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Discover Stylish Newcastle Wedding Venues

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Caves Beachside

Caves Beachside

Newcastle wedding venues range from the gorgeous to the stunning, and no wonder. Newcastle has reinvented itself as a centre for culture and the arts, and its stylish wedding venues reflect the new ambience.

As the second largest city in NSW, Newcastle’s growing popularity has seen it embrace a number of wonderful restaurants, too.

Newcastle makes the perfect venue for a wedding, whether you’re looking for a traditional waterside venue, or a contemporary restaurant.

A beach wedding

Getting married on one of Newcastle’s stunning surf beaches is sure to be both romantic, and result in some truly memorable photos. Just imagine yourself framed by stunning vistas of endless blue sky and aquamarine sea. The foaming white surf will, of course, complement your bridal outfit to perfection too!

A waterside wedding

Newcastle is known for its laid back and welcoming vibe, but if a beach wedding is just a bit too laid back for you, then why not combine the best of both worlds with a venue located at the water’s edge?

Venues with sparkling sea views are always popular, so be prepared to book well in advance. If you simply must have a particular venue and it’s all booked out, you may have to consider changing the date of your wedding and we’re sure you won’t want to do that. It makes good sense therefore to decide on your venue before finalising the wedding date.

Multi-site or single venue?

Really, it’s up to you. There are no rules dictating that you should have your wedding in one place, and reception in another, and many Newcastle wedding venues can handle both ceremony and reception with ease.

The main advantage of a single venue is that it tends to simplify the day’s logistics. For instance there’s no risk of traffic jams after the ceremony, caused by everyone dashing off to the reception, and no risk of Aunty Flo getting lost and turning up late.

On the other hand, if you have your heart set on getting married in a church or another faith-based setting, then typically you will require a separate reception venue. Fortunately Newcastle’s many options mean you won’t have to travel far and (added bonus!) parking is generally easy to find.

One distinct advantage of even a short journey between venues is that it offers you and your new husband the opportunity of a few minutes on your own to relax before you launch into the next emotional wave at the reception.

A restaurant reception venue

Holding your reception at a restaurant is a fantastic way to take advantage of one of Newcastle’s many fine cuisine offerings. You may also be able to book the whole restaurant for added privacy, just like the celebrities do!

Some points to check with any restaurant include:

– Many couples want the reception to include dancing, does the restaurant have suitable space?

– What are the options for music? Is there space and facilities for a live band or a DJ?

– Can the restaurant lay on any entertainment and if not, will they let you organise your own?

– What are the menu options and can you sample the food before booking?

– Who organises a microphone for speeches if required?

When you’re ready to begin

We’ve made it easy to find Newcastle wedding venues with our directory listings. With so much information beautifully contained in a single directory, it’s our mission to help make choosing a place to get married and hold your reception fun and easy.

How to Organise a Quirky Hunter Valley Wedding

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The Wedding Designer

The Wedding Designer

With its stunning landscapes and plethora of venue options, the Hunter Valley is the location of choice for many a wedding. From ceremonies held at quaint stone churches nestled in the countryside, to services boasting a backdrop of rolling hills and grapevines, the Hunter Valley is a wedding location steeped in tradition. But while it does lend itself to traditional, and dare we say quite formal affairs, there’s also plenty of scope to have something different. Here are a few ideas to help you organise a fun, quirky Hunter Valley wedding.


The first step in organising an unusual wedding is to look at whether you can carry a theme. Not just a colour scheme, something based on a significant interest that you and your partner have in common.

We’re thinking perhaps you’re into online games. Or, are you avid fans of film genres, such as classic Hollywood ‘noir’ films of the 50s, or fantasy epics like Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars? You might have met through an interest in medieval re-enactment or renaissance fairs. Vampires, and gothic style might be your thing, or maybe you always dreamed of running away to the circus.

If you’re up for something really different, any one of these ideas offers myriad ways for creating a quirky wedding. Let’s look at a couple of them in more detail to help get your creative juices flowing.

