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Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring a Hunter Valley Wedding DJ

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CC-Hunter Entertainment – Mobile DJ & MC Service

If you’re looking for live music at your Hunter Valley wedding reception, why not consider hiring a DJ to entertain your guests? Typically, hiring a DJ is less expensive than a hiring a live band or other live entertainment. They usually have access to numerous music genres, and can cater to a wider variety of tastes. However, it is vital you ask potential Hunter Valley wedding DJs a few specific questions to ensure your final choice is legitimate, professional and trustworthy.

Are they a wedding DJ?

As you begin your research, you’ll find there are different types of DJs available. Some specialise in corporate entertainment, while other specialise in parties. Ideally the DJ you’re after will specialise in weddings, or at the very least have lots of wedding experience. An experienced wedding DJ will know the order of proceedings at a reception and will have the perfect song for each moment. They will also be prepared for any unexpected glitches in the proceedings, and can quickly divert attention ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Are they registered with ARIA?

In Australia, professional DJs must be registered with the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA). If they are correctly licensed, you can be sure the songs they play have been legally obtained and are of the highest quality.

What is the quality of their equipment?

It may seem like a slightly invasive question to ask, but a DJ only sounds as good as their equipment, so the answer is vital. Cheap or outdated equipment can look and sound terrible. The last thing you want is the music to die in the middle of your reception. Typically, a seasoned Hunter Valley wedding DJ will also have replacements on hand to cover equipment failure.

Have they performed at your reception venue before?

Because every venue potentially poses different challenges, it’s crucial your wedding DJ is familiar with the room size, acoustics, placement of power outlets and security at your reception site. There are many wedding reception venues in and around the Hunter Valley region, and even the busiest DJ would not have performed at every site, so ask them to familiarise themselves with your venue before the date.

What happens if they are unable to perform?

Despite careful planning, accidents happen and unavoidable difficulties crop up, so it’s essential your DJ has a backup strategy if they are prevented from working on your wedding day. A professional DJ will be prepared for any circumstance, but you should know what their backup plan is and be comfortable with it.

How involved can we be?

The final, but perhaps the most important, consideration is to be sure your DJ is on the same musical page as you. Do they have a printed song list you can look at? Will they accept a playlist from you, and can it be altered? Can you submit a ‘do not play’ list? Are they willing to take special request for guests? An experienced wedding DJ should be able to take these types of questions and requests in their stride and easily accommodate them, but the questions do need to be asked well before the big day arrives.

So when you’re looking for the right Hunter Valley wedding DJ to perform at your wedding reception, do some research, meet with them, check off all your questions and make sure you are satisfied with the answers before you book them. The last thing you want on your wedding day is a glitch with the music!

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