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Exquisite Jewels For Hire

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Exquisite Jewels For Hire

Exquisite Jewels For Hire

A fabulous wedding look needs fabulous finishing touches – and that usually means jewellery. But if you have been sighing over a diamond tiara, or an elegant three-strand pearl choker that you can’t possibly afford, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. You don’t have to buy, you can hire beautiful jewellery without the designer pricetag!

Exquisite Jewels For Hire provides wedding jewellery for brides throughout the Hunter Valley and Newcastle areas. From genuine diamonds to vintage-style pieces and Swarovski crystal pieces from some of the most sought-after designers, they have everything you might need, or desire for your big day.

Here’s a few practical things to keep in mind when choosing jewellery for your wedding day.

Organise your dress first

It’s generally more effective to choose your wedding dress before hiring jewellery. If your dress isn’t going to be ready until shortly before your wedding, make sure you carry detailed pictures of the design when you browse the showroom at Exquisite Jewels For Hire.

Accessories for ornate dresses

If your dress comes with an overlay of crystals scattered throughout the skirt or perhaps some diamante on the bodice, for example, you’ll need to avoid jewellery that adds too much glitter too close to the detail of the dress. This can end up looking overdone, and ruin the overall effect of your look.

Successfully accessorising an ornate dress probably means wearing simpler jewellery. You might want to avoid coloured stones, or overly fussy designs, and go for elegant and streamlined. Think platinum and clear Swarovski crystal or genuine diamonds. If you do want something a little more bling, consider a tiara or other headpiece. That way, it’s far enough from your dress not to clash.

All out glamour

If you have a simple and classic dress, why not consider a statement piece of jewellery? Think a collar of coloured stones with a matching cuff, or that three-strand pearl choker, or a stunning diamond tiara – there’s lots to choose from at Exquisite Jewels For Hire.

What works with lace?

We’d advise you to think about silver rather than gold, and pearls rather than highly coloured jewellery. Colour can work, but there is a risk of overwhelming the delicacy of the lace. Ornate and vintage-style items often complement lace beautifully.

Are you a boho bride?

Fab it up with a discreet touch of gold bracelet. Alternatively, enhance your independent style with chunky earrings and several complementary bracelets.

Bridal jewellery and colour

Exquisite bridal jewellery doesn’t have to lack colour. Clear crystal is stunning and always on trend, but it is far from your only choice. There are plenty of gorgeous pieces that would be perfect for subtly picking up your wedding colour theme.

For instance, if your colours are blue and yellow, you might choose a pretty pair of pastel blue earrings. If your colouring suits darker shades, deep sapphire tear drop earrings might raise a few gasps of appreciation as you walk down the aisle! They could be your ‘something blue’ too!

And finally

It’s quite likely you’ll be dazzled and instantly in love with most things you see in the showroom. Just make sure you don’t set your heart on something before you try it on! Take a friend with you for a second opinion, and also take photos of yourself wearing the jewellery you’re considering. That way, you will have a visual reminder when you’re mulling over your choice later.

If you’re eager to find out more about sourcing some serious bling for your wedding, check out Exquisite Jewels For Hire on the Hunter Bride directory. It’s the place to go for designer jewellery at an affordable hire price. Happy browsing!