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Princess Classic Cars offers Truly Royal Wedding Transport

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Princess Classic Cars

Princess Classic Cars

On your wedding day, the wedding car is not just a means of transport. Your wedding car can add a unique touch to your photographs, and also lends a little glamour to the proceedings. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like a rock star or princess on their special day? If you have a particular yen for being treated like royalty for your wedding, look no further than Princess Classic Cars and their Austin Vanden Plas Princesses.

Traditional vintage wedding cars

When it comes to planning your wedding day transport, Princess Classic Cars might be just the ticket. Their fully RTA accredited and stunning off-white Austin Vanden Plas Princess limousines are stylish and highly photogenic as well as extremely comfortable. Literally fit for a princess, as they were a favourite of Queen Elizabeth’s, these limousines service the Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Port Stephens and Lake Macquarie areas.

Royal service

When you choose the Princess experience, you will benefit from the services of one or two highly experienced chauffeurs in formal uniform, depending on how many cars you book.

There will be no need to worry about getting to your wedding on time! Gary and Andrea know all the venues, and will pick you up in plenty of time. They typically check likely traffic conditions a couple of days in advance too, and will let you know if more travel time needs to be allowed.

They can also help you in and out of the vehicle, making sure your entrance is dramatic for the right reasons!

Immaculate finish

The wedding vehicles provided by Princess Classic Cars gleam as if they have just come gliding out of the showroom. Lovingly maintained and serviced, inside you’ll find immaculate interiors without a speck of dust, ensuring your wedding dress arrives in high style.

Style and comfort

Even though these are vintage cars you’ll find they all have modern air-conditioning. You’ll step out of your Princess limousine looking cool and collected, even if the nerves are fluttering on the inside!

Spacious seating

The Princess limousines accommodate up to seven people in each vehicle, so there is plenty of space for the main members of the wedding party.

Gary and Andrea encourage you to view the cars for yourself prior to booking and are happy to show you the vehicles after hours.

Royal extras included

A red carpet, tulle and white satin ribbons are included in the wedding package, and there are umbrellas in case of rain.

In addition, Princess Classic Cars provides complimentary champagne and nibbles for you to enjoy while you are having photographs taken.

Classic style and history

When you want the ultimate traditional vintage wedding car, there may be little better than these elegant Austin Vanden Plas Princess cars.

The brand was born in 1947 when Sir Herbert Austin (known to his workforce as ‘the Governor’) bought the Belgian Vanden Plas luxury car body business in order to expand his empire with a top quality exclusive brand.

He achieved a significant marketing coup when the first two vehicles produced were sold to the Queen (then Princess Elizabeth) in 1952, the year of her marriage. She found them so comfortable that two more were subsequently ordered by the Royal household, ensuring the model’s success.

The Princess brand was extended in 1954 with the creation of a limousine. Longer and wider than the initial saloon version, these vehicles were not made on a production line. In fact each car was hand-built from start to finish by a team allocated to that vehicle alone. The craftsmanship that went into these vehicles and the fact that only 1,500 were built over a 14-year period makes them a real collector’s prize.

Another reason to choose one of these historic cars is that Sir Herbert had a strong association with Australia, having spent 11 years here as a young man, during which time he married an Australian.

Book now

Booking a vehicle from Princess Classic Cars is easy – just check our directory. You’ll soon be gliding towards your wedding ceremony in regal style.

Organising a Hunter Valley Wedding Car

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Princess Classic Cars

Princess Classic Cars

The Hunter Valley might almost have been specially designed by nature to provide a stunning backdrop for romantic weddings. Its moderate climate, extensive vineyards and beautiful landscapes have long made it a popular spot to celebrate that most special of days with friends and family. However, planning a wedding in the Hunter Valley wine region does usually mean organised transport is required, as the venues can be fairly widely spread out.

But while you might need a Hunter Valley wedding car on a practical level, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the experience. If you’ve ever hankered to find out what it’s like to be a celebrity, and emerge from a snazzy car to the flash of cameras, then your wedding day is the perfect time to indulge your fantasy.

