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Want Gorgeous, Evocative Wedding Photographs? Call 3L Photography

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3L Photography

Photography is without doubt one of the most important elements of your wedding day, whether it’s the posed formal photographs of the bridal party or the candid shots of all those lovely spontaneous moments that make weddings so special.

Your wedding photographs form the most tangible reminder of your big day in years to come. Photography is one of the most important things not to skimp on, no matter the size of your budget. Here’s why it’s vital to hire a professional photographer who is skilled and experienced, and someone you are comfortable with.

Snap happy guests

It’s a fact almost everyone has a camera, and many of your family and friends will take candid shots during the celebrations. But very few people know how to swiftly adjust a camera’s settings for just the right amount of light, get the focus precise, take a shot and immortalise a perfect moment – all at the same time!

A professional will photograph you and your groom at your best and make you feel so at ease and comfortable that every candid encounter will be captured without a hint of awkwardness or fuss.

At the end of the day, a professional photographer using professional equipment will produce the highest quality photographs, edited and printed to achieve the best possible result. What more could you ask!

A rare family get-together

Although planning a wedding is all about the details, celebrating a wedding is all about the people. This is something that can be overlooked in the bustle of planning your day, but it is an important factor when it comes to your wedding photography.

An experienced wedding photographer will understand that weddings are sometimes the only occasion where all extended family members are together, and they will be on the spot to capture each and every happy reunion. Looking back on these special images will enhance your sense of family togetherness on a day where love is celebrated.

So now that you appreciate the benefits of hiring a professional wedding photographer, the hard part begins – choosing the right studio for your needs. They key things to look for are communication skills, professionalism and bang for your buck. We think 3L Photography fits the bill nicely.

Communication and flexibility are key

The team at 3L Photography believes that good communication is the key factor in creating wedding photographs that not only capture the events of your wedding as they happen, but also the emotion and atmosphere of the day.

3L Photography specialises in photography for small to medium-sized weddings in and around the Hunter Valley region, and the team is known for a very personal and flexible approach.

Take a peek at the design-it-yourself online tool and you’ll see how easy it is to choose the photographic coverage that best suits your wedding day, and skip the products and services you don’t need. This allows your wedding photography package to be unique and individual, not the cookie-cutter version many other studios offer.

Mix and match to suit every budget

It can be tough fitting the cost of a quality photographer into your wedding budget. That isn’t a problem when you hire 3L Photography. The studio’s DIY packages not only allow you to choose a package tailored to your wedding, they give you the opportunity to tailor to your budget as well.

Regardless of the size of your budget, it’s a good idea when making your selections to focus on the services or products that are going to fit in with your wedding theme and add to the atmosphere you’re hoping to create. Think, “What will work best for my wedding?” rather than “What’s cool and trendy right now”.

Finally, even though having your wedding photos stored digitally is just the way it’s done now, it’s still worth immortalising your day with a traditional wedding album. The digital version is great for sharing, and to keep as back-up in case you need reprints, but there’s always something wonderful about being able to leaf through an album on the sofa with grandma!

Capture Your Wedding Day With Living Light Photography

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Living Light Photography

Living Light Photography

Your wedding day is without doubt one of the most important events of your life. You celebrate your commitment to each other in front of your closest family and friends, and there are special moments that only happen on your wedding day. Weddings produce emotional moments, solemn moments, funny moments and even downright crazy moments, and they all deserve to be captured and re-lived for many years to come. That’s why hiring a professional photographer to take control of your wedding day photos is a smart idea.

Living Light Photography

Accredited professional photographers Josh and Jules from Living Light Photography are experts in the field, and are dedicated to not only ensuring you end up with beautiful photos, but that your time spent with them on this most important of days is enjoyable and fun.

Josh is a fully accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and between them, Josh and Jules have won numerous photography awards. They are also two of the very few photographers around who do their own fine-art printing in-house, using traditional fibre-based paper. This type of paper is often used by museums due to its ability to produce excellent tones and stay colour strong for many, many years.

But everyone has a camera

So why should you hire a professional photographer when modern technology means nearly all your wedding guests will have a camera, and many will be taking photographs on your big day?

