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Très Inviting – French for Exceptionally Welcoming Wedding Invitations

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Tres Inviting

Tres Inviting

The wedding invitations may not be the very first entry on your bridal to-do list, but they are one of the most important things to get right. Your wedding invitations set the tone for your special day, and give your family and friends the first hint of the celebrations to come.

If you’re looking for personalised wedding stationery with flair, Très Inviting can help with everything from save the date cards, to invitations and place cards. You can choose a template, which you can then customise (at no extra cost) with your choice of colour, font, and font size. Or, if you have a specific idea in mind, Très Inviting can work with you on a fully customised design.

Know your wedding theme

Before you select your wedding invitations, it’s important to have a clear idea of the style and theme of your wedding, and the sort of atmosphere you want to create. Your invitations should then mirror that vibe. Although the team at Très Inviting leans towards contemporary design with clean and simple lines, they love a challenge and can produce unique invitations in a variety of mediums, including wood. If you have a special request, just ask. You may be surprised with what they come up with!

Know your colours

Have you chosen a colour theme for your wedding? Your colours can be incorporated into your wedding invitations and other wedding stationery for a polished, cohesive look. By purchasing your invitations from professional designers like Très Inviting, you’ll have a much wider range of colours and fonts to choose from, but remember some curly fonts, especially in metallic colours, can be difficult to read on coloured backgrounds. The basic rule is to avoid light ink on light backgrounds, and dark ink on dark backgrounds. Of course, your invitation specialists will be able to advise you on colour, font and readability.

Have fun with shapes and sizes

Traditionally, wedding invitations are 4.5 inches by 6.25 inches, but modern brides are happily swapping potentially lacklustre traditional invitations for a more playful approach. Whether your ideal invitation is a different shape, or has a 3D appearance, professional designers have the experience to help transfer your dream to paper and print. However, keep in mind the postage costs may be more for bulky or extra large invitations.

Choose your words wisely

Traditionally, weddings were hosted by the bride’s parents, but this isn’t always the case with modern weddings, so it’s important to be clear on the invitation who is hosting the wedding.

While you can put a modern spin on how you word your invitations, it’s a smart idea to take a look at traditional wording and think about possibly blending both.

Double check the final proof

Although the experts at Très Inviting will send you a total of three proofs to ensure your invitations are word perfect, don’t rely on checking them yourself. It’s very easy to overlook a mistake or a misspelled word when you already know what the invitation should say. Get a friend to check the final proof. If there’s not a grammar-savvy person to be found, steal a tip from copy editors and read the proof from right to left. It sounds weird, but you’re less likely to skim over an incorrectly spelled word that way.

Other wedding day essentials

The invitation wizards at Très Inviting don’t stop at providing personality-filled wedding invitations, they also have loads more essential wedding stationery, including order of service booklets, place cards, menus and wedding thank you cards. They can even help with the appropriate wording for each design, with a variety of pre-worded templates.

All this and an extremely fast turnaround; you can expect to receive your order no more than two weeks after you have approved the final proof. Was that a sigh of relief we heard?

Want Gorgeous, Evocative Wedding Photographs? Call 3L Photography

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3L Photography

Photography is without doubt one of the most important elements of your wedding day, whether it’s the posed formal photographs of the bridal party or the candid shots of all those lovely spontaneous moments that make weddings so special.

Your wedding photographs form the most tangible reminder of your big day in years to come. Photography is one of the most important things not to skimp on, no matter the size of your budget. Here’s why it’s vital to hire a professional photographer who is skilled and experienced, and someone you are comfortable with.

Snap happy guests

It’s a fact almost everyone has a camera, and many of your family and friends will take candid shots during the celebrations. But very few people know how to swiftly adjust a camera’s settings for just the right amount of light, get the focus precise, take a shot and immortalise a perfect moment – all at the same time!

A professional will photograph you and your groom at your best and make you feel so at ease and comfortable that every candid encounter will be captured without a hint of awkwardness or fuss.

At the end of the day, a professional photographer using professional equipment will produce the highest quality photographs, edited and printed to achieve the best possible result. What more could you ask!

