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Delectable Bites for your Delicious Hunter Valley Wedding

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Wedding Catering Hunter Valley

Delicious Hunter Valley Wedding

Not only is the Hunter Valley blessed with spectacular scenery, lush vineyards and mountain fresh air, it’s also home to some truly fine dining. If you are looking to marry among the vines, you can be reassured you’ll have access to some of the freshest and most innovative cuisine around. Because we all know, a wedding isn’t quite a wedding without a wedding feast.

With such a variety of reception venues in the Hunter Valley you may decide on a restaurant which will provide and serve your menu. If however you’ve chosen a gorgeous spot to gather under a marquee, a beautiful flowering garden, or another wonderful venue that doesn’t supply food, then you’ll require a caterer.

If you’re unsure where to begin, visit websites and phone some caterers in your area to get an idea of possible menus and prices. It will certainly help to have an idea of numbers and the time of the wedding – lunch, dinner, or even a breakfast affair.

Choose a professional caterer who is experienced in wedding parties and will be able to advise you on the dishes, and amount of food required. Then all you need do is devise your perfect dinner (or lunch or breakfast). Take into consideration the time of year and the weather to help you decide on summer seafood, fresh spring produce, or a hearty winter feast. And of course remember canapés, and the champagne. You’re in vineyard country, so it’s the ideal spot to take advantage of some award-winning Hunter wines.

Fresh, innovative and delicious bites, decadent desserts and mouth-watering flavours will not only give your guests a treat, they’ll make your wedding truly tasty!

Driven to Delight in your Hunter Valley Wedding Transport

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Wedding Cars Hunter Valley

Driven to Delight in your Hunter Valley Wedding Transport

Looking to be swept away in the gorgeous Hunter Valley? With its lush rolling hills, fields of vines and sweeping panoramas, the Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s most scenic regions, and a perfect spot, many have discovered, to tie the knot. If you’re about to embark on your own wedding adventure, you’ll need transport to carry you to the ceremony, and whisk you to the reception, and the start of your new life together.

When it comes to wedding cars and transport, there are a myriad of options available to suit any mood or wedding theme. Vintage cars are always a favourite and can bring a touch of class to any wedding celebration. It’s the one day of your life on which you can be sure to be treated like a princess (or prince) for the duration, so why not immerse yourself in the role?

Picture yourself cruising through wine country in a gleaming vintage Rolls Royce or Bentley? Perhaps you’re more of a limousine couple. If there’s a time to be treated like royalty – and for a little indulgence – then it’s certainly your wedding day.

Or maybe you’re after something a little quirky. For a true talking point, how about being driven to your wedding in a traditional London cab? And for devotees of romance pure and simple, the obvious choice is a horse and carriage.

The wonderful thing about weddings is the chance to create something truly beautiful and memorable. Your wedding transport will be a big part of your perfect day.

Bomboniere Ideas

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Wedding Bomboniere

Bomboniere Ideas

Traditionally a bomboniere was a gift of sugared almonds, given to guests as a symbol of the bride and grooms bittersweet union. They were wrapped in a mesh bag and given out in odd numbers as it was considered unlucky to give even numbers.

These days a bomboniere is given to guests as a thank you from the bride and groom, and a memento of the day for the guests to keep. Not everyone still continues the tradition of giving a bomboniere, but for those who do it is often a cute token that is far from the tradition of giving almonds.

To save time and money many people are now doubling up the bomboniere with the place cards. A bomboniere with the guests name on it can be placed on the table, which not only eliminates the need to create a seating card but is also very personalised.

Another way of making your guests feel special is to make your bomboniere’s gender specific. For example you could have a cigar for the men to celebrate your union and a fan or a mini bottle of champagne for the ladies.

For anyone who is planning to not serve dessert at their wedding a good idea can be to give a sweet bomboniere for guests to enjoy with their tea and coffee, such as heart-shaped chocolates or a cute, individually wrapped cupcake. The cupcake is also a good idea if you do not wish to cut and serve your wedding cake on the day.

An option that has become quite popular these days is mini bottles of alcohol. This can be spirits, liqueurs, wine or champagne. Labels can be printed with a thank you note from the bride and groom for that little something extra.

A quirky idea is handmade cookies cut into special shapes. This could be hearts, or wedding bells or for something a little bit fancy they could be shaped into a bride and groom. You can also add the guest names with icing.

If a bomboniere is really unique it will also become a talking point for guests when they arrive at the reception venue, acting as a sort of icebreaker where not everybody knows each other at a table.

There are many choices available for the modern day bride and groom. You may wish to continue the tradition of giving a bomboniere as a token of appreciation to guests, but if you want to get creative there are many alternatives to the age-old tradition of sugared almonds.

A Wedding Cake Celebration: Classic, Classy, Creative

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Wedding Cakes

A Wedding Cake Celebration: Classic, Classy, Creative

Every celebration deserves a cake, but the most special, most delectable, most beautiful cake, now that deserves a wedding. Traditionally, wedding cakes have been fruit cakes, presented in an ivory marzipan tier and topped with a miniature bride and groom. Some traditions have become temptingly unfettered however, and today the wedding cake may be classic, classy or creative. The choice is entirely yours.