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime special occasion, and professional photographers like Josh and Jules have the experience to know what makes a good shot, what key moments you will particularly want caught on camera, and they will be concentrating on capturing all the magic as it happens. Your guests on the other hand will be concentrating on having a good time, and enjoying the occasion with you!

It also comes down to the quality of their equipment. Living Light Photography has the right camera equipment, lighting and the essential props to ensure your wedding photographs are beautiful and unique.

Cost considerations

Let’s face reality, weddings are expensive and professional photographers don’t come cheap. Adding a significant cost to your budget by hiring a professional photographer may have you hesitating, but we’re betting very few brides will ever regret finding the money for the service.

Your wedding day is going to go past in a flash, and there will be lots of special moments that you won’t notice happening on the day. Having a photographer on hand to capture all the fun (and probably a few happy tears as well!) means you won’t miss anything and you’ll have a wonderful record of your day to look back on. Not a wobbly angle or a red eye in sight!

Josh and Jules’ prices are competitive, and are based on quality and value. And best of all, you won’t have to worry about missed opportunities, or memory sticks going astray in the excitement.

One of the main benefits of hiring Josh and Jules is knowing that you’re hiring professionals who are passionate about what they do. They will make sure you will be able to show every special moment of your wedding day to your children, and even your grandchildren, as the years pass.

Stunning Wedding Photos with Hunter Valley Images

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Hunter Valley Images

Hunter Valley Images

Located in the heart of the Hunter Valley, Hunter Valley Images is run by Andrea and Gary Haberl. Between them, they have over 17 years of experience working as professional wedding photographers in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley region.

Award-winning photographers

Andrea and Gary have won a number of awards for their work. Their accolades include:

– NSW Wedding Album of the Year

– The Wedding Industry Excellence Award (as voted by bridal couples)

– Twice winners of Front Cover of Newcastle & Central Coast Wedding Magazine

– Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) gold and silver awards

In addition, Gary is the only Master Photographer accredited by the AIPP working in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley.

Stylish creative and modern

Andrea and Gary understand you want wedding photographs that capture all those special, fleeting moments and emotions. With Hunter Valley Images’ tried and tested talent on call, you can be sure the result will be stunning wedding photos that are full of atmosphere and personality.

It’s up to you when you want the photographers to enter the frame on the day (if you’ll pardon the pun!). Some brides want to be able to look back on shots of their pre-wedding preparations, and others prefer to draw a veil over the mysteries of make-up and hair, with the first photos showing their arrival at the ceremony.

We suggest you take the time for a detailed discussion with Andrea or Gary, as they may come up with ideas and options you might not have thought of. They will also work with you to plan the day’s photography so you know exactly what to expect in advance. You’ll also agree back-up plans in case of adverse weather.

Care and attention to detail

Andrea and Gary work seamlessly together after so many years, and with two photographers there’s never a need to pause. They have an eye for the unusual details that make for unique shots. Andrea might be working with the bride, capturing her mother’s emotions as she sees her little girl all grown up and about to walk down the aisle. Gary could be snapping the groom’s mates, looking unusually smart and teasing the nervous groom mercilessly!

Unobtrusive and natural

Gary and Andrea’s relaxed, easy going personalities and low-key style all help tense couples to relax. They know most couples are not used to posing for photos, and with their ability to build a rapport, before you know it, they’ll have you laughing and talking to each other and you’ll be amazed at just how gorgeous you look in the finished photos.

Stunning and elegant wedding albums

Known for their natural flair and artistic vision, Andrea and Gary also know how to make wedding photos fun, while providing you with photos that are also works of art.

You can look forward to a wedding album full of intimate scenes, from a mother’s tears, to a small girl’s tiredness, to spectacular sunset silhouettes. From a small boy wondering when he’ll be let out to get muddy, to excited flower girls and special furry friends, your wedding photos will be treasures for a lifetime.

Stunning photos are just a click away!

Sought after wedding photographers get booked up early and although your wedding day may be months away, it’s worth capturing your preferred wedding photographer as early as possible. Find Andrea and Gary through Hunter Bride under Hunter Valley Images. We know you’ll be delighted with their work!