A rare family get-together

Although planning a wedding is all about the details, celebrating a wedding is all about the people. This is something that can be overlooked in the bustle of planning your day, but it is an important factor when it comes to your wedding photography.

An experienced wedding photographer will understand that weddings are sometimes the only occasion where all extended family members are together, and they will be on the spot to capture each and every happy reunion. Looking back on these special images will enhance your sense of family togetherness on a day where love is celebrated.

So now that you appreciate the benefits of hiring a professional wedding photographer, the hard part begins – choosing the right studio for your needs. They key things to look for are communication skills, professionalism and bang for your buck. We think 3L Photography fits the bill nicely.

Communication and flexibility are key

The team at 3L Photography believes that good communication is the key factor in creating wedding photographs that not only capture the events of your wedding as they happen, but also the emotion and atmosphere of the day.

3L Photography specialises in photography for small to medium-sized weddings in and around the Hunter Valley region, and the team is known for a very personal and flexible approach.

Take a peek at the design-it-yourself online tool and you’ll see how easy it is to choose the photographic coverage that best suits your wedding day, and skip the products and services you don’t need. This allows your wedding photography package to be unique and individual, not the cookie-cutter version many other studios offer.

Mix and match to suit every budget

It can be tough fitting the cost of a quality photographer into your wedding budget. That isn’t a problem when you hire 3L Photography. The studio’s DIY packages not only allow you to choose a package tailored to your wedding, they give you the opportunity to tailor to your budget as well.

Regardless of the size of your budget, it’s a good idea when making your selections to focus on the services or products that are going to fit in with your wedding theme and add to the atmosphere you’re hoping to create. Think, “What will work best for my wedding?” rather than “What’s cool and trendy right now”.

Finally, even though having your wedding photos stored digitally is just the way it’s done now, it’s still worth immortalising your day with a traditional wedding album. The digital version is great for sharing, and to keep as back-up in case you need reprints, but there’s always something wonderful about being able to leaf through an album on the sofa with grandma!

Capture Your Wedding Day With Living Light Photography

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Living Light Photography

Living Light Photography

Your wedding day is without doubt one of the most important events of your life. You celebrate your commitment to each other in front of your closest family and friends, and there are special moments that only happen on your wedding day. Weddings produce emotional moments, solemn moments, funny moments and even downright crazy moments, and they all deserve to be captured and re-lived for many years to come. That’s why hiring a professional photographer to take control of your wedding day photos is a smart idea.

Living Light Photography

Accredited professional photographers Josh and Jules from Living Light Photography are experts in the field, and are dedicated to not only ensuring you end up with beautiful photos, but that your time spent with them on this most important of days is enjoyable and fun.

Josh is a fully accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and between them, Josh and Jules have won numerous photography awards. They are also two of the very few photographers around who do their own fine-art printing in-house, using traditional fibre-based paper. This type of paper is often used by museums due to its ability to produce excellent tones and stay colour strong for many, many years.

But everyone has a camera

So why should you hire a professional photographer when modern technology means nearly all your wedding guests will have a camera, and many will be taking photographs on your big day?

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime special occasion, and professional photographers like Josh and Jules have the experience to know what makes a good shot, what key moments you will particularly want caught on camera, and they will be concentrating on capturing all the magic as it happens. Your guests on the other hand will be concentrating on having a good time, and enjoying the occasion with you!

It also comes down to the quality of their equipment. Living Light Photography has the right camera equipment, lighting and the essential props to ensure your wedding photographs are beautiful and unique.

Cost considerations

Let’s face reality, weddings are expensive and professional photographers don’t come cheap. Adding a significant cost to your budget by hiring a professional photographer may have you hesitating, but we’re betting very few brides will ever regret finding the money for the service.

Your wedding day is going to go past in a flash, and there will be lots of special moments that you won’t notice happening on the day. Having a photographer on hand to capture all the fun (and probably a few happy tears as well!) means you won’t miss anything and you’ll have a wonderful record of your day to look back on. Not a wobbly angle or a red eye in sight!