A circus-themed wedding

Be wild and wacky and get everyone to dress as a circus character. Or you might want to wow the crowd at the reception with a Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatic troupe.

Dress your MC as a ringmaster, and have roving performers – you could even have an area where guests can learn a few simple circus tricks.

Having a circus theme can allow you to clown around with a bit of slapstick and a custard tart or two for smooshing, or be elegant with lots of sparkly costumes and props, and a slick show to entertain your guests.

A medieval wedding

Medieval and renaissance themes are a fabulous opportunity for everyone to dress up and tuck into a banquet!

Entertainment can involve hiring ‘knights’ to put on displays of knightly prowess, or strolling troubadours and jugglers to entertain your guests while you have your photos taken.

At the reception, whether indoors or outdoors, everyone can sit on benches at long tables, with a single top table raised on a dais with banners draped behind.

Quirky weddings without a theme

While you might have a shared interest, it doesn’t have to take over your wedding! If a theme isn’t your idea of a good time, there are many other ways to create a beautiful, yet quirky wedding.

Our suggestions include:

1) Making a weekend of it. There’s so much to do in the Hunter, including balloon trips and guided  bushwalks, as well as wine-tasting and fine food to enjoy. You might decide saying your vows while gently floating above the earth in a balloon is the most intimate and romantic ceremony ever.

2) Creating a picnic setting in a secluded area of your venue. Think hand-made bunting strung between the trees, individual tea lights in reclaimed glass jars, cushions and picnic rugs scattered about, along with lawn games for people to play and straw bales to sit on.

Over to you

Now you have some ideas, are you ready to take the plunge? With Hunter Bride’s resources to hand, you’ll find organising a quirky Hunter Valley wedding is a breeze. And if you do decide on a quirky wedding, head over to our Facebook page, and tell us all about it!

Hen’s Night Quiz Questions and Other Ways to Embarrass the Bride

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Hen's NightBeing asked to organise a hen party is both a privilege and a responsibility, because once the delight simmers down a little, you might find yourself wondering where to start.

There are so many ways to organise a hen party that we recommend you first decide on what to rule out. The easiest way to do this is to list what you know the bride would absolutely hate. We think its fine to embarrass her a little (or quite a bit!) but we draw the line at making her uncomfortable. This might mean strippers are out. Or not!

One of the best ways to get everyone in a party mood is to incorporate a few games into whatever hen’s night activities you decide on. Here are a few tips for holding a hen’s night to remember, including hen’s night quiz questions that are sure to get everyone laughing.

Mums and aunts

It’s not unknown for mums, aunts and even future mothers-in-law to be present for at least part of a hen party. If this is the case, and depending on the personalities involved, it might be wise to give them an idea what to expect – and keep any strippers for after they leave!

Share the blushes!

While the bride is the target (whoops, “focus”) of the evening’s events, remember everyone else is there to have a good time too. Games and quizzes, prizes and penalties should involve everyone.

Theme and dress code

A theme isn’t absolutely required but it can simplify the rest of the planning. Ask the bride if she has any preferences, as we know some hens love to do something they wouldn’t normally contemplate! Has your bride-to-be ever expressed a late night wish to be a cowgirl and ride that bar-room bronco for the evening? Now’s your chance to remind her!

Alternatively you could dress as a group of cheeky nurses or sailor girls. Ramp up the ‘look-at-me’ factor by making the bride wear L plates (or P plates!) and raucous colours that stand out from everyone else.

Hen’s night quizzes

Quizzes are an excellent way to break the ice, especially if there are people present who haven’t met before. We recommend the first quiz be fairly gentle. This lets people relax and get into the spirit of things before you ask them to own up to the craziest place they ever had sex. Here are some quiz ideas, starting with an easy ice-breaker:

1) Bride and groom

Find out how well everyone knows the bride and groom, or not! Ask fairly easy questions about them, to start with. How tall is each person? What’s their favourite colour? What’s their song? How did they meet? What did they think about each other when they first met?