Wedding car options

There are lots of options to choose from to ensure you travel in style. You might choose a modern limousine or something like a stretch hummer to go with a contemporary wedding, treat yourself to a vintage Rolls Royce to complement a more retro style, or go movie glam with a 60s convertible. And although it’s not strictly a car, some wedding car companies may also be able to provide alternative wedding transport, such as a horse and carriage.


Whatever your choice, you can be sure that your vehicle will be gleaming and immaculate in every last detail. This extends to your driver too. He or she is much more than just someone sitting behind the wheel. As well as being dressed to accessorise the car in a picture perfect uniform, you can expect your chauffeur to open doors for you, and help you in and out of the vehicle. Wedding cars also often feature in the backdrop of a selection of the wedding photos. Using the car gives your photographer the opportunity to stage slightly different shots.

Size of the bridal party

When organising wedding transport, think about how many people need to be transported. While you may prefer to book a single special vehicle for your arrival and your subsequent journey with your new spouse to the reception, some weddings may require a whole fleet of cars. Should you desire, you can organise vehicles for the parents of the bride and groom, and the bridal party. The only limitation might be the size of your wedding budget!


Remember to think about your style of dress when looking for a Hunter Valley wedding car. You need to be able to get in and out of the car elegantly, so a low-slung convertible might not be the best choice for a slim skirt, for example.

If you are planning an unusual wedding and/or reception location, such as a rural picnic or cliff top beauty spot, do remember to discuss this with wedding car providers as well. They’ll need to be able to drive up and park safely so that you can make your glamorous entrance.

Take a break

As you and your beloved travel from the wedding ceremony to the reception venue, it will be the first opportunity you will have had to be alone as a married couple. Even if the journey is a quick one, talk to the hire company about a short stop at a scenic spot, so you can assimilate the emotion of the ceremony, before plunging into the reception. Many companies are willing to provide a little extra special treat in the form of champagne for you to enjoy, ensuring you arrive at the reception with an extra buzz!

Book your wedding car

When you are ready to book a Hunter Valley wedding car, Hunter Bride provides the shortest route to your goal. Our directory lists wedding car providers in the Hunter Valley and the surrounding area, so it’s easy to find just what you need for your celebrity moment.

Reasons to Hire Vintage Wedding Cars for Newcastle Weddings

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Princess Classic Cars

Princess Classic Cars

Instead of standard limousines, why not choose wedding cars with definite personality? Nothing says elegance and class quite like vintage wedding cars. Newcastle wedding car hire firms can help you out with cars that make for a stylish entrance, with all the glamour of a bygone era. Here are a few reasons why vintage cars can make your day extra special.

Be treated like royalty

You won’t go unnoticed on the way to your wedding when you’re in a vintage car. You may find that other drivers display great goodwill, and that smiles and waves accompany you from home to the ceremony, just as if you were royalty on an Australian tour!

Surprise your partner

If you’re planning on separate venues for the ceremony and the reception, why not keep the car a secret as an extra special treat for your fiancé? Many men enjoy the opportunity to ride in a vintage car, so just think how his eyes might light up as he emerges from the ceremony to be saluted by a smartly-uniformed chauffeur and unexpectedly ushered into a gleaming vintage vehicle.

History and personality

There’s no doubt that hiring vintage wedding cars can add a considerable dash of personality to your Newcastle wedding. A vintage car is highly likely to have been lovingly restored and maintained by enthusiasts. Typically, owner-restorers enjoy making sure that every last detail about the car is authentic and working perfectly, from immaculate interiors to burnished paint and body work. Not only does this minimise the chances of breakdown, but vintage cars have often accumulated a rich history which turns each vehicle into an individual personality.


High quality service is all part of the experience of vintage wedding cars. Newcastle car hire firms that specialise in these vehicles usually offer a range of inclusions. You can often expect to be escorted by a sharply dressed chauffeur, who takes great care to make you feel like a princess. This can include helping you in and out of the car, making sure to avoid puddles, and being prepared with an enormous umbrella should rain be a possibility. While you are the star of the arrival, your chauffeur may well look after everyone else in the bridal party too, making sure everyone gets inside the venue without mishaps.

Star quality

Vintage wedding cars are highly photogenic. Be sure to let your photographer know about the car in advance, so that they can take full advantage of the opportunity to create some extra special photographs featuring the vehicle.