Josh and Jules’ prices are competitive, and are based on quality and value. And best of all, you won’t have to worry about missed opportunities, or memory sticks going astray in the excitement.

One of the main benefits of hiring Josh and Jules is knowing that you’re hiring professionals who are passionate about what they do. They will make sure you will be able to show every special moment of your wedding day to your children, and even your grandchildren, as the years pass.

Choose The Hunter Celebrant for a Wedding Ceremony to Remember

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The Hunter Celebrant

The Hunter Celebrant

Receiving an average of seven and a half hours of sunshine every day in a climate similar to the Mediterranean, within driving distance of Sydney, and with easy access to beach and lake front locations, parks and bushland, the Hunter Valley offers everything you need to ensure your wedding day is romantic, affordable and fun. So if you’ve decided on this region as the place for your vows, the next step is to find a local marriage celebrant who knows the area, and is willing to work with you to ensure your wedding day is meaningful as well as memorable.

Look no further

The Hunter Celebrant Anthony Burke is the ideal choice. He is a young vibrant professional, who lives in the Hunter Valley and is authorised to provide marriage celebrant services in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Central Coast and surrounding areas. Whether it’s indoors in a restaurant or function centre, or outdoors amongst nature, Anthony is happy to conduct your ceremony to your specifications.

What does The Hunter Celebrant do?

Apart from ensuring all the formalities have been taken care of and your marriage is registered according to Australian law, Anthony has put together an information pack full of helpful wedding-related suggestions and samples, including ceremony, vow and reading samples, poems, rituals and answers to frequently asked questions. The pack is designed to help you add personal elements to your ceremony, so it reflects your personality and wishes. For example, there may be certain cultural or family traditions that you would like incorporated into your wedding day. Talk to Anthony about your ideas and inspirations, and he will work with you to tailor a wedding ceremony that is relaxed, enjoyable and flows smoothly from the initial welcoming address to the final presentation of you and your groom as husband and wife.

Official paperwork

A Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form needs to be signed by you and your groom between 18 months, and one month and one day before your wedding ceremony takes place. This is usually done on your initial visit to Anthony. You will also need to take your original birth certificate along at the first meeting to prove who you are, where you were born and your date of birth. If you have been married before, you will need to bring along a divorce or death certificate. Two people must officially witness your ceremony, and they must be over the age of 18, speak English and be sober. So don’t let your witnesses crack open the champagne until after the ceremony!

Once your ceremony is completed, Anthony will send your marriage certificate and NOIM form to the registrar of births, deaths and marriages to have your marriage legally registered.

You can request an official marriage certificate after five days.

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life, and it should be a day of celebration and enjoyment. By hiring The Hunter Celebrant to conduct your ceremony, you will have a day that reflects your wishes and your values, held in one of the Hunter Valley’s many stunning and romantic locations.

Choose The CakeChef for a Truly Spectacular Wedding Cake

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Michelle The CakeChef

The wedding cake is an important part of your big day, but where do you find the right baking specialist to create the cake of your dreams? If you are a bride-to-be in and around Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens or the Hunter Valley, Michelle at The CakeChef is the person you’re looking for. Michelle is a qualified chef and has a Masters Degree in cake decorating. She will work with you to ensure your wedding cake not only looks fantastic, but tastes amazing too.

Order early

You may know exactly what you want for your wedding cake, or you may still be combing magazines for inspiration. Either way, keep in mind it may take some planning and reviewing to turn your dream cake into a reality, so be sure to have the process underway well in advance of your wedding day. Ideally your cake should be ordered as soon as you have chosen your colour scheme and your venue.

Taste test

The CakeChef offers numerous cake flavours with ganache style fillings that you can mix and match to suit your taste. Imagine a Mars Bar mud cake with caramel flavours and dark chocolate ganache, or coconut mud cake with lemoncello ganache. Make an appointment for a cake tasting and be prepared to want every flavour you try!

Current trends

The CakeChef specialises in the popular double barrel and triple barrel wedding cake trend. Each cake or barrel is six inches high, and comprises four layers of cake and three layers of ganache. Cupcake towers are also still very much in demand as wedding cakes, and Michelle’s version can include a one or two-tier cutting cake.