Discover the Best Wedding Photography Packages in Newcastle

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Discover the Best Wedding Photography Packages in Newcastle

Photo by Michelle-Leigh Photography

We all know how memories can fade, which is why photos and videos are such a vital part of any special event – especially your wedding day. Hiring the right photographer for your wedding day not only helps keep treasured memories sharp, often you’ll be amazed at how many beautiful, magical moments happened that you weren’t fully aware of at the time.

If you’re looking for wedding photography packages, Newcastle is spoilt for choice when it comes to photographers. To make your life easier, we’ve listed them for you in our convenient directory. We’ve also put together a brief guide on what to consider when choosing your wedding photographer.

Passion and commitment

That’s what a wedding is all about isn’t it? Passion and commitment, the commitment you and your partner are making and the passion for excellence your service providers bring to their work. The photographers in the Hunter Bride directory are no exception. They’ll tell the story of your wedding day from start to finish with unique shots that capture your personalities and the atmosphere perfectly.

Award-winning photographers

Several of the photographers listed in our directory have won awards for their work and have been featured in wedding magazines. Some of the others haven’t (yet!) but they are all seriously talented and all provide stunning, artistic results.

How to find your ideal photographer

Even though we’ve brought together a highly talented set of photographers in our directory listings, we can’t choose the perfect one for you! The best way to start narrowing down your choices is to browse each photographer’s portfolio. This should help you come up with a top three or five possibilities.

Find the right wavelength

Many brides, tense with expectations and nerves and unused to posing for photos, find it hard to relax for the photographer. You can make life easier for yourself by selecting a photographer who’s on your wavelength. Find out whether they seem to be your kind of person by chatting to them in their studio. If you’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity to observe them working at a wedding even better. Just don’t distract them with questions!

Ideally you want someone who can capture important but fleeting moments without intrusion as well as help you feel comfortable posing for more formal shots.

Have they worked at your venues?

Discuss your wedding and reception venues and ask to see any shots they’ve taken there. This is a terrific way to get a real feel for their work in your actual wedding setting.

What’s unique about your wedding?

Help your chosen photographer by making sure he or she knows about the important details, such as cultural heritage, family traditions and themes for the day.

If there are any such stories, people or information you want reflected in the photos you should make sure your photographer is prepared to capture them. For instance, is your ring or veil a family heirloom? Perhaps your mother grew the flowers in your bouquet? Is there an elderly relative who is particularly important to you? Being clear about what you want (and anything you might not want!) should help make sure everyone’s on the same page and you get the results you hoped for.

Prepare for your close-up!

Wedding photography packages in Newcastle are many and varied to cater for all sizes and styles of wedding. Check out some of the amazing photographers on our directory today, and we’re sure you’ll be even more eager to star in your own wedding production. Fabulous photos are one of the best ways to ensure your wedding stays as fresh in your memory as if it were yesterday.

Wedding Photographs to Treasure from Candice Campbell Photography

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Candice Campbell Photography

Candice Campbell Photography

Like every bride, memorable wedding photos are probably high on your wish list for the perfect wedding day. Wedding photos should be a jewel box of treasures you can dip into with delight for the rest of your life.

But while many photographers have the ability to take a decent shot, they don’t all have the passion and eye that enables them to create visually striking images that capture special moments as they happen. For that reason, and a few others, we’re delighted to showcase Candice Campbell Photography.

Star for a day

Very few of us are experienced photographic models and standing in front of the camera can feel uncomfortable, especially when we’re not 100% self-confident. You’ve only got to look at any celebrity being hounded by the paparazzi to realise how intrusive it can be to have a photographer snapping your every grimace and gesture.

Even though a wedding photographer only wants to catch the best possible shots, relaxing in front of the camera isn’t easy, and that’s where Candice Campbell stands out. You’ve only to look at some of the romantic moments she has captured to see couples that are relaxed and happy, and letting the love shine through.

