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Introducing MMG Photo + Cinema

MMG Photo + Cinema

Introducing MMG Photo + Cinema

Finding the right photographer can be one of the most important things you plan for your wedding. Long after the day is over, you will have the photographs to remember all of the little details and to show children and grandchildren your special moment.

The best place to start evaluating a photographer is by taking a visit to their website. They should have samples on the site that showcase the style and the skills they have.

Take a look at the MMG Photo + Cinema profile page and you will know immediately what I mean. These guys just ooze professionalism but also have an artistic flair that makes their photos so distinct.

They do an amazing job of capturing the scene surrounding the bride and groom, so much so that you almost feel like you are standing right there in the photo with them.

The bride and groom themselves are caught in the most precious and intimate moments that encapsulate how they are feeling on the day more than any words can.

With offices in the Hunter Valley, Sydney and Brisbane it is easy for brides to pop in and chat to the team if they live nearby those areas.  Because MMG Photo + Cinema tailor each package specifically to their clients needs, it is best to make a time to talk to them personally about what you are after. It also gives you a good chance to view more photographs and albums and of course to meet with the potential photographer themselves. You will be spending as much time with the photographer on the wedding day as with anyone else, so it definitely helps if you get along together.

Once you have chosen a photographer, make sure you discuss the important points such as the location of where you want to take your photos, and any essential shots you have your heart set on. If you are visiting MMG Photo + Cinema, ask them to tell you the benefits of using a videographer as well, as it may not be something you have fully considered before.

Another way of finding out if a photographer is right for you is simply to ask around. Jump onto our forum and chat directly to other brides about the photographers they have chosen and why. Ask your friends and family or check to see if there is a facebook page and see what people have written on the wall. MMG Photo + Cinema also has a blog you can follow which gives more of a glimpse into their style and personality.

Whoever you choose to go with in the end, make sure you are comfortable and happy with them. And if you have an experience with any photographers you would like to share, please let us know about it on the forum!

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