Get creative

The days where a white tiered wedding cake with a generic plastic bride and groom perched on top as the only choice are gone, so get creative and consider coordinating your cake with your wedding theme, or the colour of your bridesmaid dresses, or the jewellery you’ll be wearing on your special day. Imagine your guests gasping in delight when they see your cake draped with the same pearls or rubies you are wearing, for example. This is especially effective if you’re wearing an heirloom piece of jewellery.

Another current trend is to personalise your cake by matching it to the fabric of your wedding dress. For example, if your dress features an insert or overlay of lace, a fondant replica can be made and incorporated in your cake design to highlight your unique style.

Cutting the cake

History tells us wedding cakes began as cakes of wheat or barley that were broken over the bride’s head to ensure fertility. Thankfully, times have changed and brides no longer have to worry about getting cake in their hair (although some YouTube wedding clips show differently!) and modern wedding cakes symbolise good luck for the newlyweds.

However, it’s interesting to know the cutting of the cake is the first task you perform together as husband and wife, and feeding cake to each other traditionally signifies the commitment you have made to provide for each other.

If you’re looking for a wedding cake specialist who can work with you, provide inspiration, and a really great tasting result, The CakeChef is the place to start.

How Hunter Valley Bridal Advertising can Help Your Business

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Hunter Bride

Hunter Bride

Getting the word out there about your bridal business is one of the most vital keys to business success. There are many ways to go about advertising your business, from traditional media to social media and online. In fact, advertising online makes increasing sense, given just how fast online shopping is becoming mainstream in Australia. Hunter Bride is a niche, local online wedding directory that can help you boost the visibility of your bridal business in and around the Hunter Valley. Bridal advertising in the Hunter Bride directory is a great way to reach the customers you want, and increase the chances of a bride-to-be locating your product or service. Here are some of the advantages of advertising with us.

More people seeing your business listing

Hunter Bride offers high quality, engaging and useful information on a variety of topics, extensive directory listings, constant updates of information, and an active social media community. Our directory also has the advantage of being easy to navigate, with a simple mouse click linking the clearly marked categories. This provides an excellent user experience, and means we get tens of thousands of visitors every month. What this means for you is that not only are more people likely to find you if you’re on our site, a person who locates your business in our directory is an interested buyer, and is very likely to be ready to make a purchase.

Work with search engine and online marketing experts

The Hunter Bride website is backed by industry professionals who are experienced in running blue chip advertising campaigns. The Hunter Bride website has maximum visibility in the search engine rankings on Google and Bing, and we know how to drive targeted, quality leads to your business.

Small businesses and low budgets

Every business has to start small in the beginning, and that usually means having a strict budget and limited time. This is where advertising in an established directory like Hunter Bride can give you the exposure you need, without huge expense and without the worry of having to concentrate on a large campaign. We can take care of it for you.

Building trust

Unfortunately, many consumers have been burned by unscrupulous people who set up slick-looking websites with the purpose of scamming people out of their money. So if your business isn’t a bricks and mortar business, and sells purely online, consumer trust is vital to your success. Having a presence on Hunter Bride can help you build this trust, and build your reputation as more and more satisfied customers get the word out.

Advantages over print advertising

Generally, print advertising is much more expensive and time consuming to produce than online advertising. It can also be more difficult and more expensive to target print advertising to your exact customer base. Online advertising however can be put together quickly, and has the potential to instantly reach a large number of people who are specifically searching for the products or service your business specialises in.

So consider boosting the awareness of your business, and potentially increasing your sales, with Hunter Valley Bridal advertising. Contact us at Hunter Bride to see how we can work with you to advertise your speciality bridal business.

Stunning Wedding Photos with Hunter Valley Images

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Hunter Valley Images

Hunter Valley Images

Located in the heart of the Hunter Valley, Hunter Valley Images is run by Andrea and Gary Haberl. Between them, they have over 17 years of experience working as professional wedding photographers in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley region.

