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The Last Minute Wedding Checklist

Wedding Planning Checklist

The Last Minute Wedding Checklist

If you have already started planning your wedding, you will know there is a lot of detail that needs to be prepared in the lead up to the big day. It is a wise idea to have a timeline that you can follow so nothing gets left out and this will also ensure the big items – such as the dress and the cake – will be ordered within plenty of time before the wedding.

But what about those last minute details? What happens when you are only a few weeks out from the wedding and the preparations have reached fever pitch? Try to keep a checklist handy just for the purpose of these last minute tasks, as these can often be the most important ones of all.

3 – 4 weeks out:

– Have your hair and makeup trial runs if you haven’t already. Take pictures of the style and look you want to make it easier to explain to the hairdresser/makeup artist.

– Pick up your dress and your wedding rings. Try both of them on to make sure everything fits well.

– If you are having ceremony programs, proof read them one last time and print them out.

2 weeks out:

– Confirm payment due date with all suppliers, and also how they would like payment – i.e. cheque, bank transfer etc.

– Call guests who were unsure if they could attend the wedding or have not RSVP’d yet (interstate guests, pregnant friends etc) to finalise numbers.

– Give caterers/reception manager the final head count – it is likely you will also be required to pay a further deposit for the catering at this stage.

– Pack for honeymoon. It may feel early but next week will be busy so get this out of the way now, especially if it requires washing clothes.

Wedding Checklist

1 week out:

– Finalise speeches and toasts if you are giving them.

– Prepare a final running order sheet and give to the MC.

– Practice walking in your wedding shoes. If they are a bit tight wear thick socks with them around the house for a couple of hours until they stretch.

– Have a manicure and pedicure and don’t forget to buy the nail colour so you can do touch ups and fix chips.

– Go to the hairdresser to touch up the roots if you need to, but don’t experiment with a new hair colour!

– Groom and groomsmen to pick up suits and try them on.

– Groom to get a haircut.

– Call all suppliers one last time to confirm bookings and details.

– Call ceremony/reception site to ensure suppliers will have access on the day.

– Give seating chart to reception manager.

– Put together a beauty emergency kit to keep with you on the day. This should include things such as band-aids, safety pins, ladies hygiene products (even if you are not due – stress can do funny things to a woman), gloss, the lippie you will be wearing for touch ups, a small vial of perfume etc.

Stick with this and the lead up to your wedding should be smooth sailing. Good luck!

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