Where did they grow up? Where did they go to school? There are plenty of similar ‘lifestyle’ type questions you can add to this list, and there are no penalties involved – yet.

Group of beautiful women2) How well does she know him?

This one’s for the bride, and although she should know the answers, there’s plenty of opportunity for blushes and hilarity when she gets things wrong. Penalties should definitely apply at this stage!

3) Other questions for the bride can include:

What possession of the groom’s would she throw out, given half a chance?

What does he do that really annoys her?

Who steals the bed covers?

Who snores the worst?

What’s his favourite fantasy outfit?

4) General questions for everyone might be:

What/who would you take to a desert island?

What would you name a son/daughter?

What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

5) True/False questions

Read out some ‘facts’ about the bride, some true some not so much. The hens have to guess, and the one who gets the most right answers wins a prize. The worst offender has to down a drink of some kind or do a challenge.

Talking of challenges…

Don’t forget to organise a list of dares or tasks for the bride. From having a go at karaoke, to a solo dance, to collecting men’s clothing, there are plenty of ways to embarrass a bride!

One last piece of advice

We hope this article helps you plan a great hen’s night entertainment and ask some funny hen’s night quiz questions. Our last piece of advice is to get organised with games and questions well in advance, so everything flows easily on the night. Although you’re in charge, which means you’ll need to retain some semblance of sanity, you are there to enjoy yourself as well!

Vital Questions to ask your Wedding Co-ordinator

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TLC Design & Events

TLC Design & Events

Hiring a wedding co-ordinator can be a great way to help maintain your sanity when the wedding planning looks like it’s getting out of control. However, to get the best out of your partnership for this hugely important event, it’s important to continue to keep track of what’s going on. Here are some suggestions for vital questions to ask your wedding planner as the big day approaches.

Progress updates

You’ll probably want to be in increasingly close contact with your co-ordinator as the months, weeks and days count down. Ask if you can have meetings scheduled well in advance at times convenient to you. If you are happy with email updates and the occasional phone call, make sure you’ll get your updates on the same day every week or fortnight. It’ll reassure you about what to expect when.

If you’re someone who likes to be able to pick up the phone at the drop of a hat, it’s worth asking if there are limits on the number of phone calls you can make per day. It may be set out in your contract, but if not or if you think you’re likely to go over the limit, ask about charges for more frequent contact.

Budget updates

A good wedding planner knows how to manage a budget, within the limits you set out.

Although avoiding headaches and details is a major reason why people hire wedding co-ordinators, you should still keep a regular check on expenditure. It’s your money (and quite a lot of it) so don’t be shy about asking how the budget is going, and whether your planner is (hopefully!) securing vendor discounts. Every little bit helps!

Which vendors?

No doubt you’ll have consulted over the florists, catering and other services, but it’s wise to check that the agreed vendors have in fact been retained.

Should your co-ordinator suddenly come up with a different vendor without being able to give you a good reason for the change, it may be that a commission or referral fee is involved.

Always ask if you are unsure why a change is being made. If you don’t ask, there’s a risk your big day could be let down because the florist or caterer isn’t up to the job. Make sure you get the services you want!

When there’s more than one co-ordinator involved

You may find you’re dealing with more than one person if you have employed a planner for the overall event, and your reception venue employs a reception co-ordinator. The key question here is to make sure these two people are in regular communication and on common ground. Best to speak to each of them separately to find out whether anything looks likely to fall into a gap between the two.  Statements like: “Your reception co-ordinator assured me… I’m leaving that to her/him,” should ring warning bells. Always check with the other party.

Risk management

Ask about contingencies. Sometimes the unexpected happens. What’s the plan if you trip up on your way into the ceremony, and tear your dress? What happens if your reception co-ordinator or wedding planner is ill on the day? Who will fill in, and how are they briefed?

The big day

Don’t assume that your wedding planner is going to be there all day. Make sure. Ask for a walk through and check timelines, musical cues for the ceremony, and plans for the cake cutting.