Vintage style

As well as outstanding informal shots, Candice specialises in quirky images with a slightly retro or vintage feel. Some of these are just perfect if you’ve ever imagined you and your partner as a glamorous ‘30s or ‘50s Hollywood couple – perhaps in the roles of a tough (but soft-hearted) private eye kissing his femme fatale in the closing scenes of a classic noir movie!

Urban glamour

Candice is skilled at using the changing natural light and sometimes dramatic weather conditions around Newcastle and the Hunter Valley to create stunning images. Aided by a few professional lighting effects, Newcastle’s train station becomes a symbol of the journey of marriage that you’re about to embark on, as well as evoking the romance of luxury train travel.

If it comes on to rain that’s no problem at all. Think yet more glamorous movie star shots, spectacularly backlit under an umbrella. You could almost be looking at stills from Singin’ in the Rain!

Romantic landscapes

Candice really knows the area and makes the most of its diverse natural backdrops. She’ll also accommodate requests to visit local places that hold special memories for you, for example the place where you got engaged.

Shots of a romantic stroll along the beach might be given focus with a dramatic cliff in the background, and a lace of sea foam reaching out in the foreground. Or you could have some ‘Titanic’ style reaching out to embrace the wind shots on the cliff top!

Other beautiful waterside settings include waterfalls and lakes, which Candice uses to create fun group shots as well as idyllic images of a romantic boat trip for two on serene water.

Highly original and creative

Whether she captures you strolling through a meadow, or perhaps leaning over the family farm gate, Candice uncovers the magic behind the apparently ordinary. A stone arch turns into ancient ruins, rusty tin sheds and wrecked cars join in the fun, and a good time is had by all.

Book ahead

You’ll gather that Candice is about much more than the formal wedding group shot (although of course she does those as part of the package) and we forecast that Candice Campbell Photography is going to be increasingly in demand for Newcastle and Hunter Valley weddings. Luckily, you can easily find her through our listings so why not click through to look at some of her amazing photos today? Be sure to check out her blog too!

Beautiful Backdrops for Wonderful Wedding Photos

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One of the many fabulous things about the Hunter region is not only the beautiful natural scenery that abounds, but the variety of settings. From sweeping valleys to sparkling lakes and stunning beaches, the area is blessed with sights to take your breath away. So if you are looking to marry in the region, you’ll be spoiled for choice for the perfect backdrop for your wedding day photos.

With sweeping panoramas of valleys and vines, the Hunter Valley is a gorgeous spot that will always provide a stunning backdrop for your perfect day. It’s packed with character accommodation, wonderful wineries and lush rolling hills. Many reception venues here have beautiful gardens and wonderful views, so you may not need to travel far at all for your photos – and that can be a good idea on a day when there’s so much going on.

In Newcastle, the options are extensive. You might choose the iconic landmark, Nobbies as a backdrop, the harbour foreshore, any of a variety of beautiful parks (King Edward and Civic Park have been wedding party favourites for many years) or the historic East End of town with its character terraces. Or you might decide on a spot overlooking any of the beautiful beaches for which the town is known.

For a beautiful bush setting or gorgeous lakeside photo opportunity, nothing quite beats the sparkling and tranquil Lake Macquarie – and there are numerous potential locations around the Lake.

It’s your day, and your day to shine. So whether you choose lake or beach, valley or hill, wild bush or English cottage garden, there are natural photographic backdrops to suit any wedding in the beautiful Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley region.

Beautiful Vineyard Weddings

Beautiful Backdrops for Wonderful Wedding Photos

Lakeside Weddings

Natural Photographic Backdrops

Introducing MMG Photo + Cinema

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MMG Photo + Cinema

Introducing MMG Photo + Cinema

Finding the right photographer can be one of the most important things you plan for your wedding. Long after the day is over, you will have the photographs to remember all of the little details and to show children and grandchildren your special moment.

The best place to start evaluating a photographer is by taking a visit to their website. They should have samples on the site that showcase the style and the skills they have.

Take a look at the MMG Photo + Cinema profile page and you will know immediately what I mean. These guys just ooze professionalism but also have an artistic flair that makes their photos so distinct.

They do an amazing job of capturing the scene surrounding the bride and groom, so much so that you almost feel like you are standing right there in the photo with them.

