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How to Throw a Full-on, Fabulous Hen’s Day in Newcastle

Newcastle Hens Day

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The best hen’s days are, let’s face it, one giant movable party on legs. It can be a challenge to organise the best hen’s party ever, but we’re up for it, if you are! Here are a few tips to help you plan an event to remember.

A morning full of activity

Plan a surprise activity for the morning. Using up some energy in healthy exercise gets everyone bonding and is a sure way to feel virtuous before all the debauchery to come! Book some surfing lessons, a ride along the beach or something like a round of golf depending on the level of challenge your group is up for. Is there something your bride has always wanted to have a go at, but hasn’t quite got around to? Now’s the time!

Pace yourselves girls

Or should that be brace yourselves, girls? The important thing is not to peak too soon. You don’t want to be known for the hen’s day in Newcastle that ran out of steam mid-afternoon. Here are two ways to avoid this disaster:

– Don’t start with the alcohol too early on. If there’s going to be a drink or two at lunchtime, make sure everyone knows they’ll need to be on their toes for the afternoon’s activities.

– Alternatively, give everyone an excuse to sneak a quiet snooze by scheduling beauty treatments in early afternoon. The snoozes will pass completely unnoticed when you’re in massage heaven, or a hair stylist’s skilled hands. You’ll leave your various treatments with a spring in your step and raring to go!

An afternoon mystery

When you’re all beautiful and pampered, it’s time to head off on a magical mystery quest. Hand out clues and send small teams off in search of answers! You can do this on foot or in cars. Eventually everyone should end up in the same place to find you and a couple of mates serenely waiting with a prize for the winner and a booby prize for the tail-end Charlies.

Early evening entertainment

While you’re sipping on a cuppa, or a cocktail if it’s that time of day, you’ll be watching the door for the extra-special stripper-gram delivery – yes it’s time to start embarrassing the bride!

Get everyone to vote on how well she handles it and depending on the result give her L or P plates to wear, or make her put on a special Bride-to-Be T-shirt.

Bring on the games

Everyone can get involved in games with an equal chance of winning prizes. It’s up to you whether everyone gets to share penalties too, or whether these are reserved for the bride. Perhaps you could put it to a vote on the night. The bride is sure to be in a minority!

Have a list of bridal challenges at the ready, so people can vote on what she does next. Typical tasks might see her getting up to slaughter a song, asking strangers (male of course) for items of clothing, asking them for a dance or collecting kisses!

Hen’s night quizzes

Having a selection of quizzes up your sleeve is a great idea for quieter moments. You don’t have to be quizmaster, other people are generally happy to take a turn at asking questions too. Here are some ideas:

Bride. How well does everyone know the bride? Talk to everyone in the hen’s party in advance and ask for one thing they know about the bride – the more obscure the better. That way there’s a fair chance everyone finds out something new about the bride. At the end ask the bride to reveal something about herself that no one has yet mentioned.

How well does she know her husband-to-be? Plenty of opportunity for her to make mistakes here! You’ll have got the answers from him in advance. If he’s a bit shy, ask one of his mates to do the questioning for you. You want to know things like :

What she does that really annoys him.

Where did he go to school/what was his first job.

What’s he afraid of.

What fantasy outfit he’d like her to dress up in.


Take a look at our directory listings for things to do on a hen’s day in Newcastle, just make sure you’ve enough energy left to dance the night away and don’t forget to pack some headache pills for the morning after the night before!

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