Photo opportunities don’t have to be limited to arrival and departure from the ceremony, either. As long as you organise it in advance when you make the booking, many providers may be willing to build in a pause on the journey between ceremony and reception, at a suitably scenic spot.

Colour schemes

While wedding cars are generally white or black, you may find that wedding ribbons can be organised to match your colour scheme. This is a simple way to add another small touch of individuality to your wedding.

Try before you buy

It’s always a good idea to visit vintage wedding car providers before confirming a booking. You’ll want to make sure the car is what you envisioned. It’s also a good idea to get in and out a few times – taking into account the style and fit of your wedding dress. You won’t want to risk damage by having to manoeuvre awkwardly as you get in and out of the car.

Ready to take the wheel?

Now you’ve decided to arrive at your wedding in classic style, let Hunter Bride slip into the driving seat! Our listings offer you a direct route to finding vintage wedding cars for Newcastle weddings.

Exclusive Vintage Wedding Cars

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If you are considering choosing Exclusive Vintage Wedding Cars as your wedding car provider, you are in for a real treat. The classic cars and the old-world charm combine to give you a service on your day that is difficult to match elsewhere.

With an array of vintage cars on offer, you will find each one comes with its own rich history. The individual cars have a name and such an interesting background story you will fall in love with the personality they all have to offer, leaving you hard pressed to decide on the right one for you. Make an appointment to visit Allan, the owner of the cars, and listen to his passionate tales of how he has lovingly restored the vehicles.

The experience doesn’t stop with just the amazing cars on offer, it is also the service on the day – and leading up to the day – that will make this a company you will remember long after the wedding is over. Exclusive Vintage Wedding Cars are genuine people who really do care about making sure the bride and bridal party are having the perfect day.

The drivers are gentlemanly and traditional. From their smart outfits down to their immaculate manners, they will make you feel like royalty on your big day. They are there to help you in and out of the car and no one is left out of the service, as once you arrive at the church or place of ceremony, they will even escort the mother-of-the-bride to her seat before the bridal procession begins.

At the end of the ceremony it is time to relax and celebrate and the drivers will help you kick off by setting up a lovely silver service of champagne and chocolates at a location of your choice. This makes for a great photo opportunity!

And the best part of all is that you are not restricted by time limits. As long as it is within reason, the gentlemen at Exclusive Vintage Wedding Cars will not be watching the clock while you travel from ceremony to reception.

So if you are currently searching for a car service for your wedding day, make sure you speak to Exclusive Vintage Wedding Cars, you won’t regret it!

Exclusive Vintage Wedding Cars

Exclusive Vintage Wedding Cars

Exclusive Vintage Wedding Cars

Exclusive Vintage Wedding Cars

Exclusive Vintage Wedding Cars

Exclusive Vintage Wedding Cars

Driven to Delight in your Hunter Valley Wedding Transport

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Wedding Cars Hunter Valley

Driven to Delight in your Hunter Valley Wedding Transport

Looking to be swept away in the gorgeous Hunter Valley? With its lush rolling hills, fields of vines and sweeping panoramas, the Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s most scenic regions, and a perfect spot, many have discovered, to tie the knot. If you’re about to embark on your own wedding adventure, you’ll need transport to carry you to the ceremony, and whisk you to the reception, and the start of your new life together.

When it comes to wedding cars and transport, there are a myriad of options available to suit any mood or wedding theme. Vintage cars are always a favourite and can bring a touch of class to any wedding celebration. It’s the one day of your life on which you can be sure to be treated like a princess (or prince) for the duration, so why not immerse yourself in the role?

Picture yourself cruising through wine country in a gleaming vintage Rolls Royce or Bentley? Perhaps you’re more of a limousine couple. If there’s a time to be treated like royalty – and for a little indulgence – then it’s certainly your wedding day.

Or maybe you’re after something a little quirky. For a true talking point, how about being driven to your wedding in a traditional London cab? And for devotees of romance pure and simple, the obvious choice is a horse and carriage.

The wonderful thing about weddings is the chance to create something truly beautiful and memorable. Your wedding transport will be a big part of your perfect day.