The bride and groom themselves are caught in the most precious and intimate moments that encapsulate how they are feeling on the day more than any words can.

With offices in the Hunter Valley, Sydney and Brisbane it is easy for brides to pop in and chat to the team if they live nearby those areas.  Because MMG Photo + Cinema tailor each package specifically to their clients needs, it is best to make a time to talk to them personally about what you are after. It also gives you a good chance to view more photographs and albums and of course to meet with the potential photographer themselves. You will be spending as much time with the photographer on the wedding day as with anyone else, so it definitely helps if you get along together.

Once you have chosen a photographer, make sure you discuss the important points such as the location of where you want to take your photos, and any essential shots you have your heart set on. If you are visiting MMG Photo + Cinema, ask them to tell you the benefits of using a videographer as well, as it may not be something you have fully considered before.

Another way of finding out if a photographer is right for you is simply to ask around. Jump onto our forum and chat directly to other brides about the photographers they have chosen and why. Ask your friends and family or check to see if there is a facebook page and see what people have written on the wall. MMG Photo + Cinema also has a blog you can follow which gives more of a glimpse into their style and personality.

Whoever you choose to go with in the end, make sure you are comfortable and happy with them. And if you have an experience with any photographers you would like to share, please let us know about it on the forum!

The Perfect Wedding Photography Shoot in Newcastle

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Wedding Photography Newcastle

The Perfect Wedding Photography Shoot in Newcastle

Whether you are on your first pre-wedding shoot, or you are planning your very own wedding photography theme, there is no doubt the excitement is building – especially if you’re considering Newcastle as your photo shoot location.

Most professional wedding photographers are well-trained in calming the nerves of the soon-to-be-married. All you need is confidence, some research about the region, and a little creativity to pull off the perfect wedding photography session!

If you are aiming to head to Newcastle for a destination photo shoot, you may find these tips handy:

Do your research of the picturesque locations in Newcastle for some inspiration.

Newcastle is rich in splendid places for activities and wedding events. It boasts of pristine beaches and fine coastline. If you’re planning a wedding in the Hunter region, Newcastle is a place to consider for your wedding pictorials. You can choose a beach-themed wedding, or a modern theme with a taste of city life. Newcastle overlooks the spectacular harbour formed by the Hunter River.

Decide on your wedding photography theme.

Everything starts with a theme. Since Newcastle is known for its beautiful waters, you can go for a water sport-theme or something in harmony with the beach.

Beach Photography Tip:

As with any theme, it’s time to prepare the props! If it’s the beach, two to three beach attires are safe. Don’t forget your flip flops and sea shells to add drama to the photos. Fresh looking colour make-up is all you need. Play with aqua, and green, and white!

Newcastle is also a melting pot of historical significance. It is one of the most prosperous towns in the Hunter region (and the largest). You can opt for the vintage-look of its historic buildings, or a good collection of Australian art as your wedding photography backdrop.

Check all necessary permits to acquire ahead of time.

Historic buildings and museums may ask for permits. Make sure you settle these before your wedding pictorial date to avoid any hassle.

Communicate your preferences to your wedding photographer. Build a good working relationship.

Having a professional wedding photographer is essential. Of course, you want to feel comfortable in front of the camera. So start early in building a good working relationship with your wedding photography supplier.

Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the moment with your partner.

Weddings are bliss. Pictures are love. Show these in your wedding photos. Just relax and enjoy the moments of togetherness and you’ll definitely have great prints to keep! With the region’s top wedding destinations to capture in lens – you and your partner will fall in love even more. Let the wedding pictures say it all!

Newcastle has a lineup of professional and creative photographers offering fantastic wedding photography services and packages for any theme you like. Check them out at Hunter Bride!

The Bridal Party by XSiGHT Photography & Video

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XSiGHT Photography & Video

The Bridal Party by XSiGHT Photography & Video

Visit the profile page of XSiGHT Photography & Video for further photos!

Wedding Sunset by MMG Photo & Cinema

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MMG Photo + Cinema

Wedding Sunset by MMG Photo & Cinema

View further photos on the MMG Photo + Cinema profile page.