Have you assumed the planner will take care of post-event clean-up or logistics such as taking care of getting wedding presents somewhere safe, returning rented items and getting vendor deposits back? Don’t assume it will happen – ask what the plan is, and if there isn’t one then you’ve a chance to do something about it before the day.

Even when you’ve handed arrangements over to other people to manage, it’s always wise to regularly check things are happening, as you wish.

Looking for Wedding Shoes in Newcastle? Think Comfort and Style

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Harvey Patrick Bridal Shoes

Harvey Patrick Bridal Shoes

Wedding shoes are a vital part of your supporting cast for the big day, especially if you’re wearing a shorter-length dress. But even if your shoes are barely visible under a floor length gown, you still need to remember that it’s not just looks that matter. We’ve all done it haven’t we? We’ve dressed up and gone out for a big evening only to end up in agony after a few hours because those killer heels really are killing us.

No bride wants to have to fake a smile on her wedding day thanks to blisters and achy feet, so here we give you the scoop on top tips for finding elegant, must-have wedding shoes that will carry you in effortless comfort all the long day through.

And when it comes time for trying on, the Hunter Bride directory is the perfect place to start shopping for wedding shoes in Newcastle.

It’s all about timing

Happily, we’re confident you’ll have little trouble finding wedding shoes that fit well and also make your eyes light up with feminine acquisitiveness, but here’s a handy tip. Even the slimmest of women can find that their feet can swell slightly during a long day, especially if it’s hot. To avoid ending up with shoes that pinch, shop for them in the afternoon when your feet are naturally bigger.


As well as a superb fit, another tip for finding stylish yet comfortable wedding shoes is to avoid styles that cramp your toes. If you try them on in the shop and they are pinching a lot, don’t be over-optimistic over how much they will stretch. Super slim, pointy-toed shoes are great for sitting around in, but not so good for long hours of standing and dancing. A more rounded or chisel-shaped toe is likely to be far more comfortable, and if you’re planning to wear flats (definitely an option with a long gown) then you might even like to try the effect of some square-toed styles.


If you’re not intending to wear flats, you’ll need to decide on heel shape and height. Remember you are going to walk, stand and dance in them, which means needle thin heels might not work so well after a couple of hours. Our tip? Don’t be shy about trying likely wedding shoes on and trying out a few moves in the shop, just a twirl and a sassy turn about the floor will do it! Hey, it’s better to know straight away whether they’re going to work, rather than hope things will be all right on the day.

Another useful tip is to avoid heels that make you look taller than your partner – it can make you feel self-conscious, and may not look the best when it comes to the wedding photos.

Choose your dress before your shoes

This tip isn’t an absolute rule but it can save you time if you have your wedding dress with you when you try on shoes. You can see straight away whether the shoes you like will work with your dress. It’s probably enough to hold your dress up against you, or you may be able to buy several likely pairs, and take the unsuitable ones back. It’s always a good idea to check with the store first though. Specialist suppliers of wedding shoes in Newcastle are probably going to be more comfortable places to try shoes on with your dress than the local department store!

Colour tip: if the colour of your chosen shoes doesn’t match the shade of the dress you end up buying don’t worry because shoes can generally be dyed quite easily. You are likely to find that wedding dress shops are able to provide this service for you.

Break them in before the big day

Our tip is to wear your wedding shoes indoors beforehand to get them really comfortable. Start by wearing them for half an hour, and then gradually increase the time.

Get a grip

New shoes have lovely smooth soles but on such an important day it’s best to scuff them slightly beforehand to avoid all possible risk of an embarrassing tumble on highly polished wood or tiles.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to finding the right wedding shoes. Keeping a few simple tips in mind can help make the whole process easier, and your shoes more comfortable!

Organising a Hunter Valley Wedding Car

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Princess Classic Cars

Princess Classic Cars

The Hunter Valley might almost have been specially designed by nature to provide a stunning backdrop for romantic weddings. Its moderate climate, extensive vineyards and beautiful landscapes have long made it a popular spot to celebrate that most special of days with friends and family. However, planning a wedding in the Hunter Valley wine region does usually mean organised transport is required, as the venues can be fairly widely spread out.

