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A Wedding Video: Picture Perfect

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Wedding video for your big day

A Wedding Video: Picture Perfect

With most weddings these days comes a wedding photographer to snap you against the gorgeous backdrops of the day. And while many couples are happy to settle with an album of memories, more and more are choosing to also have their day recorded by video. Nothing quite captures the mood, feeling, tears (happy tears of course!) and laughter of the most special of days.

A professionally shot video can provide a lifetime of memories. The days of grainy home video are long gone. With crisp images, crystal clear audio and even editing functions if you desire, you’ll have your own romantic movies on hand. Every moment of your special day can be relived and will provide the perfect excuse for a glass of champagne and some unashamed romance each anniversary.

Should you choose to include a video of your day, a professional will ensure your end product is a quality memento that perfectly reflects the day. Not everyone will provide the same end product, so it makes sense to look around first and make enquiries of those whose work appeals to you. Make an appointment to discuss all aspects: what sort of look you are after, what is included, even if you’d like a soundtrack of music included. You’ll also need to confirm how much of the day you’d like videoed. They can be with you from dusk to dawn if desired. It’s also important to ask how long it will take to receive the video footage after the wedding day.

A wedding video can be more than just a way to re-live your own memories – it’s perfect if you have relatives and friends overseas. They may not be able to make it to your big day, but being able to watch it will allow them to share in your joy.

Wedding Photo of the Month Competition

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Taken by Alan Khan Photography & Video

Taken by Alan Khan Photography & Video

Hunter Bride has launched the Wedding Photo of the Month Competition for your chance to win some great prizes!

Our first competition will be held during November 2011 so send in your photo now for your chance to win a Gift Certificate from Charm Me valued at $100!

Condition of entry for the November 2011 competition:

1. Email one photo to The photo can be a general couples photo, an engagement photo, a pre-wedding photo, or a wedding day photo. Please also email your names (you and your partner), the date of your wedding, the photographer who took the photo, your ceremony and reception locations, and provide location details of where the photo was taken. Must be a location within the Hunter region of NSW Australia.

2. We only accept one photo per couple per month.
3. The winner for November 2011 cannot enter the subsequent competition.
4. You must be a resident of Australia to enter.
5. The photo must be taken within a location of the Hunter region of NSW Australia.
6. By sending a photo, you give us permission to post it on the Hunter Bride site and social platforms. Please check with your photographer.
7. Cut off date for sending photos is the 30th October 2011.
8. Voting starts on November 1st 2011 and ends November 30th 2011 at 11.59pm.
9. The photo with the most votes (Facebook Likes Plus Twitter Tweets Plus Google +1’s) is the winner.
10. The winning photo will receive a Gift Certificate from Charm Me valued at $100. This will be sent by post at the winner’s address.
Good luck!

The Funky Do Da’s

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The Funky Do Da's on the beach.

The Funky Do Da’s

Music and entertainment is an important part of your wedding day. Music sets the tone for the day and enhances the overall experience. If you have the right music or entertainment at the reception, you will have guests moving and shaking on the dance floor late into the night.

It is also a guaranteed way to ensure guests have such a great time that they’ll remember it for years to come. In fact, a survey in the US showed that 81% of guests say that the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment and the food!

And what better way to make sure your guests remember the entertainment than by having a live band? It is always exciting to hear a band playing your favourite songs live, and The Funky Do Da’s are no exception. The energy they exude will have you and your guests jumping from your chairs to go dancing.

The Funky Do Da’s bring both experience and professionalism to any event they are working. They have been together since 1992 and have earned themselves a name throughout all of Australia by playing at corporate events, jazz festivals and of course weddings. They have even played for the Prime Minister!

They are definitely not a one-track band either. Their diverse style in music has seen them perform jazz at various jazz festivals, funky pop at The Queen Victoria Building in Sydney and cocktail music at the Museum of Contemporary Arts.

This is great news for your wedding day. This diversity means the band will be able to switch easily from refined music during the serving of canapés, to easy listening tunes throughout dinner and then of course the fun songs to get everyone up and onto the dance floor.

Music is the hardest part of any event to cater for all tastes, and if you have varying age groups attending, there is always one group who are not as excited about the song choices as everyone else is. Thankfully, this is no longer a worry for the bride and groom-to-be as The Funky Do Da’s will package up an entertaining song list that caters for everyone, young and old. This means all guests will have a turn up on the dance floor throughout the evening, from the children to the grandparents and everyone in between! And in the off chance this isn’t working, over the years they have become experts at reading the crowd and knowing what needs to be done to get people moving and happy. This may mean upping the tempo or perhaps even putting on a slow, romantic song for the sweethearts.