If your special day is approaching, there’s no better time to get to know the intricacies of baking and cake decorating. Not to prepare yourself of course (who has time for that!) but now you have the perfect excuse to become a cake connoisseur. Visit your cake supplier to view a range of samples, and even better, tantalise your taste buds. Fruit cakes are certainly an enduring choice, but there’s nothing stopping you from having a flavour adventure. How about a touch of the exotic with mango and coconut? Or perhaps you’re a devotee of the perpetually divine chocolate mud?

When it comes to design, tiers are still popular but really, anything goes. Choose a shape to suit, the number of layers you desire, and your overall look. Do you desire refined and elegant or are you partial to unique and fun? Decoration may take the form of subtle touches in white, or perhaps a vibrant burst of colour. You might even finish it off with real ribbon, fresh flowers or a gorgeous diamante accessory.

Whether you select an elegant cake to blend in with a perfectly themed wedding, or pick a fun and colourful centrepiece, it’s all about finding a cake to suit your day, and having a little fun in the process. The ultimate day deserves the ultimate cake, traditionally of course.

Which Type of Wedding Shoes are You?

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If you were a pair of wedding shoes, which type would you be?

Wedding styles and trends have changed over time and the humble wedding shoe cannot be left behind! Most brides put alot of effort into choosing their pair of bridal glamour. It’s their way of strutting down the aisle with some attitude!

Check out these amazing wedding shoes worn by brides who want to make a bolder statement!

The Artsy-Creative Wedding Shoes

Creative Wedding Shoes

These wedding shoes are completely hand-painted, exuding a personality of artistic and crafty. If you are fond of doing something out-of-the-box, then these pairs will bring that spunk you want!

The Modern-Vintage Wedding Shoes

Modern Vintage Wedding Shoes

These are very cool! Just look at these hot pink booties with soft laces – old in style, but modern in colour and uniqueness. The cut and the lace are vintage-inspired.

The Ready-for-the-Beach Wedding Shoes

Beach Wedding Shoes

Not really a shoe, but comfy beach-type sandals you can wear on any beach or for a garden-style wedding! If you’re expecting lots of partying and dancing at your wedding reception, then opting for a nice pair of sandals is a great choice. Also, these type of wedding ‘’shoes’’ can accentuate those beautiful toes – perfect for ladies with smooth, finely-shaped feet. Wow!

The Classic Wedding Shoes with a Twist

Classic Wedding Shoes

Some of us can’t go past the classic traditional look, so the high-heeled, elegant type of bridal shoes are here to stay. Wear these with a twist to make things more interesting! How about heels in peep-toe style to garner a bit of sexiness? Or slip into coloured and bead-laden pairs? Women nowadays are fond of showing some shade of colour while they’re wearing their immaculate white bridal gown. Makes for an outstanding look, doesn’t it?

The Laid-back Wedding Flats

Wedding Flats

Going down the DIY carefree wedding route? Then these flats are just the right slip-ons for you! We all want to enjoy our own wedding party with comfort in mind. If you’re looking forward to a laid-back and intimate celebration with close family and friends, then a pair of wedding flats is the way to go.

Jade McIntosh Flowers

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Hunter Wedding Flowers

Jade McIntosh Flowers

Search for Jade McIntosh Flowers online and you will find a lot of hype surrounding this company. And there is good reason for it too – Jade McIntosh helps over 100 brides achieve their wedding dreams each year!

After years of experience in a retail florist in Newcastle, Jade McIntosh decided to focus on a love of creating flower arrangements for weddings and functions. In 2006, Jade McIntosh Flowers was created for exactly this purpose, weddings and functions.

The ambition of the florist is to provide convenience to brides, helping take some of the pressure off the wedding planning. Therefore they strive to be flexible with meeting locations and times. Even if you live interstate or far away they can still organise the floral arrangements with minimum meetings in person.

Jade McIntosh Flowers will also liaise with the other suppliers working on your wedding, which is very useful when you are feeling the stresses of the planning.

There are many things to consider when choosing the floral arrangements for your wedding. From the type of bouquet – such as a posy or a shower bouquet – to the colour scheme chosen for the bride and the bridesmaids flowers.

Unsure where to start? Visit the Jade McIntosh Flowers website. Here you will find an extensive list of which flowers are in season by month to help you choose or eliminate various types of blooms up front. Also swing by the Jade McIntosh Flower facebook page where you will find gorgeous photos of past bridal bouquets. There is no better way to find something you like than to see it as part of an actual wedding.

Keep in mind that wedding flowers are not necessarily only for the bridal bouquets. Flower arrangements can be used in weddings for the ceremony, the reception and even the men often require a boutonniere (or button hole).  Jade McIntosh can help with all of these and will only use the very best flowers available. They encourage creativity and the use of natural materials.

If you haven’t already decided on your reception centerpieces, speak to Jade McIntosh Flowers about that too, as they conveniently have vase hire in all shapes and sizes. They even have delivery anywhere and will set up the arrangements for you.

No matter what type of flowers you are looking for, you can rest assured you will be well cared for with the impeccable quality and service at Jade McIntosh Flowers.