But while you might need a Hunter Valley wedding car on a practical level, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the experience. If you’ve ever hankered to find out what it’s like to be a celebrity, and emerge from a snazzy car to the flash of cameras, then your wedding day is the perfect time to indulge your fantasy.

Wedding car options

There are lots of options to choose from to ensure you travel in style. You might choose a modern limousine or something like a stretch hummer to go with a contemporary wedding, treat yourself to a vintage Rolls Royce to complement a more retro style, or go movie glam with a 60s convertible. And although it’s not strictly a car, some wedding car companies may also be able to provide alternative wedding transport, such as a horse and carriage.


Whatever your choice, you can be sure that your vehicle will be gleaming and immaculate in every last detail. This extends to your driver too. He or she is much more than just someone sitting behind the wheel. As well as being dressed to accessorise the car in a picture perfect uniform, you can expect your chauffeur to open doors for you, and help you in and out of the vehicle. Wedding cars also often feature in the backdrop of a selection of the wedding photos. Using the car gives your photographer the opportunity to stage slightly different shots.

Size of the bridal party

When organising wedding transport, think about how many people need to be transported. While you may prefer to book a single special vehicle for your arrival and your subsequent journey with your new spouse to the reception, some weddings may require a whole fleet of cars. Should you desire, you can organise vehicles for the parents of the bride and groom, and the bridal party. The only limitation might be the size of your wedding budget!


Remember to think about your style of dress when looking for a Hunter Valley wedding car. You need to be able to get in and out of the car elegantly, so a low-slung convertible might not be the best choice for a slim skirt, for example.

If you are planning an unusual wedding and/or reception location, such as a rural picnic or cliff top beauty spot, do remember to discuss this with wedding car providers as well. They’ll need to be able to drive up and park safely so that you can make your glamorous entrance.

Take a break

As you and your beloved travel from the wedding ceremony to the reception venue, it will be the first opportunity you will have had to be alone as a married couple. Even if the journey is a quick one, talk to the hire company about a short stop at a scenic spot, so you can assimilate the emotion of the ceremony, before plunging into the reception. Many companies are willing to provide a little extra special treat in the form of champagne for you to enjoy, ensuring you arrive at the reception with an extra buzz!

Book your wedding car

When you are ready to book a Hunter Valley wedding car, Hunter Bride provides the shortest route to your goal. Our directory lists wedding car providers in the Hunter Valley and the surrounding area, so it’s easy to find just what you need for your celebrity moment.

Hold a Fairytale Wedding at Awaba House

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Awaba House

Awaba House; Photo by Cupid’s Corner Wedding & Event Hire

Are you looking to organise a beachfront wedding in the Lake Macquarie area? You may want to consider the fabulous deco-style Awaba House. Holding your wedding at Awaba House offers you a number of options for creating a highly distinctive event that you and your guests will enjoy and remember for years to come.


Charming, comfortable and sophisticated, Awaba House nestles amid 15 acres of landscaped parkland on the waterfront by Lake Macquarie. It is an authentic 1920s art deco building, complemented by an intriguing roof, stylish portico and leadlight style windows. In other words, if you hold your wedding here you can look forward to some stunning wedding photographs.

This exclusive waterfront location includes a deep-water jetty, if guests want to access the venue by boat. Or why not consider arriving for your wedding by boat instead of a limousine? That’s sure to start your wedding off in style!

With acres of manicured parkland, including some awesome Port Jackson fig trees surrounding the house, you can choose to hold an outdoor wedding and indoor reception, or any combination of the two. The grounds also contain an art gallery and a sculpture garden, offering plenty of opportunities for innovative photography and for guests to amuse themselves while you are having your photographs taken.

