required?

When you’re ready to begin

We’ve made it easy to find Newcastle wedding venues with our directory listings. With so much information beautifully contained in a single directory, it’s our mission to help make choosing a place to get married and hold your reception fun and easy.

Looking for Wedding Shoes in Newcastle? Think Comfort and Style

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Harvey Patrick Bridal Shoes

Harvey Patrick Bridal Shoes

Wedding shoes are a vital part of your supporting cast for the big day, especially if you’re wearing a shorter-length dress. But even if your shoes are barely visible under a floor length gown, you still need to remember that it’s not just looks that matter. We’ve all done it haven’t we? We’ve dressed up and gone out for a big evening only to end up in agony after a few hours because those killer heels really are killing us.

No bride wants to have to fake a smile on her wedding day thanks to blisters and achy feet, so here we give you the scoop on top tips for finding elegant, must-have wedding shoes that will carry you in effortless comfort all the long day through.

And when it comes time for trying on, the Hunter Bride directory is the perfect place to start shopping for wedding shoes in Newcastle.

It’s all about timing

Happily, we’re confident you’ll have little trouble finding wedding shoes that fit well and also make your eyes light up with feminine acquisitiveness, but here’s a handy tip. Even the slimmest of women can find that their feet can swell slightly during a long day, especially if it’s hot. To avoid ending up with shoes that pinch, shop for them in the afternoon when your feet are naturally bigger.


As well as a superb fit, another tip for finding stylish yet comfortable wedding shoes is to avoid styles that cramp your toes. If you try them on in the shop and they are pinching a lot, don’t be over-optimistic over how much they will stretch. Super slim, pointy-toed shoes are great for sitting around in, but not so good for long hours of standing and dancing. A more rounded or chisel-shaped toe is likely to be far more comfortable, and if you’re planning to wear flats (definitely an option with a long gown) then you might even like to try the effect of some square-toed styles.


If you’re not intending to wear flats, you’ll need to decide on heel shape and height. Remember you are going to walk, stand and dance in them, which means needle thin heels might not work so well after a couple of hours. Our tip? Don’t be shy about trying likely wedding shoes on and trying out a few moves in the shop, just a twirl and a sassy turn about the floor will do it! Hey, it’s better to know straight away whether they’re going to work, rather than hope things will be all right on the day.

Another useful tip is to avoid heels that make you look taller than your partner – it can make you feel self-conscious, and may not look the best when it comes to the wedding photos.

Choose your dress before your shoes

This tip isn’t an absolute rule but it can save you time if you have your wedding dress with you when you try on shoes. You can see straight away whether the shoes you like will work with your dress. It’s probably enough to hold your dress up against you, or you may be able to buy several likely pairs, and take the unsuitable ones back. It’s always a good idea to check with the store first though. Specialist suppliers of wedding shoes in Newcastle are probably going to be more comfortable places to try shoes on with your dress than the local department store!

Colour tip: if the colour of your chosen shoes doesn’t match the shade of the dress you end up buying don’t worry because shoes can generally be dyed quite easily. You are likely to find that wedding dress shops are able to provide this service for you.

Break them in before the big day

Our tip is to wear your wedding shoes indoors beforehand to get them really comfortable. Start by wearing them for half an hour, and then gradually increase the time.

Get a grip

New shoes have lovely smooth soles but on such an important day it’s best to scuff them slightly beforehand to avoid all possible risk of an embarrassing tumble on highly polished wood or tiles.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to finding the right wedding shoes. Keeping a few simple tips in mind can help make the whole process easier, and your shoes more comfortable!

Reasons to Hire Vintage Wedding Cars for Newcastle Weddings

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Princess Classic Cars

Princess Classic Cars

Instead of standard limousines, why not choose wedding cars with definite personality? Nothing says elegance and class quite like vintage wedding cars. Newcastle wedding car hire firms can help you out with cars that make for a stylish entrance, with all the glamour of a bygone era. Here are a few reasons why vintage cars can make your day extra special.

Be treated like royalty

You won’t go unnoticed on the way to your wedding when you’re in a vintage car. You may find that other drivers display great goodwill, and that smiles and waves accompany you from home to the ceremony, just as if you were royalty on an Australian tour!

Surprise your partner

If you’re planning on separate venues for the ceremony and the reception, why not keep the car a secret as an extra special treat for your fiancé? Many men enjoy the opportunity to ride in a vintage car, so just think how his eyes might light up as he emerges from the ceremony to be saluted by a smartly-uniformed chauffeur and unexpectedly ushered into a gleaming vintage vehicle.