Award-winning photographers

Andrea and Gary have won a number of awards for their work. Their accolades include:

– NSW Wedding Album of the Year

– The Wedding Industry Excellence Award (as voted by bridal couples)

– Twice winners of Front Cover of Newcastle & Central Coast Wedding Magazine

– Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) gold and silver awards

In addition, Gary is the only Master Photographer accredited by the AIPP working in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley.

Stylish creative and modern

Andrea and Gary understand you want wedding photographs that capture all those special, fleeting moments and emotions. With Hunter Valley Images’ tried and tested talent on call, you can be sure the result will be stunning wedding photos that are full of atmosphere and personality.

It’s up to you when you want the photographers to enter the frame on the day (if you’ll pardon the pun!). Some brides want to be able to look back on shots of their pre-wedding preparations, and others prefer to draw a veil over the mysteries of make-up and hair, with the first photos showing their arrival at the ceremony.

We suggest you take the time for a detailed discussion with Andrea or Gary, as they may come up with ideas and options you might not have thought of. They will also work with you to plan the day’s photography so you know exactly what to expect in advance. You’ll also agree back-up plans in case of adverse weather.

Care and attention to detail

Andrea and Gary work seamlessly together after so many years, and with two photographers there’s never a need to pause. They have an eye for the unusual details that make for unique shots. Andrea might be working with the bride, capturing her mother’s emotions as she sees her little girl all grown up and about to walk down the aisle. Gary could be snapping the groom’s mates, looking unusually smart and teasing the nervous groom mercilessly!

Unobtrusive and natural

Gary and Andrea’s relaxed, easy going personalities and low-key style all help tense couples to relax. They know most couples are not used to posing for photos, and with their ability to build a rapport, before you know it, they’ll have you laughing and talking to each other and you’ll be amazed at just how gorgeous you look in the finished photos.

Stunning and elegant wedding albums

Known for their natural flair and artistic vision, Andrea and Gary also know how to make wedding photos fun, while providing you with photos that are also works of art.

You can look forward to a wedding album full of intimate scenes, from a mother’s tears, to a small girl’s tiredness, to spectacular sunset silhouettes. From a small boy wondering when he’ll be let out to get muddy, to excited flower girls and special furry friends, your wedding photos will be treasures for a lifetime.

Stunning photos are just a click away!

Sought after wedding photographers get booked up early and although your wedding day may be months away, it’s worth capturing your preferred wedding photographer as early as possible. Find Andrea and Gary through Hunter Bride under Hunter Valley Images. We know you’ll be delighted with their work!

Princess Classic Cars offers Truly Royal Wedding Transport

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Princess Classic Cars

Princess Classic Cars

On your wedding day, the wedding car is not just a means of transport. Your wedding car can add a unique touch to your photographs, and also lends a little glamour to the proceedings. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like a rock star or princess on their special day? If you have a particular yen for being treated like royalty for your wedding, look no further than Princess Classic Cars and their Austin Vanden Plas Princesses.

Traditional vintage wedding cars

When it comes to planning your wedding day transport, Princess Classic Cars might be just the ticket. Their fully RTA accredited and stunning off-white Austin Vanden Plas Princess limousines are stylish and highly photogenic as well as extremely comfortable. Literally fit for a princess, as they were a favourite of Queen Elizabeth’s, these limousines service the Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Port Stephens and Lake Macquarie areas.

Royal service

When you choose the Princess experience, you will benefit from the services of one or two highly experienced chauffeurs in formal uniform, depending on how many cars you book.

There will be no need to worry about getting to your wedding on time! Gary and Andrea know all the venues, and will pick you up in plenty of time. They typically check likely traffic conditions a couple of days in advance too, and will let you know if more travel time needs to be allowed.

They can also help you in and out of the vehicle, making sure your entrance is dramatic for the right reasons!

Immaculate finish

The wedding vehicles provided by Princess Classic Cars gleam as if they have just come gliding out of the showroom. Lovingly maintained and serviced, inside you’ll find immaculate interiors without a speck of dust, ensuring your wedding dress arrives in high style.