The indoor function room is an elegant glass conservatory with the unique touch of a silk-lined ceiling, for a truly luxurious feel. It also offers unobscured views of the lake and gardens.


Awaba House can accommodate wedding parties of up to 80 for a sit down meal, and provides a varied cocktail-style menu for larger weddings.

Awaba House is known for superb food and exceptional service, delivered with faultless professionalism by staff members who work hard to create the perfect atmosphere of celebration for every event.


Recognised as one of the original estates that were established around Lake Macquarie’s prime acres, Awaba House has been owned by several families over its history, and its fortunes have waxed and waned through the years.

The name ‘Awaba’ means ‘flat or plain surface’. It is the name given to Lake Macquarie by the indigenous people of the area. Europeans settled the land from Teralba to Bolton Point between 1822 and 1842, as recorded by a land grant of 500 acres to James Mitchell.

On his death, the property passed to his daughter and son-in-law, Margaret and William Quigley, who built the original Awaba House in 1878. This was located close to the present house, but the Quigleys did not enjoy it for long, as William died in a horse accident and his wife lost her life after fire gutted the house in 1886.

However the very next year William’s brother Daniel Quigley rebuilt, and his family occupied the property until 1913. Records show that one Thomas Braye of Newcastle took over the property and 15 acres immediately around it, forming the estate as it is today. The Braye family owned the property until 1958, during which time they tore down the second Awaba House, building the third and current building in 1927. While the previous buildings may have been rather rough and ready, this third building was elegantly designed by a local architect to reflect the art deco style and tastes of the 1920s, resulting in a charming building full of history and style.

In 1958, the property was taken over by the Hospitals Commission and was occupied by a succession of tenants. Awaba House eventually became in danger of neglect before being rescued by Lake Macquarie City Council, which bought the property outright in 1993, operating it as the city’s art gallery. Now, Awaba House has been reincarnated as the restaurant and venue space that we see today.

Holding your wedding at Awaba House

If you’re ready to take the next step and organise your wedding at Awaba House, all you need to do is click on our listings for wedding venues. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed in the beautiful setting and the service. Awaba House is the ideal wedding venue, full of romance, and a rich history that will be sure to intrigue your guests on the day.

Bridal Makeup in the Hunter Valley Area

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Angela Carson Makeup Artist

Angela Carson Makeup Artist

Every Hunter Valley bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day and one way to maximise the chances of looking picture perfect all day long is to secure the services of a professional in bridal makeup in the Hunter Valley area.

Yes, it is an extra expense to add to your wedding budget, but you’ll get the benefit of the specialist knowledge that will keep your makeup in place and looking flawless throughout all the emotion of the day. Professionally applied makeup used with the appropriate primers and powder means there’s less risk of your look running, smudging or simply evaporating.

Areas to highlight

An artist applying bridal makeup is likely to highlight either the mouth or the eyes, not both, because it can look overdone. As an example, if you’re going for a gentle romantic look, then you might want to keep the mouth soft, and focus on creating a really dramatic look for the eyes.

If you’re confident that your eyes can speak for themselves with just a subtle frame, then your makeup artist may suggest using a bold colour on the lips to create a more vivid look.

If you’re not sure what might work best with your skin tone, facial shape and dress style, a professional makeup artist can act as a skilled consultant. In a trial session you’ll get to experience the effect of emphasising eyes versus mouth. As well as showing you just how beautiful you can look with the right makeup, it’s also an opportunity to find out what you feel comfortable with. There’s no point in going for a dramatic red pout if this feels too bold and just not ‘you’.

You can also help your makeup artist understand what you want by arming yourself with pictures of some makeup styles that appeal, such as examples of great colour and shading on eyes or lips. After all, it’s generally much easier to show someone what you mean, rather than to try to describe a particular shade or look.

Remember your dress

If possible, try to take a snapshot of your wedding dress (perhaps on your phone) so that your makeup professional can get a good idea of the style and create a look to match.