History and personality

There’s no doubt that hiring vintage wedding cars can add a considerable dash of personality to your Newcastle wedding. A vintage car is highly likely to have been lovingly restored and maintained by enthusiasts. Typically, owner-restorers enjoy making sure that every last detail about the car is authentic and working perfectly, from immaculate interiors to burnished paint and body work. Not only does this minimise the chances of breakdown, but vintage cars have often accumulated a rich history which turns each vehicle into an individual personality.


High quality service is all part of the experience of vintage wedding cars. Newcastle car hire firms that specialise in these vehicles usually offer a range of inclusions. You can often expect to be escorted by a sharply dressed chauffeur, who takes great care to make you feel like a princess. This can include helping you in and out of the car, making sure to avoid puddles, and being prepared with an enormous umbrella should rain be a possibility. While you are the star of the arrival, your chauffeur may well look after everyone else in the bridal party too, making sure everyone gets inside the venue without mishaps.

Star quality

Vintage wedding cars are highly photogenic. Be sure to let your photographer know about the car in advance, so that they can take full advantage of the opportunity to create some extra special photographs featuring the vehicle.

Photo opportunities don’t have to be limited to arrival and departure from the ceremony, either. As long as you organise it in advance when you make the booking, many providers may be willing to build in a pause on the journey between ceremony and reception, at a suitably scenic spot.

Colour schemes

While wedding cars are generally white or black, you may find that wedding ribbons can be organised to match your colour scheme. This is a simple way to add another small touch of individuality to your wedding.

Try before you buy

It’s always a good idea to visit vintage wedding car providers before confirming a booking. You’ll want to make sure the car is what you envisioned. It’s also a good idea to get in and out a few times – taking into account the style and fit of your wedding dress. You won’t want to risk damage by having to manoeuvre awkwardly as you get in and out of the car.

Ready to take the wheel?

Now you’ve decided to arrive at your wedding in classic style, let Hunter Bride slip into the driving seat! Our listings offer you a direct route to finding vintage wedding cars for Newcastle weddings.

Stunning Wedding Flowers by Newcastle NSW Florists

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Jade McIntosh Flowers

Jade McIntosh Flowers

It is perfectly possible to create a stylish wedding without a massive floral display. Sometimes one or two beautiful set pieces in the wedding and reception venues are enough to deliver a striking effect. However, it is always worth reserving a good slice of your wedding budget for your flowers, because nothing personalises the ceremony and reception as much as quantities of fabulous, fresh, floral decorations.

When it comes to creating stunning wedding flowers, Newcastle NSW florists are typically delighted to showcase their creative flair. Many have a detailed photographic portfolio covering all kinds of displays. Leafing through a portfolio can be a great place to start gathering ideas for your own wedding flowers.

Summer or winter

When dreaming about your wedding flowers, remember that some varieties might not be readily available all year round. Florists might still be able to get hold of a particular variety out of season, but blooms that have been nurtured in a hot-house are likely to cost a great deal more.

Classic spring or summer wedding arrangements feature roses with soft ferns, while classic winter or autumn floral decorations might include interesting berries and foliage. Of course, you can always go for tropical exotics no matter the season!

Harmony or contrast

Another element to consider in picking your wedding flowers is whether you want to use the signature colours in your bouquet for all your arrangements, or whether you prefer flowers that emphasise the pure luxurious white or cream of your dress, or bright flowers that contrast it.

Wedding flower arrangements designed to harmonise with a white or creamy dress might feature predominantly white or pastel flowers, such as delicate pink roses, or daisies, perhaps with a snap of bright colour.

On the other hand, you might like to create a bolder, hotter note with wedding flowers that provide a total contrast with your dress. In that case, consider something unusual and stylish, such as a splash of bright red, heart-shaped anthuriums (also known as painter’s palette).

Personal symbols and meaning

You can add individuality to your floral decorations by including flowers with meaning. The language and meaning of flowers has a long and distinguished history, which reached its peak in Victorian times. Though slightly out of fashion now, it’s still lovely to pick flowers that symbolise aspects of love. It can also become a talking point among guests. Many people know that a rose symbolises love, but few are likely to recognise that including baby’s breath in your wedding flowers signals a pure heart.

Charms for wedding bouquets are also readily available, and include good luck symbols such as miniature horseshoes. You can also ask the florist to include a special charm of your own.

Ready to get going?

Happily, you don’t need to personally visit every single outlet in the area in the hope of discovering a talented florist for your wedding.

We put together the Hunter Bride directory listings precisely to help you avoid these kinds of wedding stresses. Our directory showcases a number of florists who specialise in creating wedding flowers in Newcastle NSW. Searching online from the comfort of your own sofa makes it easy and relaxing work to bookmark favourite florists, and get organised.