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Stunning Wedding Flowers by Newcastle NSW Florists

Jade McIntosh Flowers

Jade McIntosh Flowers

It is perfectly possible to create a stylish wedding without a massive floral display. Sometimes one or two beautiful set pieces in the wedding and reception venues are enough to deliver a striking effect. However, it is always worth reserving a good slice of your wedding budget for your flowers, because nothing personalises the ceremony and reception as much as quantities of fabulous, fresh, floral decorations.

When it comes to creating stunning wedding flowers, Newcastle NSW florists are typically delighted to showcase their creative flair. Many have a detailed photographic portfolio covering all kinds of displays. Leafing through a portfolio can be a great place to start gathering ideas for your own wedding flowers.

Summer or winter

When dreaming about your wedding flowers, remember that some varieties might not be readily available all year round. Florists might still be able to get hold of a particular variety out of season, but blooms that have been nurtured in a hot-house are likely to cost a great deal more.

Classic spring or summer wedding arrangements feature roses with soft ferns, while classic winter or autumn floral decorations might include interesting berries and foliage. Of course, you can always go for tropical exotics no matter the season!

Harmony or contrast

Another element to consider in picking your wedding flowers is whether you want to use the signature colours in your bouquet for all your arrangements, or whether you prefer flowers that emphasise the pure luxurious white or cream of your dress, or bright flowers that contrast it.

Wedding flower arrangements designed to harmonise with a white or creamy dress might feature predominantly white or pastel flowers, such as delicate pink roses, or daisies, perhaps with a snap of bright colour.

On the other hand, you might like to create a bolder, hotter note with wedding flowers that provide a total contrast with your dress. In that case, consider something unusual and stylish, such as a splash of bright red, heart-shaped anthuriums (also known as painter’s palette).

Personal symbols and meaning

You can add individuality to your floral decorations by including flowers with meaning. The language and meaning of flowers has a long and distinguished history, which reached its peak in Victorian times. Though slightly out of fashion now, it’s still lovely to pick flowers that symbolise aspects of love. It can also become a talking point among guests. Many people know that a rose symbolises love, but few are likely to recognise that including baby’s breath in your wedding flowers signals a pure heart.

Charms for wedding bouquets are also readily available, and include good luck symbols such as miniature horseshoes. You can also ask the florist to include a special charm of your own.

Ready to get going?

Happily, you don’t need to personally visit every single outlet in the area in the hope of discovering a talented florist for your wedding.

We put together the Hunter Bride directory listings precisely to help you avoid these kinds of wedding stresses. Our directory showcases a number of florists who specialise in creating wedding flowers in Newcastle NSW. Searching online from the comfort of your own sofa makes it easy and relaxing work to bookmark favourite florists, and get organised.

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