The professionalism doesn’t end there. The Funky Do Da’s are well known for their punctuality, playing music at a volume that is friendly to all guests and for the ease at which they set up and pack up.

And if you have something special in mind for your big day, no request is too big or small for this band. They are happy to learn a song for you, provide a microphone for your use and if your wedding is themed, not a problem! They will have the music to match.

As with any live entertainment, make sure you take some time out to listen to the band play a live gig, or listen to a demo tape, before booking. We challenge you to get through a whole set of the Do Da’s without tapping your foot along to the beat!

The Wedding Gift Registry

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Wedding Registry

The Wedding Gift Registry

With the amount of information that needs to be included within the wedding invitation these days, you may be forgiven if you nearly forget gift registry details.

By now, you have probably stuffed the envelope with information on accommodation options, maps and directions to the church or service venue as well as the details of the day such as dates, times and addresses.

But if you plan to organise a gift registry, then you will need to include details of that within the invitation as well.

There may have been a time when it was seen as rude to specifically request – or expect – gifts from guests. You may even still feel slightly uncomfortable sending such a request. But these days it is such a common part of weddings that it is mostly expected. In fact, it can save a lot of stress for wedding guests who are trying to work out what you need – not to mention it will also save you from receiving six toasters and ten vases!

Of course, it is definitely a good idea to remember your manners when broaching this sensitive topic. Don’t be demanding, simply let people know that if they wish to purchase a gift for you, here are some ideas of what you need. It is always nice to also let them know that their presence on your special day is the most important thing and of course, they don’t have to stick to the registry if they have something else in mind. This can all be said in a cute poem or a nice saying attached to the registry information.

If you are planning to have a registry, but haven’t thought about what you need yet, here are the three most popular types of registry brides will use today:

Wishing Well

The wishing well is a gift of money. The actual wishing well itself is often used in cultures where monetary gifts are not already the norm. It will be stated on the invitation that the bride and groom wish to receive donations of cash – in a nice way of course! And at the actual wedding there may be a cute wishing well sitting on a table where guests can deposit their cards with blessings and money inside.

Department Store Gift Registry

The department store is quite a traditional place to have a gift registry. For years, brides and grooms have been registering at places such as Myer and David Jones and these days many smaller retail chains offer this service.

Registering at a department store is lots of fun. The bride and groom-to-be get to wander around the shop and pick and choose what they would like to put on their wish list – it is shopping without the expense!


Honeymoon Register

Honeymoon Registry

The cost of a wedding can be tough on newlyweds and this often means the honeymoon is delayed or downgraded. Because of this, the honeymoon registry is now a big trend for weddings.

The couple registers with a travel agent and puts a down payment on the destination of their choice. The registry is then opened up to guests to make contributions as big or small as they please.

The contributions can be cash towards the overall cost of the holiday, or they can be specific items such as a dinner for the newlyweds or a couple’s massage in the hotel. This ensures the bride and groom-to-be not only get to have the wedding of their dreams, but it also means they can begin their lives together on their ideal honeymoon.

Wedding Entertainment for a Day to Remember

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Bride and Groom enjoying the wedding entertainment.

Wedding Entertainment for a Day to Remember

You’ve been building up to your big day for months, or dare we say years! There’s been planning, seemingly endless list of things to do, buy and remember, and yes, probably just a little stress. And dare we mention those last minute jitters. The great news is that once the formalities are over the fun part begins. After your beautifully romantic ceremony and the speeches at the reception, it’s time to truly let your hair down. And what better way to do it than with music and dancing.

Wherever you choose to hold your reception – restaurant, marquee or dedicated venue – you’ll have the option to organise some entertainment.

First thing is to choose a theme to suit your mood, and the day. Is it a morning, afternoon or evening wedding? Is it a formal occasion or a casual, fun affair?

When it comes to music, you could just stick to CDS (and may have to in a small venue) but if you want to get toes tapping and hips swinging, a live act or DJ might be the go. A DJ can be great if you’re planning plenty of dancing. Just imagine hearing all your special songs, and retro favourites. If it’s a live performer you want then the choices are many. Will it be a singer and guitarist or a rock band? Need something more restrained and elegant? How about a string quartet? Envision soothing but exciting classical music as a backdrop to your reception, and perhaps even during the wedding ceremony.

When it comes to wedding entertainment there are plenty of options. Search our directory and make some calls to find your perfect performer. Ask questions before you book and ensure everyone is clear on what the entertainment will comprise, and when it will begin and end. If you haven’t heard the performer before, ask for a sample of their work on CD. And if you’re looking to book a popular band, book early!

What better way to finish your wedding day than with the sound of music and laughter?