Style and comfort

Even though these are vintage cars you’ll find they all have modern air-conditioning. You’ll step out of your Princess limousine looking cool and collected, even if the nerves are fluttering on the inside!

Spacious seating

The Princess limousines accommodate up to seven people in each vehicle, so there is plenty of space for the main members of the wedding party.

Gary and Andrea encourage you to view the cars for yourself prior to booking and are happy to show you the vehicles after hours.

Royal extras included

A red carpet, tulle and white satin ribbons are included in the wedding package, and there are umbrellas in case of rain.

In addition, Princess Classic Cars provides complimentary champagne and nibbles for you to enjoy while you are having photographs taken.

Classic style and history

When you want the ultimate traditional vintage wedding car, there may be little better than these elegant Austin Vanden Plas Princess cars.

The brand was born in 1947 when Sir Herbert Austin (known to his workforce as ‘the Governor’) bought the Belgian Vanden Plas luxury car body business in order to expand his empire with a top quality exclusive brand.

He achieved a significant marketing coup when the first two vehicles produced were sold to the Queen (then Princess Elizabeth) in 1952, the year of her marriage. She found them so comfortable that two more were subsequently ordered by the Royal household, ensuring the model’s success.

The Princess brand was extended in 1954 with the creation of a limousine. Longer and wider than the initial saloon version, these vehicles were not made on a production line. In fact each car was hand-built from start to finish by a team allocated to that vehicle alone. The craftsmanship that went into these vehicles and the fact that only 1,500 were built over a 14-year period makes them a real collector’s prize.

Another reason to choose one of these historic cars is that Sir Herbert had a strong association with Australia, having spent 11 years here as a young man, during which time he married an Australian.

Book now

Booking a vehicle from Princess Classic Cars is easy – just check our directory. You’ll soon be gliding towards your wedding ceremony in regal style.

Choose Tamburlaine Organic Wines for an Eco-Friendly Wedding Venue

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Tamburlaine Organic Wines

Tamburlaine Organic Wines

Many people are choosing to minimise the impact of their lifestyle on the planet, and when it comes to your wedding, it’s perfectly possible to hold a stunning event based on a sustainable philosophy. In this post, we showcase Tambourlaine Organic Wines, and its restaurant venue, the Tambourlaine Lodge. It’s a perfect place for an eco-friendly wedding to remember!

Sustainable credentials

As well as being Australia’s largest organic wine producer, with some award-winning wines under its belt, Tambourlaine is a carbon-neutral winery.

First established in 1966, the winery was bought in 1985 by a small group led by current Managing Director and Chief Winemaker, Mark Davidson, and proudly publishes its environmental policy. Tambourlaine is committed to ensuring its environmental impact is minimised.

The management actively works to prevent pollution, and incorporates sustainable water and energy management, including recycling and minimising waste into the winery’s working practices.

Award-winning Tambourlaine

In 2012, Tambourlaine was a state finalist in three categories in the Australian Bridal Industry Awards, for the sixth consecutive year. The awards are based on bridal couples’ votes on the quality of service, and value for money delivered by venues. Tambourlaine was also the only Hunter Valley wedding venue to reach the top 20 in the 2011 National Designer of Dreams award.

Perfection and attention to detail

With over 10 years of experience planning and delivering award-winning weddings, you can be confident that the people at Tambourlaine know how to turn your wedding ideas into a day perfectly tailored to your wishes. They make a particular point of getting the details exactly right, down to the smallest bow and the fold of every napkin. The aim is that you don’t have to worry about a thing except making sure the photographer gets your best side!

A spectacular lakeside setting

The homestead-style Lodge is designed to be close to nature with wide, shady verandahs supplemented by a delightful deck extending out over the lake. The Lodge provides a blend of indoor comfort with a natural outdoor atmosphere, and enables guests to move in and out freely. There’s no need to worry about other visitors to the winery either, as the private Lodge grounds are reserved for the exclusive use of the wedding guests.

