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The Wedding Gift Registry

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Wedding Registry

The Wedding Gift Registry

With the amount of information that needs to be included within the wedding invitation these days, you may be forgiven if you nearly forget gift registry details.

By now, you have probably stuffed the envelope with information on accommodation options, maps and directions to the church or service venue as well as the details of the day such as dates, times and addresses.

But if you plan to organise a gift registry, then you will need to include details of that within the invitation as well.

There may have been a time when it was seen as rude to specifically request – or expect – gifts from guests. You may even still feel slightly uncomfortable sending such a request. But these days it is such a common part of weddings that it is mostly expected. In fact, it can save a lot of stress for wedding guests who are trying to work out what you need – not to mention it will also save you from receiving six toasters and ten vases!

Of course, it is definitely a good idea to remember your manners when broaching this sensitive topic. Don’t be demanding, simply let people know that if they wish to purchase a gift for you, here are some ideas of what you need. It is always nice to also let them know that their presence on your special day is the most important thing and of course, they don’t have to stick to the registry if they have something else in mind. This can all be said in a cute poem or a nice saying attached to the registry information.

If you are planning to have a registry, but haven’t thought about what you need yet, here are the three most popular types of registry brides will use today:

Wishing Well

The wishing well is a gift of money. The actual wishing well itself is often used in cultures where monetary gifts are not already the norm. It will be stated on the invitation that the bride and groom wish to receive donations of cash – in a nice way of course! And at the actual wedding there may be a cute wishing well sitting on a table where guests can deposit their cards with blessings and money inside.

Department Store Gift Registry

The department store is quite a traditional place to have a gift registry. For years, brides and grooms have been registering at places such as Myer and David Jones and these days many smaller retail chains offer this service.

Registering at a department store is lots of fun. The bride and groom-to-be get to wander around the shop and pick and choose what they would like to put on their wish list – it is shopping without the expense!


Honeymoon Register

Honeymoon Registry

The cost of a wedding can be tough on newlyweds and this often means the honeymoon is delayed or downgraded. Because of this, the honeymoon registry is now a big trend for weddings.

The couple registers with a travel agent and puts a down payment on the destination of their choice. The registry is then opened up to guests to make contributions as big or small as they please.

The contributions can be cash towards the overall cost of the holiday, or they can be specific items such as a dinner for the newlyweds or a couple’s massage in the hotel. This ensures the bride and groom-to-be not only get to have the wedding of their dreams, but it also means they can begin their lives together on their ideal honeymoon.