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Bomboniere Ideas

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Wedding Bomboniere

Bomboniere Ideas

Traditionally a bomboniere was a gift of sugared almonds, given to guests as a symbol of the bride and grooms bittersweet union. They were wrapped in a mesh bag and given out in odd numbers as it was considered unlucky to give even numbers.

These days a bomboniere is given to guests as a thank you from the bride and groom, and a memento of the day for the guests to keep. Not everyone still continues the tradition of giving a bomboniere, but for those who do it is often a cute token that is far from the tradition of giving almonds.

To save time and money many people are now doubling up the bomboniere with the place cards. A bomboniere with the guests name on it can be placed on the table, which not only eliminates the need to create a seating card but is also very personalised.

Another way of making your guests feel special is to make your bomboniere’s gender specific. For example you could have a cigar for the men to celebrate your union and a fan or a mini bottle of champagne for the ladies.

For anyone who is planning to not serve dessert at their wedding a good idea can be to give a sweet bomboniere for guests to enjoy with their tea and coffee, such as heart-shaped chocolates or a cute, individually wrapped cupcake. The cupcake is also a good idea if you do not wish to cut and serve your wedding cake on the day.

An option that has become quite popular these days is mini bottles of alcohol. This can be spirits, liqueurs, wine or champagne. Labels can be printed with a thank you note from the bride and groom for that little something extra.

A quirky idea is handmade cookies cut into special shapes. This could be hearts, or wedding bells or for something a little bit fancy they could be shaped into a bride and groom. You can also add the guest names with icing.

If a bomboniere is really unique it will also become a talking point for guests when they arrive at the reception venue, acting as a sort of icebreaker where not everybody knows each other at a table.

There are many choices available for the modern day bride and groom. You may wish to continue the tradition of giving a bomboniere as a token of appreciation to guests, but if you want to get creative there are many alternatives to the age-old tradition of sugared almonds.