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A Wedding Cake Celebration: Classic, Classy, Creative

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A Wedding Cake Celebration: Classic, Classy, Creative

Every celebration deserves a cake, but the most special, most delectable, most beautiful cake, now that deserves a wedding. Traditionally, wedding cakes have been fruit cakes, presented in an ivory marzipan tier and topped with a miniature bride and groom. Some traditions have become temptingly unfettered however, and today the wedding cake may be classic, classy or creative. The choice is entirely yours.

If your special day is approaching, there’s no better time to get to know the intricacies of baking and cake decorating. Not to prepare yourself of course (who has time for that!) but now you have the perfect excuse to become a cake connoisseur. Visit your cake supplier to view a range of samples, and even better, tantalise your taste buds. Fruit cakes are certainly an enduring choice, but there’s nothing stopping you from having a flavour adventure. How about a touch of the exotic with mango and coconut? Or perhaps you’re a devotee of the perpetually divine chocolate mud?

When it comes to design, tiers are still popular but really, anything goes. Choose a shape to suit, the number of layers you desire, and your overall look. Do you desire refined and elegant or are you partial to unique and fun? Decoration may take the form of subtle touches in white, or perhaps a vibrant burst of colour. You might even finish it off with real ribbon, fresh flowers or a gorgeous diamante accessory.

Whether you select an elegant cake to blend in with a perfectly themed wedding, or pick a fun and colourful centrepiece, it’s all about finding a cake to suit your day, and having a little fun in the process. The ultimate day deserves the ultimate cake, traditionally of course.

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