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Jade McIntosh Flowers

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Jade McIntosh Flowers

Search for Jade McIntosh Flowers online and you will find a lot of hype surrounding this company. And there is good reason for it too – Jade McIntosh helps over 100 brides achieve their wedding dreams each year!

After years of experience in a retail florist in Newcastle, Jade McIntosh decided to focus on a love of creating flower arrangements for weddings and functions. In 2006, Jade McIntosh Flowers was created for exactly this purpose, weddings and functions.

The ambition of the florist is to provide convenience to brides, helping take some of the pressure off the wedding planning. Therefore they strive to be flexible with meeting locations and times. Even if you live interstate or far away they can still organise the floral arrangements with minimum meetings in person.

Jade McIntosh Flowers will also liaise with the other suppliers working on your wedding, which is very useful when you are feeling the stresses of the planning.

There are many things to consider when choosing the floral arrangements for your wedding. From the type of bouquet – such as a posy or a shower bouquet – to the colour scheme chosen for the bride and the bridesmaids flowers.

Unsure where to start? Visit the Jade McIntosh Flowers website. Here you will find an extensive list of which flowers are in season by month to help you choose or eliminate various types of blooms up front. Also swing by the Jade McIntosh Flower facebook page where you will find gorgeous photos of past bridal bouquets. There is no better way to find something you like than to see it as part of an actual wedding.

Keep in mind that wedding flowers are not necessarily only for the bridal bouquets. Flower arrangements can be used in weddings for the ceremony, the reception and even the men often require a boutonniere (or button hole).  Jade McIntosh can help with all of these and will only use the very best flowers available. They encourage creativity and the use of natural materials.

If you haven’t already decided on your reception centerpieces, speak to Jade McIntosh Flowers about that too, as they conveniently have vase hire in all shapes and sizes. They even have delivery anywhere and will set up the arrangements for you.

No matter what type of flowers you are looking for, you can rest assured you will be well cared for with the impeccable quality and service at Jade McIntosh Flowers.

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