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How to Get the Most from your Makeup Artist

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You’ve spent months searching for your dream wedding gown and all the romantic accessories that go with it. Now you’re at the pointy end of your budget, and wondering if it’s worth handing over more money and getting a professional makeup artist to do your wedding day makeup and complete your look. The answer is a resounding yes!

There are many benefits to hiring a professional to do your wedding makeup. They are trained and qualified to create a look that enhances your natural beauty, and that will complement your entire wedding day. This is particularly important if your wedding has a specific theme, perhaps Gatsby inspired, for example. And even more importantly, professionally applied makeup will stay in place all day and look fantastic in your wedding photographs. Hiring an expert also eliminates the potential problem of wedding day jitters getting in the way of effectively applying your own makeup. Shaky fingers and liquid eyeliner are never going to be anything other than a disaster in the making!

Once you’ve settled on a makeup artist you feel comfortable with, it’s important to make an appointment for a pre-wedding makeup trial, so when your big day arrives, you’re 100% happy with the way your makeup looks and feels. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Book a morning appointment

By scheduling your makeup trial in the morning, you’ll be able to see exactly how well your makeup copes with a normal day’s activities. Remember to keep a note of how and why you refresh your makeup during the course of the day, so your makeup artist can add or adjust products accordingly.

Consider having your wedding makeup trial on the morning of your engagement party, or another special event. This allows your friends to critique your look, and photographs from the event will show you how your makeup looks under different lighting conditions.

Natural doesn’t always mean minimum

Like many brides-to-be, you probably want a natural look. But from a makeup artist’s point of view, a look that appears natural both indoors and outdoors, during both day and night, and works well with the style of your hair and gown, requires a lot more than a tiny splash of foundation and a smidgeon of colour.

The reality is a natural makeup look isn’t achieved by the amount of makeup applied, but by the skill of its application. So don’t be too hasty in wiping off what you consider to be too much makeup. Instead, get your makeup artist to explain their choices. It may be that lighter colours will likely wash out in photographs, leaving you looking pale and tired. And that’s definitely not the type of natural look you’re aiming for!

Ask questions

The only time you need to be quiet during a makeup trial is when colour is being applied to your lips, and that leaves a lot of time for talking. So ask as many questions as you need to understand how to keep your wedding makeup looking fresh and fabulous every minute of what could be a very long day.

Along with asking questions, give your makeup artist as much information about your wedding day as possible. Include the setting and the season, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor wedding, supply colour and fabric swatches for the bridal party and overall wedding theme, and images of makeup looks that you admire.

Finally, keep in mind you may need more than one trial with your chosen makeup artist before you’re completely happy with the results, so book your first trial at least three months in advance. This allows plenty of time to experiment with different looks. It’s also a smart idea to have a final makeup try-out within a week or two of your wedding day, when the condition of your skin and the weather temperature are likely to be similar to your big day.

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