Keep it real

For the majority of women, bridal makeup is generally best thought of as enhancing their natural beauty, rather than making a statement in itself. It’s usually best to set aside ideas about anything really dramatic or unusual that you may have seen in a magazine shoot, as these looks are designed more for the catwalk than the clear light of day.

Dealing with blemishes

While we all hope it won’t happen, pre-wedding stress and nerves can add up to unfortunate last minute skin blemishes. With a professional makeup artist on hand, this needn’t be a disaster as they will usually have a range of tips and tricks to deploy, from skin-calming serums to concealers, powders and ways to shade the face to draw attention elsewhere.

Practice looking fabulous

One of the best ways to get confident about your wedding day makeup is to have a practice run. Schedule a trial for another special occasion, such as a romantic dinner or birthday party.

When you’re ready for a trial session, we’ve made it easy to find professionals who specialise in bridal makeup in the Hunter Valley area. Just click over to the Hunter Bride directory listings, and get ready to feel and look like a star!

Designing your Hunter Valley Wedding Cake

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The CakeChef

Are you getting married in the fabulous Hunter region? There are lots of options when it comes to finding a specialist wedding cake baker in the Hunter Valley. The wedding cake is one of the most memorable elements of your special day, so it is worth taking the time to work with a professional to come up with something amazing. The cake can be as magical and fantastical, as elegant or as traditional as you wish (and these are not mutually exclusive categories by the way!).

Where to start

If you’re not really sure what you want, why not snap photos of things that inspire you, and add some of your favourite inspirations to a social media site like Pinterest? Being able to point to a series of pictures makes it super easy to discuss ideas with specialist bakers, as otherwise it can be hard to explain exactly what you want in words alone.

Traditional white wedding cakes

Your wedding cake can uphold the classical tradition of tiers of fruitcake dressed with elegantly carved, romantic royal white icing. This type of cake fits with almost any wedding theme without fuss, and looks beautiful whatever the weather and time of year. White wedding cakes are also easily accessorised with subtle hints of colour in the decoration, which makes it a simple task to create colour harmony between your cake and your overall wedding colour scheme.

On the other hand….

Commissioning a wedding cake is also an opportunity to do something a little different. It can be an opportunity to have a bit of fun, and to create something that will amuse your guests, as well as look stunning.

Surprising your guests with the unexpected is possible thanks to artisan sculpting techniques based around chocolate and icing. Today’s skilful wedding cake specialist is much more than just a great baker. Think of them as an artist and a sculptor too, and you’ll have a better idea of what can be achieved.

Tiered or stacked?

A tiered wedding cake is one where several layers are separated by stands. These can range from intricate metal structures to clear plastic that resembles elegant glass stems, or white or coloured plastic to resemble classical columns.

A stacked cake is where the tiers rest directly one on top of the other. These can be a terrific choice when you want a decorative scheme, such as icing sculpted to form the illusion of a piece of silk draped over the cake, to flow continuously from the top to the bottom of the cake.

Cake illusions

What if you have always wanted a spectacular, many-tiered wedding cake, but you’re only having a small wedding? You can in fact have your cake and eat it too, as the saying goes. Your baker can create the illusion of a cake with several tiers by adding so-called dummy tiers that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

No one except you need ever know, because of course the wedding cake is always whisked away after the ceremonial first slice, to be cut up behind the scenes before being served to your guests.

Chocolate wedding cakes

Of the many delightful properties of chocolate, some of the most useful when it comes to wedding cakes are the ways in which it can be carved, moulded and coloured. From fragile chocolate butterflies, to intricate model airplanes complete with chocolate wheels and a propeller, to chocolate ruffles and flourishes and simulated swags and folds of material, there’s almost no limit to what can be done with chocolate.

Delicious bridal cakes

Of course a wedding cake isn’t just about the outside, it needs to taste good too. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to flavour, from traditional fruitcake to black forest, carrot or pretty much anything else! You may even want to consider different flavours for each layer.

When you’re ready to commission your Hunter Valley wedding cake, our directory is waiting for you with listings of some of the best bakers around.