Flexible layout

The main reception room can be decorated in a number of ways, including full or part ceiling drapes for a marquee effect, and tiny lights to simulate stars in the night sky. There is room for plenty of tables as well as a generous polished wood dance floor on which to boogie the night away.

The lake plays its part as night falls, and the central fountain is dramatically lit to heighten the romantic atmosphere. A display of fireworks creates a stunning note with which to herald your departure on honeymoon.

Go green at Tambourlaine Lodge

If you’re looking to hold a wedding with a green heart, Tambourlaine Lodge might be just the place, with its beautiful natural setting, excellent service, and environmental credentials. Making an appointment to visit Tambourlaine Lodge is simple with Hunter Bride, just click on Tambourlaine Organic Wines. Booking a sustainable, environmentally friendly wedding couldn’t be easier.

Why not take along some girlfriends and spend an afternoon sampling the fine food and wines at Tambourlaine? Wedding planning was never so relaxed!

Exquisite Jewels For Hire

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Exquisite Jewels For Hire

Exquisite Jewels For Hire

A fabulous wedding look needs fabulous finishing touches – and that usually means jewellery. But if you have been sighing over a diamond tiara, or an elegant three-strand pearl choker that you can’t possibly afford, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. You don’t have to buy, you can hire beautiful jewellery without the designer pricetag!

Exquisite Jewels For Hire provides wedding jewellery for brides throughout the Hunter Valley and Newcastle areas. From genuine diamonds to vintage-style pieces and Swarovski crystal pieces from some of the most sought-after designers, they have everything you might need, or desire for your big day.

Here’s a few practical things to keep in mind when choosing jewellery for your wedding day.

Organise your dress first

It’s generally more effective to choose your wedding dress before hiring jewellery. If your dress isn’t going to be ready until shortly before your wedding, make sure you carry detailed pictures of the design when you browse the showroom at Exquisite Jewels For Hire.

Accessories for ornate dresses

If your dress comes with an overlay of crystals scattered throughout the skirt or perhaps some diamante on the bodice, for example, you’ll need to avoid jewellery that adds too much glitter too close to the detail of the dress. This can end up looking overdone, and ruin the overall effect of your look.

Successfully accessorising an ornate dress probably means wearing simpler jewellery. You might want to avoid coloured stones, or overly fussy designs, and go for elegant and streamlined. Think platinum and clear Swarovski crystal or genuine diamonds. If you do want something a little more bling, consider a tiara or other headpiece. That way, it’s far enough from your dress not to clash.

All out glamour

If you have a simple and classic dress, why not consider a statement piece of jewellery? Think a collar of coloured stones with a matching cuff, or that three-strand pearl choker, or a stunning diamond tiara – there’s lots to choose from at Exquisite Jewels For Hire.

What works with lace?

We’d advise you to think about silver rather than gold, and pearls rather than highly coloured jewellery. Colour can work, but there is a risk of overwhelming the delicacy of the lace. Ornate and vintage-style items often complement lace beautifully.

Are you a boho bride?

Fab it up with a discreet touch of gold bracelet. Alternatively, enhance your independent style with chunky earrings and several complementary bracelets.

Bridal jewellery and colour

Exquisite bridal jewellery doesn’t have to lack colour. Clear crystal is stunning and always on trend, but it is far from your only choice. There are plenty of gorgeous pieces that would be perfect for subtly picking up your wedding colour theme.

For instance, if your colours are blue and yellow, you might choose a pretty pair of pastel blue earrings. If your colouring suits darker shades, deep sapphire tear drop earrings might raise a few gasps of appreciation as you walk down the aisle! They could be your ‘something blue’ too!

And finally

It’s quite likely you’ll be dazzled and instantly in love with most things you see in the showroom. Just make sure you don’t set your heart on something before you try it on! Take a friend with you for a second opinion, and also take photos of yourself wearing the jewellery you’re considering. That way, you will have a visual reminder when you’re mulling over your choice later.

If you’re eager to find out more about sourcing some serious bling for your wedding, check out Exquisite Jewels For Hire on the Hunter Bride directory. It’s the place to go for designer jewellery at an affordable hire price. Happy browsing!