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Want Gorgeous, Evocative Wedding Photographs? Call 3L Photography

3L Photography

Photography is without doubt one of the most important elements of your wedding day, whether it’s the posed formal photographs of the bridal party or the candid shots of all those lovely spontaneous moments that make weddings so special.

Your wedding photographs form the most tangible reminder of your big day in years to come. Photography is one of the most important things not to skimp on, no matter the size of your budget. Here’s why it’s vital to hire a professional photographer who is skilled and experienced, and someone you are comfortable with.

Snap happy guests

It’s a fact almost everyone has a camera, and many of your family and friends will take candid shots during the celebrations. But very few people know how to swiftly adjust a camera’s settings for just the right amount of light, get the focus precise, take a shot and immortalise a perfect moment – all at the same time!

A professional will photograph you and your groom at your best and make you feel so at ease and comfortable that every candid encounter will be captured without a hint of awkwardness or fuss.

At the end of the day, a professional photographer using professional equipment will produce the highest quality photographs, edited and printed to achieve the best possible result. What more could you ask!

A rare family get-together

Although planning a wedding is all about the details, celebrating a wedding is all about the people. This is something that can be overlooked in the bustle of planning your day, but it is an important factor when it comes to your wedding photography.

An experienced wedding photographer will understand that weddings are sometimes the only occasion where all extended family members are together, and they will be on the spot to capture each and every happy reunion. Looking back on these special images will enhance your sense of family togetherness on a day where love is celebrated.

So now that you appreciate the benefits of hiring a professional wedding photographer, the hard part begins – choosing the right studio for your needs. They key things to look for are communication skills, professionalism and bang for your buck. We think 3L Photography fits the bill nicely.

Communication and flexibility are key

The team at 3L Photography believes that good communication is the key factor in creating wedding photographs that not only capture the events of your wedding as they happen, but also the emotion and atmosphere of the day.

3L Photography specialises in photography for small to medium-sized weddings in and around the Hunter Valley region, and the team is known for a very personal and flexible approach.

Take a peek at the design-it-yourself online tool and you’ll see how easy it is to choose the photographic coverage that best suits your wedding day, and skip the products and services you don’t need. This allows your wedding photography package to be unique and individual, not the cookie-cutter version many other studios offer.

Mix and match to suit every budget

It can be tough fitting the cost of a quality photographer into your wedding budget. That isn’t a problem when you hire 3L Photography. The studio’s DIY packages not only allow you to choose a package tailored to your wedding, they give you the opportunity to tailor to your budget as well.

Regardless of the size of your budget, it’s a good idea when making your selections to focus on the services or products that are going to fit in with your wedding theme and add to the atmosphere you’re hoping to create. Think, “What will work best for my wedding?” rather than “What’s cool and trendy right now”.

Finally, even though having your wedding photos stored digitally is just the way it’s done now, it’s still worth immortalising your day with a traditional wedding album. The digital version is great for sharing, and to keep as back-up in case you need reprints, but there’s always something wonderful about being able to leaf through an album on the sofa with grandma!

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